Jerry Hicks Cancer Scam: An Update

by davestone13

Desperate to rescue Abraham-Hicks spiritual marketing powerhouse, the organization fashioned Jerry Hicks Cancer as anything but what it was: An illness like anyone else's.

In the spring of 2011, Abraham-Hicks followers were surprised to get an email blast from Jerry Hicks that, at its conclusion, announced that he was being treated with "the big guns," that is, "heavy chemotherapy."

But not only did his rambling missive dodge the word "cancer," it artfully implied he was being treated for the aftereffects of a spider bite received while sleeping in a boat docked in Florida.

Six months later, at the age of 84, in November of 2011, Jerry Hicks died. The cause was leukemia, finally admitted as if it was some sort of crime only after his death. But strangely, the Abraham-Hicks website claims he is still alive, romping around the country with Esther, two joy-seekers, on their monster bus.

The convoluted process by which Jerry and Esther Hicks sought to both retain and delude followers over the course of his illness is a story in itself. It continues.

Jerry Hicks Cancer Story Evolves

Esther Hicks and Abraham Step Up

Something new: Jerry and Esther Hicks' Spiritual Money Tree, Stories Behind the Abraham-Hicks Teachings and the Law of Attraction.

When I first wrote this article, I wondered, with Jerry Hicks still alive and battling cancer, where the marketing team would go next in dealing with all the confusion and evasion.

The answer became clear, its message muddled and a little bit startling. Unable or unwilling to deal with the facts, they buried him alive. (It became even more startling after Jerry Hicks died in November 2011.)

They were deliberately disappearing Jerry Hicks, it seemed, after his first round of chemotherapy failed. While the term "we" was used in communications, Jerry's name came up specifically less. Before, you could always take that for granted, but something even more radical happened.

Esther took on some sizzle.

Friends always knew that Esther Hicks was not the dull, black and white, androgynous character Jerry Hicks designed her to be as she stepped barefoot into her Abraham act. But the public didn't see it.

She looked a little strange and exhausted, but at least, she finally had some color.

As Jerry Hicks cancer saw him pushed farther into the background, an important loss was the level of intelligence that informed the workshops.

As a spiritual guide, Jerry Hicks was flat and far from "the leading edge of thought," as he and Esther claimed, but Esther alone sometimes resembled the most tone-deaf, unfeeling and shallow big mouth you'd ever be stuck next to at a dinner party.

Example: At a recent seminar (Jerry Hicks absent) Esther was asked by a concerned mother what to do about her young son who refused to share toys. Nothing, Eshter advised. The child was "in alignment," tuned into his toys by the law of attraction. She went on to compare the kid to Jesus who didn't get all worked up over his friends' "toylessness." Not making it up. She really invented that word and invoked Jesus.

The mother then said she was worried that her son had also taken up kicking their cat. No problem, says Esther, don't interfere. The cat is teaching him.

Attendees at this workshop paid $200 a head to listen to this "spiritual insight" on "the leading edge of thought." Online attendees got to pay $75 to stare at their screens to for a couple of hours of Esther Hicks' wisdom.


It seemed unlikely that Esther's entourage expected Jerry Hicks' cancer to go into remission and allow him to return. What we saw instead, in the "news bulletins" they sent out, was a gradual erasure of Jerry and, in Esther's radical change in appearance, the overthrow of Jerry Hicks and the reinvention of Abraham.

An Abraham with very little of the old wisdom, humor or learning.


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What's Up With Jerry Hicks' Cancer?

What's the spin on this high profile scam?

Only a month after the news of Jerry Hicks' cancer broke, I published How Jerry Hicks Cancer Emerged As An All-New Abraham-Hicks Scam. I'll skip rehashing the details here, but you can follow the links for the story of how this scam unfolded.

For my first entry on Wizzley, I'm going to write the follow up.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

As you can see from the most recent publicity photo of Jerry Hicks with his wife, Esther (or is it Abraham?), visual tricks are being used as verbal ones were to obscure the effects of his illness. 

Jerry Hicks Cancer Story Unfolds

Figuring Out How To Make The Scam Work

Jerry and Esther Hicks had scrambled chaotically to hide the fact of Jerry's cancer, later revealed by a family member to be leukemia.

Initially, they tossed out a fire ant bite as an evasion. They elaborated on this dodge, even after, we later found out, Jerry Hicks was already receiving chemotherapy. A detailed story of when and where he might have been bitten and the medical treatments he persued was published by Abraham Hicks Publications.

By the time it was too late to keep the news of his leukemia treatments secret, they had backed themselves into a corner they couldn't get out of. The problem was two-fold:

  • How to explain the outrageous spider bite fantasies being pitched to followers, even after Jerry Hicks was well into a chemotherapy cycle, and...
  • How to explain his having cancer at all, if as Esther Hicks (posing as Abraham) had long taught illness is something you brought on yourself with your thoughts and, just as simply, illnesses could be whisked away "Immediately" with a simple, deliberate change in thought or vibration.

Instead of following the practices Esther Hicks had recommended to paying followers for decades, Jerry Hicks cancer was treated with conventional medicine. 

Why not follow their own (They would say Abraham's) advice? Didn't they believe it would work, and how would they explain this contradiction to followers?

Here is where I left off How Jerry Hicks Cancer Emerged As The New Abraham-Hicks Scam.

The tactics that followed were a little frantic at first, then subtley clever.

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Jerry Hicks Cancer Hide and Seek

Now You See It, and Now You Don't

Abraham Hicks Publications and the Hicks family themselves were faced with problems that extended beyond Jerry Hicks illness.

First, how would they keep revenue flowing into the organization? Second, how would they keep the facade of their teachings from falling in from exposure.

Reducing their schedule of workshops to weekly events, since Esther Hicks would now be performing the Abraham shtick solo, they ramped up a new online version, Abraham LIVE, an unintentionally funny title for a presentation of "dead people," but they took it a step further into weirdness.

What they did was send out sales pitches disguised as updates on Jerry Hicks illness.

In cynical acts of marketing that would embarrass ordinary people, Esther and Jerry sent out a series of "news bulletins" that commented positively on Jerry's health (still never using the "c" word) that inevitably pivoted to something like, "Why not join Jerry in enjoying the next workshop live? Call..."

Ridiculed for these clumsy sales pitiches, while still straining to avoid an admission that the teachings being pitched had been exposed as ones even Esther and Jerry wouldn't follow, Esther, the apparent author, tossed the news release/sales pitch responsibilities over to a more professional public relations specialist.

A miraculous thing happened.

Jerry Hicks cancer disappeared, just like that. 

The twice-weekly "news bulletins" now featured such cheery stories as the family balloon trip, complete with cheery photos of children and grandchildren crowded in the gondola with Esther and Jerry. Forget that Jerry is inexplicably chucked back in a corner like the family homunculous nobody wants to get near.

Hicks Family In Balloon Gondola

"It sure was crowded in that gondola, but there is plenty of space at our next schedule workshop..."

Abraham Hicks, it seems, has found a cure for cancer, at least the really dangerous corporate kind.

In the most recent "news bulletin," Jerry and Esther claim (It's really someone else writing.) that they were so thrilled at the clarifications and information Abraham spit out at the last workshop, they sat at home and watched the workshop twice.

To be clear, this means that Esther did the Abraham act on stage, then went home and watched herself. Twice.

Narcissism in full bloom. 

Where Will Jerry Hicks Cancer Lead Them Now

Keeping A Scam Inflated

Although optimistic messages flowed from Abraham Hicks Publications, indications were that Jerry Hicks' illness was more serious than acknowledged. Of course, they never said publicly that he was being treated for cancer; so, how they manage that over time should be interesting.

Tellingly, they  cancelled a spring cruise, a big moneymaker for them, and their workshop schedule wasn't extended beyond December, an unusually short extension.

All this suggested an uncertainty, predictable when someone Jerry Hicks' age is hit with a serious illness.

As I've written elsewhere, this may be the death of Abraham-Hicks or the opportunity for a transition to Abraham in a whole new format. 

One thing for sure now. They will not come clean about their activities over the years. Too many people depend too heavily on the cash flow that products and workshops generate. Admitting it was all a mistake, a scam, isn't imaginable.

Updated: 10/14/2015, davestone13
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davestone13 on 01/03/2016

Not exactly, Michael. They actually claim it all came from Abraham and they were no more than receivers. In reality, all of it was originally part of the New Thought Movement, early in the Twentieth Century. A lot of the ideas were also picked up Jane Roberts with Seth and others before Jerry and Esther got a hold of it and started marketing. Jerry's main skill was as a pitchman for his wife's act. He was charismatic and good at it. He also kept after her to produce books and go on stage when she wanted to curtail their activities. By all accounts, he wanted to do good as well as make money, but it was still a deceptive magic act, although a very good one.

MICHAEL on 01/03/2016

Maybe Jerry can be channeled? He of all people must be contactable.
Esther and Jerry claim to be early Law of Attraction teachers as featured in The Vortex book copyrighted 2009.

Marcia on 02/28/2012

My heart goes out to Esther. I think she is terrific. She helped me get back.

davestone13 on 02/09/2012

Sandra, you unfortunately missed the point of the entire article. You see to think it's about me. It isn't, and your analysis is silly.

Now, if an when you really do have something to say on the issue and comment about it, not the messenger. Unfortunately, A-H followers never do that because their actions are indefensible. Instead, followers scramble around for some way to denounce the messenger. Seen it a hundred times, here and elsewhere.

Sandra G. on 02/08/2012

If you really understood what was being said by Esther, you wouldn't care who you heard it from. When you hear the truth, you know it. I try not to get wrapped up in the package the messanger comes in. I think it is interesting that you believe you can tell other people what spirituality is and what isn't. To me, it just looks like you spend un-necessary energy focusing on anything and everything but the only think you can control - yourself.

davestone13 on 12/09/2011

Well said, S., but I still find the story interesting.

Easy enough to dismiss them, but I find their special hold on people and their evasiveness about open disclosure fascinating.

S on 12/08/2011

Great article. Details of his illness and death are totally unnecessary, as the event served to reveal what type of people are these spiritual mentors....
The advice they give, the selfishness, the money they lust for, the LIES, the desperate lies that try to cover the real happenings...... However, the blind remain blind, no matter how many visible proofs there are.

davestone13 on 12/03/2011

Sorry to disappoint, pal, but you're about as far off the "mark" as you can be. Nice try at pushing your A-H theology, though.

Didn't work. Sorry

Mark on 12/03/2011

A truly amazing demonstration of focusing on thoughts that keep you from joy.

davestone13 on 11/28/2011

Interesting thought, kayu. I don't know the medical details at all and am not knowledgeable enough to make much of them if I did. One of the things we know is that Jerry had been dealing with fatigue in the year before his diagnosis. It seems he initially attributed it to his age, and that was why they first began winding down their schedule and trying to move more to an online presentation.

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