Is My Kid Fat, Obese or Over Weight?

by katiem2

Do you wonder if your child may be a bit over weight, fat, or even obese? Read this vital message now to learn the truth about your child's weight.

Walking by you notice your child humped over yet another video game on a beautiful day. This image gives way to concern especially noting the belly fat you know should not be present on a child of such age.

You live with flash backs of your skinny and active youth. This causes you to wonder why your child is different and what to do. Do you know if you could be facing the very real issue of childhood obesity?

Is my child fat? Why is this question even entering your mind?

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Childhood Obesity

The Growing Problem of the Over Weight Kid

Children are heavier now more than ever, they’re bigger and far less active than kids were 10 or even 15 years ago.  A lot is happening in our world today causing our children to experience the issue of obesity, a word any parent would much prefer they never need consider.

Weight issues are something we hope our children never face and if so much later in life.  A natural ebb and flow of weight is often to be expected, perhaps the college ten or maybe after the birth of their first child.  But no, our children are tipping the scales long before it should be an issue.  Ask yourself, if this is not addressed now, will the over weight child, possibly your own, stand a chance?  

How to Know - Is My Child Over Weight

Simply call your child's pediatrician or nurse and ask them.  Doctors are people to, its very difficult for them tell parents a child is overweight with them in the room.  Have you came right out and asked, is my child over weight?  

Odds are you have not. If you call on the phone, they will get your child's chart in front of them, be more matter of fact about it, giving you a straight no nonsense answer.

Ask the straight forward question is my child over weight or in danger of being over weight.


Eating Habits

Once you take a hard look at the eating habits you and your family have developed you can address the issue more clearly.

Our kids have grown accustomed to eating what they want, when they want and too much of it.  

Food is readily available and easy to prepare most often without a dish to wash after. Our kids have learned to eat and not to fish, which would burn off calories in preparation.  

As a society we exercise less and eat more.  The calories in verses the calories spent equation is greatly out of balance.

Being over weight isn't only a major health issue; it’s also a major mental health issue.

The over weight child is prone to develop low self esteem and a negative body image.  Over all this can make a child feel less valued in our society and limited.

It is unfortunate and yet a harsh reality that society looks differently at an over weight person regardless if child or adult.  Kids feel this difference taking it on as a personal weakness. 

Obesity and Your Child's Health

Carrying to much weight puts your child's health at serious risk, don't let fat determine the future of your child.

The Health Problems

  • Emotional struggles developing into mental health issues.
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease

Our Children's Legacy

The legacy we should be creating for our children is good health and empowerment to live a energy packed life.

This is an awful legacy to hand our children. Can we honestly put the responsibility on the child?  If not them, then who, you?

Don’t over react, go over board or obsess on the quick solution.  An easy fix is what got us into this childhood obesity problem in the first place. 

Although it may be your first instinct to face it hard and head on this will be difficult and traumatic for the child.  To improve your child’s health and weight you must lead the way setting a good example, teaching new skills and yet allowing your child to make decisions and take ownership of their own health.

Cure the Over Weight Threat

Stop looking away and making excuses as to why your child's appearance makes you question their weight.

Solve the Problem

  • Determine your family household causes of childhood obesity.
  • Change your family’s lifestyles and eating habits.
  • Work through the hard stuff together.
  • Stop buying junk food, sodas and fast foods.
  • Teach your child to fish, I mean cook!
  • Sign up for healthy cooking classes.
  • Schedule family physical activities, such a bike outings.
  • Shut the TV off and go outside, ride scooters, toss a ball, etc.
  • Take advantage of Wi activities when you can’t get out.

Kids ride their bikes less and less.  Go out side and play with your child, reconnecting and bonding again.  Childhood obesity is a growing issue. 

Managing childhood weight concerns is best addressed on a personal and physical level together as a team, the entire family needs to be healthy regardless of weight. 

Everyone in the family needs to consider good health regardless of weight. 

VITAL - Never single one child out yet include the well being of the entire family and address it as such.  

Remember a mistake doesn’t become a problem until you refuse to correct it!

Much Love and Health, Katie

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katiem2 on 03/09/2012

ExploreDecor, Do encourage you brother to feed him solely healthy so he can help him to lose weight, get fit and enjoy his childhood. No kid wants to be fat but they have little control over the food brought into their lives. Fast food is horrible! Please share this and this one as it address many food concerns for children of his age.

Thanks for adding this very powerful comment, I'm sure it will help those who want to change a child's life do so and hopefully parents who have overweight kids to take a hard look at the changes they should make.

ExploreDecor on 03/09/2012

Great article with excellent information. My nephew, who is 9, is overweight. I'm certain it's due to his atrocious eating habits and lack of activity. It is almost impossible to talk sensibly to his mother. My brother will get him for 6 weeks over the summer (he lives with his mother in another town) and he has already told him that they are going to be eating healthy during his stay. They are already active when he is with him every other weekend as he and my brother are always doing some sort of an activity outside. I hope it all goes well and my nephew can lose some of his excess weight and be healthier.

katiem2 on 03/06/2012

Yeirl, You are certainly on the right track, being aware and encouraging your children to move and enjoy both food and life is key. Thanks for commenting its great to hear from you.

Yeirl on 03/06/2012

As a mother, I struggle with this often. My kids like to eat a lot, but fortunately they move around a lot, too. Trying to have every meal free of packaged or processed food is a challenge for me. But, the daily eating habit we instill today will go long way for my kids when they get older. Home made food is a big pain for me but makes all the difference...

katiem2 on 03/05/2012

Miaden, Its great to hear from a medical worker on this topic. I hadn't thought about parents making the excuse their child is okay if they eat a lot, mistaking it for a good appetite or a healthy eater, it is never a good or healthy thing to do, over eating is always bad and should be corrected when done by cleansing the body by way of concentrating on eating raw fruits and vegetables to cleanse the system of the (what should only be occasional) over eating. great comment thank you for adding it!

Mladen on 03/05/2012

As a medical worker I work often with over weight children. You said it nicely, that it is not easy for doctor to tell parents their child is over weight. I, once, had experience when I said to a parent, without thinking, that his child was obese. Well, I received nothing less than paper into face.
I just want to mark that thought of yours. Parents mostly think their children are healthy if they can eat a lot. Over eating is connected with good health status, in our society. And that is wrong.
Also, lack of physical activity is one of the triggers too.
You have chosen great topic for this article! Thank you!

katiem2 on 03/05/2012

brl, I really appreciate your realistic and practical honest view on the topic of obesity in general. Great to hear about your article, I look forward to reading it and will link yours to mine as well. Thanks

katiem2 on 02/29/2012

athena2011, Thanks for stopping by. Yes I hope the message reaches the parents who need it, denial is a terrible thing and when it effects the well being of a child, well it's all together vital.

Brenda, That's very interesting. I love visiting the south and yet I do find it hard to eat there, being a vegetarian they think I'm nuts. I do love the south, the people are so nice. Interesting I should start a awareness campaign for that area. Thanks for commenting.

athena2011 on 02/29/2012

Excellent tips given here. Obesity is such a big problem and although Mrs. Obama has made it her focus I'm not sure if it's getting any better yet. It has such detrimental effects on kids health , especially in the future so hopefully they and their parents will heed your tips to enjoy better health. Wizzed it.

BrendaReeves on 02/29/2012

Great article Katie. I'm just amazed at how many parents in the South are clueless when it comes to nutrition. The South has cornered the market on obesity. It's especially sad to see the obese children. The problem of course is the Southern diet. I was raised on it, but I inherited the right genes and could eat a truckload and I was still thin as a rail.

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