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Howleen Wolf is a Monster High character and part of the Monster High doll collection. Howleen Wolf's Monster High appearances are predated by her sibling Clawdeen and Clawd.

Howleen Wolf is a Monster High character and Monster High doll. Howleen is Clawd & Clawdeen Wolf's younger sister who is 14 years of age.

Howleen Wolf has short hair and one down turned ear. She first appeared in the Monster High episode Fright On when two segregated monster schools, the vampires and werewolves, joined Monster High. The two groups are legendary enemies and Howleen became the leader of the Wolf Pride group.

Howleen has shown to be easily manipulated because she is still finding out who she is apart from her family. She has been accused of stealing (borrowing without permission) her sister Clawdeen's wardrobe.

Clawd notes in his journal that the two have a history of fighting and it is suggested in the episode Fright On that Clawd has tried to break up their fights which only resulted in him being bitten.

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Monster High Howleen Wolf Doll

Quick look at the Howleen Wolf doll

The Monster High Howleen Wolf Doll features short hair and a jacket with hood. She sports two different length legwarmers with black shoes.  Howleen sports black pair of shorts. She come with a backpack accessory. 

Sold in 2 pack set with sister Clawdeen Wolf.

Like the other Monster High introduction dolls the Howleen Monster High doll will come with a journal and pet.

Unlike other Monster High dolls these dolls do not come with stands or brushes.

Howleen's pet is a hedge hog named Cushion.

Howleen and Clawdeen Wolf - Monster High

Monster High wolf sisters

Clawdeen and Howleen seem to have an average sister relationship.  One moment your yelling at her for "borrowing" your clothes the next your ready to defend to any ill wishers.  The only difference is that they are both werewolves and have some monster growing pains.

Howleen emulates Clawdeen much to Clawdeen's chagrin.  Howleen Wolf really has not found her own Howl yet, but in time she will, and the sisters will get a chance to overcome their sibling rivalry.

After all, Monster High is a school full of diversity that brings Monster from all walks of life together.  The most notable challenge was integrating the werewolves and vampires who had a long history of animosity towards each other.  If they can find away to coexist in Monster High the wolf sisters will too.


Howleen Wolf's Monster High Family Connection

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Howleen Wolf - First Monster High Appearance

Monster High episode Fright On, Part 1

Monster High Howleen Wolf Character Information

Learn more about Howleen Wolf

Howleen Wolf, daughter of the were-wolf, has her own fashion sense which she calls were-punk.  What is "were-punk"?  According to Howleen Wolf "were-punk" is taking  a whole bunch of different styles and combining them to make something new and cool.  Clawdeen refers to were-punk as Howleen getting dressed in the dark (Ouch!). 

Howleen's hair is her freaky flaw.  Sometimes it does what Howleen wants it to do and sometimes it does what it wants to do.  The third thing her hair does is sometimes make them both look bad.

Howleen enjoys hotdogs, biteology, math, history and soccer.  Her favorite color depends on the day and she is annoyed when she is treated like a baby.

Howleen's least favorite subject depends on the day and her mood.  Sometimes her favorite subjects become her least favorite.

Howleen as a pet hedge hog named Cushion.  She describes her as "prickly on the outside" but sweet inside.


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