How to Prove Someone Wrong

by katiem2

Learn the best way to prove someone wrong. Show the person who always seems to know what everybody else should be doing how wrong they are?

It can be very difficult to deal with an authoritative person who doesn't know their place or when to keep their opinions to themselves. You exercise patience over and over and one day you want so badly to give them a piece of your mind. It seems impossible to hold back, but wait a minute there are a few things to consider about proving someone wrong. Besides you know better, you know it will only end badly. After all someone as stubborn as this individual is closed minded.

The Best Way to Prove Someone Wrong

If you are set on proving someone wrong and proving yourself to be right a delicate touch and mouth is required.

I once heard it put like this,  those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still. Have you been dealing with this in your life?  

Have you had it up to here, ready to set them straight, give them a piece of your mind?  

Well Don't and here's why, there is a simple way to prove them wrong and more to the point prove yourself right and all while maintaining your dignity and good name. 

Proving Yourself Right

We all face people like these from time to time often dealing with them on a regular basis.  The key is learning to separate the needed information from the useless banter.  People like this usually leave those of us alone who don't engage them.  Learning how to tune them out and turn them off is a priceless quality of any successful person.

How to Win a Fight

The best way to avoid a fight is to disengage.

If you seem disinterested the offending person will most likely look for a more reactive candidate.  Confrontational people interview others seeking those who will take the bait, be sucked in and engage in their drama.  You do not want to be one of these people. The more neutral you remain the less interested they will be in addressing you.

The truth of the matter is the best way to prove yourself right and is not by proving them wrong yet proving them to be a blow hard bag of wind.  Anytime you allow the stage they set to remain all consumed with them the more likely they will embarrass themselves. They will do this all by themselves without any help from you.

Once left alone to continue the offensive behavior void of feedback or reaction they grow bored and determine you an unfit candidate to irritate. After all they themselves know they're playing with you and will retreat once they note you lack of reaction.

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7 Ways to Prove Someone Wrong

This is to assume the person you want to prove wrong is actually wrong to the point of being offensive.

The Best Way to Prove Them Wrong

  • Don't react, anytime you react or worse yet over react with intense emotion the attention reflects back to you making you look mean tempered or spirited. This gives them a sense of control and dominance which fuels their feeling of superiority. 

Being Right a Step by Step Guide

  • Maintain your self control.  Anytime a person tries to put you down they are attempting to see if you're weak or someone they can manipulate.  Be polite and seem clueless as if you're a polite listener but just don't get them, without saying a word, tilt your head in a subtle questioning manner and remain quiet often looking just past them. They will realize their not getting over on you and you win!  Your right!  Their Wrong! They did not utilize you as their puppet. 
  • Listen, or pretend to listen as if your waiting for them to get to the point.  Maintaining a look of anticipation proves they are saying something useless and yet your the better person waiting patiently for them to draw a useful conclusion.  
  • Leaning forward while you rub your thumb and forefinger over your chin in a questioning gesture really puts the pressure on them and yet you only look interested.  Plus you may look just past them making them wonder what you're looking at while others around won't notice anything other than you looking interested and polite.  This silent pressure allows for them to dig their own hole.
  • If asked to respond, as they might once they realize its not working, trying further to draw you out say, "that's one idea" This makes you appear open to others ideas and non judgmental and yet in a very calm cool and collective way being non supportive.
  • The type of person you long to prove wrong usually behaves themselves in an annoying manner to direct the heat to someone else, deflecting their ignorance and putting the light on your anger, making them feel superior.
  • The best revenge is to remain calm in your awareness and no doubt everyone else in the room as well.  You let them dig their own hole, if you will and enjoy the fact this person did not get to you as was their original intent.
  • Most importantly, after having shown yourself to be a together person not having allowed them to push your buttons, get on with being good at what you do and feeling good about yourself.  Success is truly the best revenge when it comes to proving someone wrong.
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Don't Play the Fool

Don't be like George, there is a much better way of doing things. Subtlety is the best way to prove someone wrong.  Be warned, if the person you are trying to prove wrong is not and an other wise nice thoughtful person you will come off looking the fool.  Be sure to self evaluate to determine if what you're feeling toward this person is jealousy.  We are only human and jealousy can sometimes rear its ugly head.  If this occurs its best to realize this person has something about them you want and emulate that!  Much Success, Katie


Peace is the guide to what life has in store for us, using peace as a guide to the right path is simple once you understand peace and understand the value it holds in your life.
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katiem2 on 04/16/2013

Good point Mike

teddletonmr on 04/16/2013

It's proves to be a waste of time in my experience. Like you mentioned, those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still.

katiem2 on 04/16/2013

cam, very true and good point! Thanks for adding this profound thought.

cam on 04/16/2013

Someone thought the earth was flat so I showed him a globe he showed me a map who wins

Trafford on 01/13/2013

I tried to, but proving someone wrong is hard. So I failed to prove someone wrong, now I am trying to get all of the evidence I need to prove them wrong. So I need a lot of help please.

katiem2 on 03/17/2012

2uesday, Very good point! I like the way you think. Thanks for sharing :)

Snurre, lol but you're a polite know it all right? The biggest problem when addressing people you want to prove wrong is at large due to this fact, you know they are not as gifted as they make out to be and just want to prove them wrong pull them out into the light, they do that on their own. Thanks for the comment, you made me chuckle, I'm putting you down as my go to girl for knowledge :)

Miaden, As I always tell my kids, ignore trouble! :)

Snurre on 03/17/2012

Some good tips here. I found that the best way to prove someone wrong is to know more than they do. That's why I'm a know-it-all lol

Mladen on 03/16/2012

Great tips! It is really best to remain calm, let them dig their own hole, and just be successfull in what you do. I totaly agree! Annoying stubborn people! :(

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