Japanese Rock Bands

by EssentiallyArahs

Popular bands, probably popular bands, and the only criteria? They are awesome Japanese rock bands! Visual kei, crazy music videos...you name it. Read on for more glittering tidbit

Japan, an isolated country before the rest of the world found out about her. Diverse, beautiful, and a bit eccentric, come join me on this "trip" through a list of awesome Japanese rock bands!

Visual Kei - you know...dyed hair, black mascara, maybe even a little lipstick. Guys, girls, doesn't matter cause their flair will leave you drooling or staring in shock. Whatever the case may be, you'll be sure to at least respect their guts - there's some pretty cute clothes, too!

Honestly, that seems to be a major rock band look for me, but there are tons more. Some are mellow or casual and have a good vibe about them, and some can be hard core metal. Whatever you like, check these videos out and tell me what you think about them!

Popular Visual Kei Bands

Looks, Appeal, and Rock N Roll!

Obviously, I couldn't possibly put down all my favorite visual kei bands, so here's some starters: Plastic Tree, Miyavi (kinda visual kei, but still awesome), Versailles, Dir en Grey, Deluhi, and D'espairs Ray.

So what makes visual kei bands, well, visual kei? Look at them for instance. Usually blonde or light orange hair, elaborate clothing that resembles dresses from Victorian England, hot make-up...the whole shebang! The guys look more feminine and still appeal to the massive female fan audience with low, rumbling voices or high melodies - in a guy way of course. Add some charisma, so heart-stopping smiles and some magnetic glares and you got the visual kei rock band look.


Looks aren't the only thing getting them the girls and guys that love these rockers. It's their music. Electric guitars, crazy beats, and lyrics that make you want to cry or love. From singing about being an outcast to getting pumped up to be with your friends, these bands are an important part of the Japanese culture. Along with anime, manga, lolita, robots, and whatever else you associate to "eccentric Japan", underneath it all there lies a hidden desire to stand out from the crowd and still be in one. Isn't that the case with all sorts of cultures, though? Yes, but it takes guts for these guys to be a star when their classmates are extremely pressured to be good students and have stable jobs. Visual kei rockers - all rock band stars struggled to be where they are now. That appeals to me the greatest. They are living their dreams out in ways most people will never get the chance to. They are inspirations and their music is not only hot stuff, but spread a message of hope. That goes for all other musicians as well.


Well, that was my word (okay, so it was an average speech) on visual kei bands and what I find attractive about them :) I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

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For Those of You Who Like the Softer Rock Songs

I love fast-paced rock work outs, but the softer guys also have a hold of my heart *heart*

Here are a few of my favorite Japanese rock bands that have a more softer feel to them...serene, sad or just easy-going. Plastic Tree, for instance, has a song called Melancholy...it's just perfect if you're feeling down and want a song where you're not completely alone in your head...and it's not too slow either. Another mellow, but not so sad melody is Miyavi's Jibun Kakumei or another song is What's My Name from the same guy. It's upbeat, and makes me want to just laugh for some reason. Pick your love and start your own list! Tell me about it when you the chance :)


P.S. I put in some funny MV's as well so be sure to laugh and love their tunes. Some are a bit serious, but you know, if you laugh - just laugh out loud, you can always hide your face. These guys are great.

More Random Visual Kei / Japanese Rock Band Stuff

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What Do You Like About Visual Kei or Japanese Rock Bands in General?

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