Jaws Memorabilia, Merchandise And Memories

by frugalrvers

Here you will find Jaws Memorabilia from the hit movie - and what a walk down memory lane it will be. Hollywood's favorite Great White Shark has games, posters, tshirts and more...

The movie "Jaws" was like no other in my childhood memories. I was seven when it came out in 1975. Now, nearly 40 years later (gasp!!) it appears the popularity of this great white shark carries on with today's youth, in modern video games. This monster from the deep was destined to be a cult classic, and from the movie merchandise still available, I think I am right! Rare posters, figurines and other memorabilia are desired by Jaws lovers years later. One can barely find an occasional auction on a Jaws beach towel, lunch box or bobble head. There was so much merchandise that our parents thought weren't worth keeping for the long haul (as they lugged their Nancy Drew books from house to house...am I right?). Let's not forget that Jaws also inspired fans of Shark Week and even the Saturday Night Live "Land Shark."

Jaws Collectibles - If I Had Only Known!

Jaws Movie Merchandise Still Popular

When I was a youngster, I had no idea that the Jaws game I was playing with a friend would be worth something someday. No...for me all I cared about at that time was carefully extracting toy pieces from the belly of the great white shark. Back in those days, a Jaws beach towel, lunch box or tshirt was the equivalent of having Shaun Cassidy posters in your bedroom (ahem, yes - I admit).

But nearly forty years later, we still can't get enough of Jaws. Movie memorabilia are still sought after, and are getting harder to find. There is even a 20th Anniversary Edition DVD that was released, celebrating the original movie.

Jaws Poster

This Jaws Movie Poster Portrays The Most Popular Image We Remember
Jaws Poster Shark in Water Poster Print Collections Poste...
$15.00  $2.32

Memories Of Jaws By Peter Benchley

The First Time I Saw The Jaws Book

I will never forget the first time I saw the Jaws book by Peter Benchley. In our apartment, we had an end table in the corner. My mom, an avid reader, would pile her books she wanted to read on that particular table.

One day, my young eyes caught an image they could not resist! The massive head of a great white shark, and what appeared to be a woman (very, very tiny) on the surface of the water. I had no idea what this book was - and the scores of pages with tiny print weren't of interest to me - but I sat on that couch and just stared at the image. The layers of jagged, sharp shark teeth, the eyes...did such creatures live in the ocean?!

This image, when I was allowed to see the movie (though underage, I convinced my family I could handle it) turned out to be the first scene in the film - the woman who goes out for an evening swim. Now that I'm older, I recognize that without the book image I would never have imagined what was underneath the woman in the water. But my memories of that book on the end table created more suspense, as I envisioned Jaws coming up to the surface.

JAWS The Game - Modern Version Of The Vintage Game And More Fun

I Loved The Vintage Version Of Sharky's Diner...Those Are Hard To Find Now...
Ideal Sharky's Diner Game
Yahtzee: Jaws Board Game

Which Was Your Favorite Jaws Movie?

Jaws T Shirt Still Popular Today

These Jaws Tshirts Are Like The Book Cover
Jaws Shark Head Navy T-Shirt TeeAmerican Classics Men's Jaws Amity Is...

Jaws Box Set - Movie Maniacs

Vintage Jaws Memorabilia At A Price

Aside from Jaws clothing, posters and games, there are some items that are extremely collectible. The big one that everyone wants to get their hands on is the Jaws box set with action figures.

Jaws Deluxe Box Set And Other Rare Finds And Collectibles

The Sought After Jaws Action Figures
Movie Maniacs Jaws Box SetJaws 1975 Addar Super Scenes Model Ki...Jaws 2 Vintage (1978) Full Trading Ca...

Jaws 30th Anniversary Edition DVD

Jaws (Two-Disc 30th Anniversary Edition)

Next Stop For Me - Amity Island - Home Of Jaws

Well if my memories of Jaws weren't thrilling enough for a young girl, the early 80s came with another surprise...a trip to Martha's Vineyard! Now I assure you that my mom and stepfather weren't bringing me there because of Jaws...but it just so happened that much of it was filmed there! Yes, the billboard "welcome to Amity" sign was still in place, the lighthouse was in the distance - I was in Jawsland!!

Even I didn't know I was in for such a treat. I didn't know about details like where it was filmed, and the internet didn't exist so there was no way of me finding out. Our plan was to do a tour of the east coast, starting from our Chicago home, and making a loop including Maine and Niagara Falls, then back home. It was truly a fluke that I ended up in the place where the movie was filmed. That they left some Hollywood accents about made it almost too much for me to bear.

Of course, now about 13 years of age, this also encouraged me to NOT SWIM in the water. I was already afraid of sharks, given this would be my first trip to an actual body of salt water. Our hotels were always on the beach...I was just seconds from an ocean the entire trip...but I wouldn't go in.

Nope...I knew what lurked out there, waiting for me in the ocean. I could actually hear the Jaws theme in my head as I looked out over the water (dah-dump. dah-dump,dah-dump. dah-dah-dah-dump x 50...you get the idea).  Even the light on the water would play tricks on me, certain I saw a shark fin, a shark head - maybe even the land shark from Saturday Night Live!

Yes, on this trip, I would stick to hotel swimming pools 100%...and I did.

Jaws Memories From Martha's Vineyard Book - Matt Taylor

No, I Didn't Write This! But I Was There At The Vineyard
Jaws: Memories from Martha's Vineyard

Jaws Wikipedia - Learn All Of The Details Here

Learn everything you want to know about Jaws right HERE

Jaws Import Book - Peter Benchley

Only $0.01

Jaws Music On CD - More Than Just The Theme Song!

Jaws: Anniversary Collector's Edition
Only $7.79

What Came After Jaws, Directed By Steven Spielberg?

Could The Sequel Match Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Scheider And The Others?

So after my childhood of growing up with Jaws, which was a pretty neat, I must admit...more Jaws sequels came about. I couldn't wait to once again watch the shark terrorize the waters off Amity Island...but as usually happens, Hollywood blew it (in my humble opinion).

Jaws 2 was similar to the first, and I really liked it. Of course you can't beat the original movie, but they really did a good job. Then came Jaws 3D in theaters (just called Jaws 3 on DVD). Of course, we all flocked to the theater for this high tech movie, but the plot was awful and completely disappointing.

I won't even begin to discuss the 4th Jaws movie (Jaws: The Revenge) because it was just absolutely ridiculous. I don't even think the director or actors knew what they were talking about. All of the sharks in the past were blown up in some form - but now the relatives were hunting down the family? Geez...

But again, these movies are cult classics. We just recently watched all four in a row, which was a lot of fun - and it clearly reminded us just how silly the last ones are.

JAWS Costume - Shark Costumes For Halloween

Even A Pet Costume
Adult's Man Eating Shark Halloween Co...Shark Attack CostumeHammerhead Shark

The Jaws Movie Did Make Me Afraid of Sharks

The thrill of the movie Jaws cannot be denied...I still love to watch it! That said, I must admit that as a child, and now as an adult, I am afraid of sharks. I can't blame Peter Benchley or Steven Spielberg completely because we are always afraid of things we don't know.

Mind you, I've never lived by the ocean, know little about sharks or attacks, so the odds of my being attacked by a shark are relatively low (haha). But even as a CHILD who would swim in FRESH WATER, where I knew there were no sharks around, Jaws was forever etched in my mind...so it did make some impact on me.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I can't say...but I do know that I am a huge Jaws fan and would be disappointed to have missed out on the decades of Jaws movies, books, posters and games. There are few movies I've seen that have stuck with me so long.

Even today there are modern games for Wii called "Jaws: Ultimate Predator", also available for Nintendo - which means even the younger generations are still helping to keep this classic movie alive.

Did Jaws Make You Afraid To Go In The Water?

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frugalrvers on 06/11/2012

Aren't they hilarious? I love the one in the middle...I haven't dressed up for Halloween in ages, by the way! :)

sheilamarie on 06/10/2012

Those costumes are crazy! Are you planning to wear one this Halloween?

kajohu on 06/10/2012

Has it really been almost 40 years since Jaws first came out? Wow! I didn't actually see the movie until years later (and I loved it), but my husband, who lived on the east coast (New Jersey) really didn't want to go in the water after seeing Jaws! He still isn't too fond of swimming in the ocean. Since I'm from the midwest, the movie didn't have quite the same impact on my psyche :-)

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