How to Make a Perler Bead Keychain Tutorial

by Marie

A detailed step by step photo project tutorial on how you can create keychains and keyrings jewelry from all your completed fused bead patterns including Hama and Perler beads.

Perler, Hama and other popular varieties of fused beads are not just crafts for kids - crafty adults like me really enjoy using them too. Part of the fun in making and creating items with the fused beads are that you can easily turn them into cute and very inexpensive gifts and also party favors. These rainbow popsicle lolly keychains shown here were made specifically for goody bag fillers for my young daughter's birthday.

But how do you turn a completed fused bead project into a finished keychain or keyring? Well that's exactly what I'm going to show you today. So long as you have the right materials and equipment, it's a pretty quick and easy task. So let me show you what you need and how it is done with a step by step photo explanation and tutorial.

Materials and Tools

What You Need to Make a Perler Bead Keychain

1) Your completed Perler bead item which has been well ironed and fused together by an adult. Some items look better as keychains/keyrings than others - the popsicle or iced lolly is a good example.

2) A keyring or keychain Blank - sometimes called key chain findings. You can buy these in bulk. The ones I like to use for my perler bead projects which are normally small in size have a 26mm split ring (this is the round part) and a 20mm chain.

Perler hama bead popsicle keychains

3) For every keychain, you need an open jump ring which you normally buy separately. You ideally want to make sure that the metal on these is the same color as that of the keyring so it matches up. The absolute smallest size you can get away with for Perler bead projects is 6mm - that is very tiny and very tricky to work with.

I'd recommend 8-12mm open jump rings. These are jewelry making parts that you'll need to stock up on if you want to make keychain items from your completed fused bead projects. You can get supplies from jewelry making stores, big craft stores and places like Amazon and eBay. It's best to work out what you need before you start ordering.

4) A pair of jewelry pliers. These help to grip the open jump rings while you prise them open. A small pair of ordinary pliers will do the job if you have those already. Let's see how to make it already!

Shopping List of Supplies for this Keychain Project

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Open Up the Jump Ring with Pliers
Opening up the jump ring with jewelry pliers

How to Turn Your Perler Bead Item into a Keychain

Now you know what's needed, let's see how it's done!

1) First you need to open up a jump ring. They can be really fiddly and awkward to hold due to the size so that's where the pliers come in handy. Grip a ring with the pliers.

You then need to prise open the split ends, just enough to get one end through a fused bead hole. Depending how tough the metal is, you can either open the ends apart with your other hand or with a strong pair of tweezers.

2) Decide where you want the Keychain to go. Normally I want to add it to the top middle of a finished fused bead project but it does depend on the design somewhat. So decide on a hole first.

3) If the hole is partially fused over or not wide enough for the open jump ring to push through, you'll need to widen it. I use a sharp implement like a thick pin, cocktail stick or similar to push through and widen the Perler bead hole.

4) Push one end of the open jump ring through the hole on your design. Don't close it up yet though.

The Jump Ring and Key Chain Attached
Turning a perler fused bead design into a keychain

5) Add the end loop of your keychain blank onto the jump ring as well. When you have both the fused bead item and the keychain on the jump ring, then you need to close the jump ring back up.

6) Using the pliers, grip round the sides of the open jump ring and push to seal those ends back up as closely as you can. You can see the ends of the jump ring in this image.

7) If you're being really neat about your project you can hide the split ends of the jump ring inside the Perler or Hama bead hole - just turn it until the ends are inside the hole of a bead. It makes the finished piece look more professional.

8) You're done! Now you have a cute keyring for yourself or for a gift. They make really inexpensive gifts for Christmas and birthdays as well as for party favor bags too. But people love them since they do take time to make. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Here's the finished popsicle or rainbow ice lolly designs that can now be clipped to a bag, purse, belt or whatever you like!

Completed Popsicle Key Chain Designs

Make them for Party Favors, Stocking Stuffers and Little Gifts
Perler Hama Popsicle Key Chain Tutorial

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Updated: 10/06/2017, Marie
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dustytoes on 02/09/2015

I remember my kids using these. It's a nice way to be creative without a lot of expense.

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