Designing Jam Jar Labels on Zazzle

by CorreenK

A few tips, tricks and links to create jam jar labels in your Zazzle store. Taking jam jars from the mundane to ahh-mazing with these personalize-it jam jar labels.

As I was creating jam jar labels to place for sale in my Zazzle store I got to thinking other Zazzle store keepers might be curious what I did to make the various labels. I'm pretty darn happy how they turned out and making each label fed the creative bug in me.

Read on to find out how I designed my jam jar labels...I encourage you to leave your Zazzle tips and any questions in the comments area at the bottom of this page.

The Jam Jar Labels featured on here
are available for sale at my Zazzle Store 
Designs by C

Homemade Strawberry Jam Label

Cute and homey

This happens to be one of my favorite jam jar label designs. Strawberries and bees go so well together, don't you think? 

Steps to how I designed this cute and homey label...

  1. Chose the round sticker
  2. Placed the gingham background; making sure to take image outside of the borders to cover the whole sticker.
  3. Added strawberry and bee graphic and resized to fit sticker and font; graphics purchased from DigiScrapKits by Trina Clark -
  4. Placed font; changed color using the Chrome Extension tool Color Pick and resized each line to fit on the sticker

Homemade Plum Jam Label

Bright and colorful

Proud to say this label design won the Today's Best Award for October 13, 2011.

Steps to how I designed this bright and colorful label...

  1. Chose the large shipping label; configured to vertical design
  2. Placed the purple checkered background; making sure to take image outside of the borders to cover the whole sticker
  3. Added the plum graphic; downloaded from, the place to go for online royalty free public domain clip art
  4. The text was added in a couple different lines and adjusted color to compliment the design

Share your Zazzle tips in the comments.

Allowing Your Customers to Customize Your Designs

The tool to use while designing on Zazzle

On each of my jam jar labels I made the text a template object, which allows your customers to customize each label on the product page. The images below give you a better idea of what I am trying to convey in text. :)

The two biggest tips I can give you as you create your customized item are...

  1. For personalized, renaming-type products (i.e. by MacKenzie or made in Madaline's kitchen) include a name with 8 or more letters versus say, Ann or Bob, so when your customer customizes the label their name will fit in the space provided. Make sense?
  2. Before clicking on Post for sale  review, move as needed, fill out the product page label box, and then save each of your text lines in the order you would like them to show up on your product page. I personally like them to show up from top to bottom as they appear on the label. 

#2 Biggest Tip Visual

Text Order
Text Order

#1 Biggest Tip Visual

Customizing on Zazzle
Customizing on Zazzle

Please leave any questions below, in the comments area.

Plum Jam Personalize Sticker

Designed with my photography

The plum blossom image on this label is from a photo I took and tweaked in my photo editing program. 

Steps to how I designed this tweaked photography label...

  1. Chose the heart sticker
  2. Made the background a solid color to compliment the flower image (click on edit-->background and choose color or fill in hex code)
  3. Added 5 of the plum blossom images, moving each to fit/overlap on the sticker. The bottom two petals I made as template items just in case the customer wanted to remove them to add more text
  4. Placed the font on each line; sized and adjusted to fit on the sticker

Follow these recommended image sizes and resolutions for each product you are creating on Zazzle.

A Few More of My Jam Jar Labels

Drop me a note if you have a question about these designs
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CorreenK on 09/07/2014

Thanks for stopping by folks...your encouraging words and feedback fuel me!

Guest on 09/06/2014

Correen, Your article is fun to read, to enjoy your creativity, and to learn valuable tips. I especially appreciated that you explained how you achieved your designs. Thank you!

Sheri_Oz on 03/29/2014

You explain the steps very simply and make it easy to follow.

katiem2 on 02/10/2012

Very nice, I love your label, very nice with a quality look and feel of home.

WhiteOak on 12/18/2011

They do look great Correen, good work.

sheilamarie on 12/17/2011

These stickers/labels are really beautiful and would make any jam jar look so professional. I have to confess, I'm guilty of the slip of masking tape and marker when it comes to my homemade jam. If you're giving it away, though, it's important to pretty it up.

Michey on 12/17/2011

This is great, you explain very well, I can follow easily.
Zazzle is not my strength so I really enjoy this post and make some notes.

nightbear on 12/17/2011

Fantastic!! It is very generous of you to share your zazzle secrets and your jam jar labels are so beautiful. I would like them even without any jam. You are so clever, you amaze me. thank you.

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