How to Promote Your Articles on Wizzley

by AngelaJohnson

We all spend so much time writing our articles, but how can we get people to read them?

Here at Wizzley, we have a great community of writers who not only write articles, but also read articles of other writers, usually liking them and making comments. This is great for the ego and provides feedback.

But we also must spend time promoting our articles to gain readers outside of Wizzley. After all, although we love to write, many of us hope to make a little money from it, too. Writing is the fun part; but promotion is a necessity.

For instance, book authors must publicize their work with interviews and book signings.

Even though we're writing single articles, we also must take the time to publicize them or we'll only have that first spark of interest when the article is new, and then probably never to be read again.

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Promote Yourself and Your Articles on Social Media

Celebrate!How many social media sites do you belong to?  I belong to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.  There are many more sites, but to make social media work, you must participate, too, not just promote.  And four sites are all I can handle.

I need to spend more time on social media, not only promoting, but also reading other people's posts and commenting. And I know each site has features I'm not using.

NOTE: Facebook is a great way to promote your articles and posts, especially through groups.  Facebook had several groups for writers on Squidoo and I had joined three of them.  However, these were open groups (which I didn't realize).  That meant that every time I posted in the open groups, ALL of my friends saw the post.  So if I posted a new article in those three groups all at the same time, my friends got 3 notices of the exact same thing, all in a row.  I didn't know that was happening until one friend asked if I accidentally posted too many times.  

That's why I need to take the time to learn about each of these social media sites.  I want to promote myself, but don't want to annoy people.

And last, don't only promote your own work.  When you read a good article, go ahead and promote it, too.

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Use Your Blogs / Other Writing Sites to Promote Wizzley Articles


If you write on sites other than Wizzley, review your profiles.  

  • Do you link to your Wizzley profile?  
  • Do you mention Wizzley and explain why you write there?
  • Would it be appropriate to write an article about Wizzley?  


If you have a personal blog, make sure you have a link to your Wizzley profile.  You can put a link in your sidebar, or on your "about " page.

I have created a new blog and so far it only has 29 posts.  Down Memory Lane - Just Being a Kid.  But I created a page to put on my side bar that links directly to my Wizzography.  

Note:  I recently published an article titled - More Changes on Bubblews- For Better or Worse (I used to write on Bubblews, but quit in early August).

At the end of the article, I mentioned I was concentrating on writing on Wizzley and my new blog (including the link).  When I checked my blog's stats this morning, I saw that someone viewed my blog from that link.  How exciting!  See how promotion works?

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Tell Your Friends and Family

AnnouncingI'm sure you know lots of people who don't write online or don't belong to your social media groups. Now you don't want to be obnoxious or pushy, but you might tell them about your Wizzley articles and get a little traffic - and maybe even some fans.

Think about how to approach people you know.  Many will be genuinely interested in what you do, and others could care less.  

You might want to send a link to your profile, or you might want to send a link to just one article.

Decide how you want to tell people you know personally about your articles.  If you send out a group email, some may think you're being spammy, so it may be best to send a separate email to each person.  Even if no one seems to care, at least you tried.

And don't ever send out promotional emails from your computer at work.  You don't want to get fired!

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Toot Your Own Horn on Wizzley

blowing trumpetOUR PROFILE -  Readers can view all our articles on our Wizzley profiles in one of two ways.  

First, they can view the links directly underneath our profile image and choose to read articles based on the topics we place our articles in, or by New, Popular, or Buzzing. screen shot

It's not very noticeable, though, since colorful images of our articles are shown right below it. 

Next, readers can see a full page of articles, placed inside good sized blocks, with the category, intro image and article title inside each block.  This is quite attractive, but if you have hundreds of articles, readers will have to keep clicking on the link for "more" at the bottom of each page.  I'm not sure how Wizzley decides on the placement of your articles; since I only have 43 articles, I can't see a pattern yet.  However, if it's in order of rank, I doubt our poor ranking pages will hardly ever be seen, which will keep them low ranking forever.


PAGE CATEGORIES:  Having our articles available on our profiles is a great feature, but I wanted to promote my articles in a different way.  I created a page to list text-only links to my articles based on categories.  Unfortunately, Wizzley has no Table of Contents module, so I couldn't include a link to each category.  But readers will be able to see my category titles at a glance and the order they are listed, even though they will have to scroll down the page to get to them.

I had a hard time deciding between using text links or the article modules, but article modules include a thumbnail view of the intro image so they would take up more room on the page. 

Some day, I might include a module to my highest ranking articles, lowest ranking articles, seasonal articles, personal articles, my favorite articles, etc.  If you have enough pages on the same subject or category, you might create a page describing why you write on the subject and then include a list of links.  There are many ways you could promote your pages using this concept.

Burntchestnut's Articles on Wizzley by Category - My Wizzography

I link to the category page from my blog, and I'll promote it on social media again after I add several new pages (not just one or two).


ADD PAGE LINKS TO THE SIDE BAR - I think I read that we can put up to five links to our own pages on the sidebar, but I can't verify it.  When you first create an article, you can only include one link (that's my experience).  Later, when the page rises in rank, you can go back and add more links.  Several of my best pages have three links.  

Normally, I put links to pages related to the article I'm writing.  But once in a while, I'll put in a link to a low-ranking page to see if I can get some interest in it.  Adding links to your side bar or changing them is also one way to edit a page and make it fresh.

Burntchestnut's Articles on Wizzley by Category - My Wizzography

Image from flickr creative commons 

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Edit Your Articles to Keep Them Fresh

computer keyboardI joined Wizzley 6 years ago, only publishing 14 pages between 2011 and 2013.  I had been writing articles on Squidoo (a total of 80 pages) and Bubblews, and unfortunately had neglected Wizzley.

I was a slow writer and slow learner on Squidoo, but I finally realized the importance of editing articles and then promoting them (only if I made major edits).  I don't want to annoy people with constant self-promotion.

In early August, 2014, I quit writing for Bubblews and removed all my posts. 

Then on August 15, Squidoo announced they were being bought by HubPages.  We could have our pages (lenses) moved automatically to HubPages, or remove and delete them ourselves to use elsewhere.  I chose to remove my pages and take time to consider my options.  

Coming back to the Wizzley site, I edited each of the 14 pages I had written earlier and promoted each one and wrote a new article:  When Was The Last Time You Edited One Of Your Wizzley Pages?  I hope you find the information helpful.

image from Pixabay

Join Wizzley - An Online Publishing Community

~~ Write articles

~~ Inspire Readers

~~ Make money

If you'd like to write articles on Wizzley, you can use my referral link below to sign up - there's no charge.  And although I receive a small compensation when you join, Wizzley does not deduct anything from your future earnings.  There are many Wizzley tutorials here to help you understand the site.

Would you like to write at Wizzley?  Click here to join.


Updated: 04/21/2018, AngelaJohnson
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katiem2 on 10/22/2018

Exactly, good advice, editing my article is what I am currently doing, it seems I always find something to correct, add or expand on. Plus it is a very smart practice to edit seasonal and holiday articles just a few weeks before the time or these special events.

Guest on 07/19/2017

Thanks for the great tips!

CruiseReady on 08/02/2015

These are good, sensible tips, and I really need to take them to heart. It would be so nice to see Wizzley's prominence on the web grow. With each of us individually doing our part, that will come.

AngelaJohnson on 08/01/2015

blackspanielgallery - Make sure you sign up for Adsense and don't forget to put your ID under your settings. It seems like this is similar to Squidoo's tier settings. I like this better. Just remember that Wizzley shares part of this revenue, but then so did Squidoo. I've not been too successful with Amazon sales, but then again, I only have 63 pages - got to get busy before the holidays. I think you'll like Wizzley and the writing community is friendly and helpful.

blackspanielgallery on 08/01/2015

I also had to face the problem of having hundreds of articles go elsewhere when Squidoo went down, and allowed them to go to Hubpages, a mistake. I spent a lot of time editing them to remove products, and even articles with as few as two or three products occasionally fail to pass once I edit them, even though they were doing fine before adding content. So, I am here learning how this site works, and you have done a good job of explaining it. I like the ability to earn here, even though I have yet to really get any return. I know it takes time. I found Wizzley as Zujava went down, people there were recommending it.

AngelaJohnson on 01/17/2015

sandyspider - I'm glad you found some new tips on this page.

sandyspider on 01/15/2015

I just added a new article here. I often promote on FB and other media. But I forgot about the side bar. You have other tips here that I had not thought about.

AngelaJohnson on 01/05/2015

khatha0808 - Yes, but I can definitely improve. There is always something new to learn.

AngelaJohnson on 11/12/2014

Mira - Yes, it takes time to update your article page each time you create a new page and you have to remember to do it. But if you have a system in place, it becomes second nature. And your article page stays fresh, too, even by only adding a new link.

You're right about needing to spend time to promote your articles. That's the most valuable thing I learned from Squidoo. We have to keep updating our pages and then promoting them again. I hate writing a nice article and then having no one read it after it's first been published.

Mira on 11/12/2014

You're right about having articles grouped under category someplace, but then we'd have to go back and update that article each time, I guess. Anyway, nice page. (Am pinning it.)

I have come to think that promoting articles should probably take just as much time as putting an article together. That's if you want to write a blog post with link included, or if you promote other articles as well, then there's time learning social media and spending time posting other stuff. It all adds up. It's time-consuming, but I think having a place like Wizzley makes it worthwhile (if you can spare the time at all, that is) because if the nice bits of info we learn here.

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