How To Solve Poverty?

by Cagsil

Poverty in America. What causes poverty? Why poverty happens? Finding a solution to poverty? How to solve poverty? All these questions are answered to increase citizens awareness.

Should this be your first article of mine you've read, then I suggest reading a few others first. Why? To get a feel for the way I talk and think. The importance of understanding poverty is presently at an extreme and to many, it is a misconception or deception purported by those who already know how to stay away from poverty.

Should you be thinking that poverty cannot be solved, then it would be you who has a limited knowledge and understanding about life. Yes, you apparently are missing something, but have no fear, you will be well advised before you are done reading. Should you be thinking that you really do not have a need for the information contained here, please try to refrain your beliefs, so as to see the logic and reasoning demonstrated.

America Poverty
America Poverty

Learning, Knowledge Equals Education! There are a lot of people who believe learning is key to making our own way in life. The truth be told, it is your imagination that is the driving force for you learning. Once you begin to learn, it is knowledge that you gain. Thus, an education. The main problem is what kind of education are the children receiving?

In the United States of America, many groups advocate for a variety of things. The special interests groups are not helping either, because sometimes they are on the same side, which makes them all the more dangerous.

You have to worry about the "lobbyists" of the majority of the wealth holders to contend with too. And, again, if these people are on the same side as the other two- there is not anything anyone can do to stop them. Cheaters, liars are some you need to learn to notice.

Why? Because, they are the majority at that point and according to the rules - the Majority rules. So, that means, the people who are not associated with any group or lobby is screwed.

Who are these people? Well, to be exact and as precise as possible, these people believe it or not, represent the Top 20% of Americans, which also happens to be, the educated elite and wealth creators.

This simply proves who is in control. There cannot be any doubt about it. If you have the math. But, please make sure you have all the facts and understand what those facts represent. To give you an idea, think about it- 13.5% are homeless and 13.2% live in poverty. Roughly 20% of American are considered "Millionaire" status. As I said, roughly. Now, take in account that 1/2 of all citizens are registered voters and half do not vote.

The people who have a registered affiliation with some charity, non-profit organization or some advocate/special interests/lobbyists, consist of the educated elite, simply because they have the money to supply these organizations, so they can manipulate politicians. When studies are done and opinion polls are completed.

These groups begin the offensive attack, so as to carve up America, and push policies that are not in the best interests of citizens. America is supposed to be a Republic(see photo), where the rights of the individual are to be uphead vs that of the majority. Just because some people operate under the idea of "majority rules", doesn't actually make it true. The biggest deception in America. The simple fact- that 50% or more people would rather work a job than own a business. That is appalling, it shows the dramatic decline of imagination and education.


Poverty can be solved! People come to America, to chase down the American Dream and all it has to offer. The citizens who are born American, have been routinely drummed into believing things are the way they are and are correct. This is absurd!

The main reason for poverty is because people lack the knowledge, that reinforces their dreams or imagination. When I was a kid, I always wanted to own a business and deliver a product to every citizen in America. Yes, 100% all citizens. The problem is that the company would be considered a monopoly and then face Federal charges.

However, I digress. Poverty is caused because someone has not learned something and that something is how to earn money? Yes, how to earn money is their problem. There are some who deal in illegal substances and stolen parts(including organ trafficking), and they do this because the money is so good, even if jail is possibility.

People are going out of their way to earn money, in whatever fashion possible and it is completely disrupting the nature of life. Some people want money to disappear? or go away. This is not even remotely possible, given the situation presently.

More people need to realize that jail really is not worth the trouble, when a legal system for earning is available, as long as, one is willing to learn about it. Those who work jobs that they hate, do so, because they have no other choice or cannot see what other choices they do have available. Millions of people go to work every day, angry with their boss or superior, and dread walking in the door. Their job does nothing to stimulate their learning or allow them to gain anything new.

It is a damn shame that many jobs have become departmentalized dead-end, non-money making positions. You routinely go in and do the same thing over again, there is no growth out of your position. It is not meant to have a direct impact on profits, but does have an indirect effect on profits.

The poverty problem, like I said earlier, is just a lack of knowledge. There are plenty of people who simply do not have the knowledge they need or require, to progress forward. There are some people who have addiction problems, and ended up homeless, because they were most likely not brought up properly. This is attributed to many different factors, but most of all family.

You are part of the answer to solving poverty! Most of the time, people would rather not help out others. Why? Because, they would rather not see that person, possibly, do better than themselves. It is the same methodology a lot of employers use, upon hiring people.

They do not want to teach you anything, because then you will use what you learn against them and possibly work for someone else. That is why there are so many departmentalized dead-end jobs created for people.

It is meant to keep you in check and under a matter of control. The poverty problem has been going for a great many centuries and identified as a hugely growing problem. To be sure of one thing, the educated elite, the people who are so full of themselves and wants to control others is the other factors involved.

To give you and everyone else an opportunity to strive and make progress, we together must apply a new method of thinking to our problems. Poverty happens and will continue to happen, because people need to learn self-responsibility, how to create wealth(besides working a job) and how to show others to do the same. Ending poverty- People helping people, teaching and learning from each other.

Thank you for your time.

Updated: 06/06/2017, Cagsil
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Cagsil on 03/08/2017

Thank you Lisa for reading and commenting. I appreciate your kind words and am glad you enjoyed the article. I certainly hope you continue your success. :D

Lisa Hill Turner on 03/08/2017

WOW, I am thinking about starting in a business that I was very successful in before. I was skeptical because I am 62, have a great deal if pain due to arthritis from working so hard as a single parent for long head hours along with a car wreck which has left me in a cute pain where it often consumes me entirely. However, the lack of being in motion, keeping up with a business and the many great marketing ideas I have leave me so isolated and without any physical exercise. Those things make the pain worse. After reading your essay I am certain to go ahead with the plans as my partner is a family member who can learn more about business as I can do management consulting without having to worsen my condition. I am 100 percent sure that this place will be a great success! Without any mental and physical stimulation I am sure to die sooner than expected! It also gives me a place to sell items, have fun and exciting promotions and will be helping others to learn from me to become self sufficient! My gift is greatly needed today as I always am training others a I work. I will be taking the risk of more pain, but it's almost unbearable now, but if I am more active and around people that I care about, then it's going to be a better life for me and many other people. I have built businesses and developed people throughout my career path. This essay really set my head straight and I really think that thanks to your wisdom that I will soon be living a much more comfortable and enriched life! I am also a photo/journalist but here alone I am not motivated to finish any books, stories or publish my photos of many Rick, hop,metal and other genres of music. This was a Life Changing Experience! Thanks to you, I am ready to make it again and failure is not an option as I have already been established in this area as a legendary nightclub owner, Community organization and used to have damn good friends around me all the Time! Truely something that I needed to pay close attention to as it's going to be so much fun getting out there and not alone, sad and sorry that I am too old or hurt to still make great things happen for many! You rock and are a true inspiration to me. It's exactly what I needed to get moving on with my life before this being without any movement surely hasn't been a good quality of Life! Love and prayers are coming your way!

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