Important Points to Remember when Hiring a Reliable Website Designer

by bizilady

Here are some important points to remember when hiring a website designer

Almost every business, whether it be a one person operation or large corporation, needs to have a presence on the web. In order to announce your service, provide needed information to the public or private client, update information or sell directly in an e-commerce setting, a website is essential.
I have to inform my readers that I am not a professional IT person and have a basic knowledge about some HTML coding and design. I do know professionals in this profession and they are the most hard working, reliable and honest people in the field. They are beyond reproach, but occasionally a bad one slips between the cracks.

Web Design

web designer

The distinct wild west feeling on the INTERNET


It wasn't that long ago that consumers and business clients were at the mercy of some unscrupulous webmaster.

Several friends and family members, including myself, have had negative experiences dealing with webmasters or more like web builders, in the past. They dealt with a web builder that was non responsive to emails and phone messages, or didn't clearly define just what services were covered when building the site.

Another big problem is administration of the website once it's up and running. A number of friends were almost knocked out of their business because they made the mistake in trusting the person who built their site to handle the necessary changes when needed. The only problem with that was that they didn't. The business owners were frantic because the information was old, or just plain wrong.

My bad experience with website making

learn from mistakes

Years ago I had the unfortunate experience of hiring a site builder from a winning bid to build a tutor registry for me. I gave the examples of three sites that I liked the functions and looks of as a guide to build mine. Unfortunately the web site builder copied one of those sites exactly, only he changed the color schemes. I found out when the original owner threatened me with copyright infringement and a lawsuit. It was at that time that I also found out that the 'webmaster' wasn’t a real full time website builder at all, but a college student that didn't live where he stated on the bidding site nor did he take down the site after many requests. He claimed to be from the states but really lived overseas. I had to close the account with the web host. What a valuable lesson I learned!

The wild open internet

Internet World
Ad AllPosters

Points to remember if you hire a website designer

4 good points

If you pay someone to build a website there are still some points you need to be aware of. From my personal experience, one must to be very vigilant about these points.

    1. get reliable referrals from the website builder

    2. research and check the sites given

    3. make sure the content isn't stolen

    4. hire a lawyer to check the contracts

Getting reliable referrals is a tricky item to confirm; its a lot like get referrals for home remodeling, car repair or even a babysitter. It really depends on who you are dealing with and trying to determine if their referrals are real or not. We all know that friends and family members will help someone with glowing recommendations.



How to find a website designer

Researching the websites they claimed to have made is easy enough, but I have done this and to my amazement many are not real websites. In other words, when I click on any links on the site, they go nowhere or are non-functioning. You'd be surprised how many people don't thoroughly check out each site given. Don't be so quick to believe them. If they are new and need clients they can build free ones for non profits or make up a mock business. The idea is to see if they are any good at building a reliable site.


The third point is very important. The content on a website has to be real and either written by the site builder or bought and paid for to place on the site. I can't emphasis this point enough because so many of us website content writers do this for a living. We get paid to write content There are many site builders that simply find the content they need, copy and paste it on the site. I have found so many articles of mine on websites. They don't realize that’s is stealing?

Unfortunately I had to file complaints with web hosting companies and inform site owners that my work is stolen. This could very well be a full time job. If you agree to have someone make you a website and give them carte blanch to fill the content then you as the owner must check the content. Go online yourself and Google or pay someone to check it.


By now you should have asked around for a good business contract lawyer. It's a good idea to hire a lawyer who specializes in online e-commerce and business contracts. If your attorney doesn't use the internet and is unfamiliar with cyber terms, make sure they have a paralegal or partner that does. Interview them and test their knowledge; if the attorney refuses, then go to the next one. another option is to contact some webmasters of sites you like and ask for an attorney referral.

Microsoft certified
Microsoft certified

More website building options for consumers

hire a freelancer or do it yourself

Today, there are many bidding sites with reliable background checks and feedback forums so a client can make an informed decision. A very important point is to ask about area professional certifications such as Microsoft. There are many others so check this link.


Consumers can also have a choice of new self building website companies that make the e-commerce and online business presence much saner and smoother running. Know ahead of time that an e-commerce site is difficult to build and time-consuming. Do you have enough time to devote to it? It also needs constant updating as well.


With website building sites such Weebly, Wix, Yahoo, Intuit, Google and so on,  anyone who wants a website to build one and online platforms such as G+, Face book, Twitter, to spread the word about your business. They range from simple to more complex.Being informed and having a web presence is involved but may pay for in the long run. We've really come a long way in 15 short years.

Remember these points when hiring a website designer

be safe,not sorry


The reasons to hire someone to build a site for you are varied. You may be extremely busy and simply do not have the time to build even the simplest of sites. You may have a fear of the internet and do not trust yourself to handle it. The e-commerce sites can be complicated and require too much coding and updates to handle. You need to tend to your brick and mortar store to make your living.


Just remember my four points when hiring someone. Get reliable referrals and speak to people about them. Check the websites out thoroughly and make sure they are real. Call any numbers and act like a customer.

Most importantly,  make sure the content on your own website is not stolen. Make them show you record if they bought it. Check online by typing in some content or hire someone to check their work out. Just make sure they don't know each other. It's no fun dealing with an angry competitor or writer that has filed a DCMA against you that may have search engines removing your site.


Last, but not least of all, be sure your lawyer has a contract in place. He or she can run a credit check, background check or criminal check. You are giving them financial and personal records so the webmaster shouldn't refuse to give you their companies information. Yes, some new ones will start out as a sole proprietor so don't let that dissuade you. Hammer out responsibilities on both sides.

Even though I have used the terms website maker, website technician, webmaster, I think those terms are most known to consumers. If you stick to most of these points, you should feel secure and safe about your decision.


If you stick to most of these points, you should feel secure and safe about your decision.

Updated: 03/05/2017, bizilady
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bizilady on 10/30/2014

Thank you for reading my article and commenting.

WriterArtist on 10/30/2014

There are so many scams in the world online or otherwise, one really needs to do the homework before hiring a website designer. When I started as an online marketer, I did lose a lot of money in many schemes that promised money. There are important lessons to be learnt, you have definitely given helpful tips in this direction.

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