How To Make a Text Template at Zazzle

by dustytoes

Make Zazzle products easy to customize by creating text templates.

Zazzle gives it's shop keepers the option to add templates to products and thereby enable customers to more easily customize their purchases.

Templates are lines of text that show as sample text on a product, like my red poppy sticker on this page. When the customer finds an item to purchase, they can easily replace the sample text with their own information and see it on the product they intend to buy.

Personalization is what makes Zazzle popular. Zazzle wants us to add templates to everything we sell. It's part of their brand, to be the place to go to customize products.

This page has been updated to contain information about using the new design tool.

It's all About Personalization!

Templates make it easy for customers to personalize items before purchase.

People love to have the ability to personalize something. From monograms, to names and messages, giving a personalized gift is special.

Zazzle offers customers the opportunity to personalize almost every product they sell. But the creator of that product should make it easy for the customer to do so. That is where templates come into play.

Templates are simply place holders that can hold example text which the buyer will change.  Designers can also create photo templates, but this page is dedicated to making text templates only. 

Now that Zazzle is ranking our stores, one of the requirements is to make more template products for sale.

This picture tutorial page will show you how easy it is to make products customizable by turning text into an easy-to-use template.


This Red Poppy Wedding Sticker had Three Lines of Text Templates

We can now easily add some curved text to our products!
The Red Poppy Wedding Set
The Red Poppy Wedding Set

The New Zazzle Design Tool

As of the beginning of 2017 Zazzle has given us a new and improved design tool.  As of this writing, it is still an option, with the old tool still available to use.

(To switch between the two, go to Account, then Settings.  Click on "Zazzle Labs" in the left hand sidebar and you will see where to "turn on or off the new product page experience".)

Like many people, I have a hard time dealing with big changes.   Especially when it comes to earning income.  Zazzle tends to make a lot of changes very often, but this one is indeed good.

At first, I switched back and forth between the two, mainly because the new tool has a curved text option, and a kerning tool (which allows for spaces between letters).   But after a while, as I became more familiar with the new design experience, I embraced it.  BUT... there are still kinks to work out and Zazzle asks for feedback which means they are still perfecting the tool.

Below I have included a screenshot of the new tool which I used to design this poppy "save the date" sticker.

How to use the new text templates

The curved text option is a new improvement.
The new design tool at Zazzle
The new design tool at Zazzle

Same idea, button placement is changed.

If you have made text templates before, this is not so different.

In the new tool, first click "add text" - blue button at the top of the page.

Next, find the template area under the "more" button at the bottom of the page.  Click "make this a template" and add your preferred product page label.  

All other text editing options are at the bottom of the page.  Change the font style and size.  Next to the size is the kerning option to space the letters, if you wish.

To the right of the kerning numbers is the curved text option, with numbers to change the amount of curve.  

My best advice is to play around with this entire design tool and soon you will feel comfortable with it.

To create a text template, click on the "more" button at the bottom

Template area
Template area

Now the Sticker is Easy to Personalize

Once my text templates are set, the product is ready to be posted for sale in my Zazzle store.

When it shows up for sale there will be a line (or lines) of text showing for the customer to easily change.  If the product was not a template, the customer would have to go into the "customize" area and then change the text.  If the customer could figure that out.

My sticker allows the customer to quickly print the names and date of wedding.  Templates allow the purchaser to see exactly what they are getting before they buy.


This is What the Customer Will See

All text templates are easy to find to the right of the product.
Red Poppy Sticker for Sale
Red Poppy Sticker for Sale

Why Text Templates Are So Important

Zazzle is known for it's personalized stationery and gifts.

You can find cards and gifts anywhere online, but not every place offers the option to add your own text yourself, before purchasing.  Zazzle's customers love this and come to Zazzle looking for unique gifts and paper that can be personalized.  

I recently sold 50 separate note cards all in one design.  I have a line of template text on the front of the card and a custom, sample message inside.

The customer apparently wanted to create a separate message or text for each individual card (except for a grouping of 15 that were bought together) as the cards were sold one at a time.  This tells me that each card was individually personalized.

He or she liked the card design and really liked the idea that each one could be changed easily to what was needed. 

Templates give the customer options.  Make text templates on every item you can and the sale opportunities for those items are better than blanks.

Filters Option in the Zazzle Design Tool

I just wanted to mention this cool new option Zazzle has added within the new design tool.  An uploaded image can be changed to a new color, or black and white, by using the "filters" module.

Click on the image you want to change, then find filters under the "more" button.   As you can see in my design here, the original blue floral pattern was changed to pretty yellow, pink and purple by the click of a button!


Filters Can Change The Look and Color of a Design

Slide show of color choices
Slide show of color choices

BlueHyd Store at Zazzle

A variety of custom designs for weddings and special events.
Rustic Save the Dates Wood Antlers Photo Template $2.80 by...
Age Number Background Birthday Party Invitation $3.75 by B...
Hippos Old Man Birthday Funny Card $3.97 by BlueHyd ...
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dustytoes on 01/11/2017

@Tyra, I made that white strip, and thank you.

Tyra on 01/11/2017

Where in the world did you get that white label strip that you wrote the text in?? Beautiful design btw! :)

dustytoes on 08/30/2015

@Cyn, Zazzle changes things so fast that my articles quickly become out of date. It's basically done the same way. I'll have to update the page.
Put sample text where you want it on the item, click on the line of text, then use the cog icon and check off "make this a template". It should show as a customizable template for the customer.

Cyn on 08/29/2015

How do sellers create templates where the customer can just fill in field boxes on the item page? I've seen some products like that and can't figure out how to do that. It's different than the example in this tutorial.

dustytoes on 01/07/2015

I wrote this page before Zazzle did it's updates, so I'm glad it still makes sense to you. The text templates are still pretty much the same.

Tiffany on 01/07/2015

Wow! Thank you for sharing! You are a great teacher and I have always been afraid of adding a text template b/c I didn't understand how to do it right. This makes it easy!

dustytoes on 10/15/2014

Good for you Larraine! Glad I could be of help.

Larraine on 10/15/2014

Just made my first birthday card after reading your tutorial. Thank you!

Mira on 06/04/2014

I haven't done birthday cards yet, but I hope to create some soon as I now have some nice photos of roses I could use.

dustytoes on 12/29/2012

Way to go Mira... look for sales soon! ;)

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