Keyword Strategy Review

by Sam

Should you buy it? Or is the free trial version good enough for your needs? See what you can do with Keyword Strategy, and what not, and how to make the most out of the free trial.

Keyword Strategy is an advanced keyword research and management tool that offers a free, fully functional, no risk, 30 days trial. Unless other tools it doesn't lure you into a PayPal subscription! To test it out for free, you really only need a working email address and if you like it and want to subscribe, only then you need to enter your Paypal details. No more, 'oops, I forgot to cancel that trial' worries ;-)

Is Keyword Strategy perfect for Everybody?

... and will make you rich beyond believe over night?

Let's get that one first out of the way ;-) It is a tool for finding keywords and organizing them, it is not a miraculous method to get rich over night. The truth is, that in order to make money online, you actually need some serious amount of work in first!

This tool is also more geared towards people that own already a Wordpress based website, as it does so much more than just keyword research. But we get to that later .... Even if you don't have an own website yet, you still can use the free trial to get a long list of yummy keywords, that keeps you busy writing here on Wizzley, and elsewhere, for years to come.

How Does Keyword Strategy Work?

If you happen to come across my blog than you will easily notice that I am a huge Keyword Strategy fan! I am also an affiliate for them, so be warned, there are some referral links in this article ;-)

Now that we have also that out of the way, here what I like and don't like about Keyword Strategy, why and how I use it, who developed it and much more background information you ever wanted to know about it ;-)

And last, but not least, also who would profit from having it and who not. Even great products can be simply a bad fit for some people, whilst average products can be a much better fit in a certain situation.

How I discovered Keyword Strategy

... a very short story, promised!

Once upon a time I was a member of an internet marketing forum ... Oops, actually it was a membership site that promised to teach you, against a monthly fee obviously, how to make money online. Whilst I, an old dog, did learn there some new tricks, it was not really what I was looking for / comfortable with.

The concept behind it was like this 'find a profitable keyword (low competition / high searches), build a site around it (no matter if you have a clue about the subject in question or not) and back link the heck out of it until you rank on the first page of Google for your keyword - or your site gets pandad / de-indexed for shaddy practices ...

Not really my style, BUT one of the members on that membership site (I am not a member of it anymore btw) was just opening his own keyword tool called Keyword Strategy for beta users. I love being a beta user for software, you get to play around with a shiny new tool and when it comes out of beta, you get it for a discount ;-) But I digress, I promised to keep this short ...

The concept behind this tool is so easy, that I have difficulties to understand why not more people act on it:

  • Find a topic you are really knowledgeable about.
  • Find low competition (KST doesn't provide you with the competition info anymore) keywords that actual people are looking for.
  • Answer / solve their problems writing the best article possible.
  • Interlink your articles on your own sites to show readers and search engines 'the way'.
  • Rinse and repeat.

It ain't no rocket science, is it? Additionally it is as Google safe as it gets, as this is what Google tells us since ages what we should do: Build websites that are useful for real, human readers and concentrate on good navigation, user experience and on page SEO and NOT on artificial back link building.

Since a year I am building my own website following this concept and let's say just this,

I am making a full time living from it PLUS I sleep well at night ;-)

Who Is Behind Keyword Strategy?

... just the facts, no fluff!

The guy behind Keyword Strategy is called Fraser Cain and his main website is called universetoday .com. His faithful sidekick, Alex, is responsible for the coding of the tool that is used to manage that website. Fraser, as he is known, developed this tool first for managing his own website and made it later available for other. His website statistics are impressive, universetoday has a PR 7 and gets a mind blowing 100,000 visitors PER DAY. If somebody is able to pull this amount of traffic, it is a person I am very attentively listening to ;-)

Fraser is also an all round nice guy that spends a lot of time helping people to get their own websites from the ground - for free ;-)

How To Make the Most out of Your Free Keyword Strategy Trial

... you have only 30 days, don't waste them!

One thing that always amazes me when it comes to the whole 'make money online', 'internet marketing' and 'online publishing and writing' bizz is, how many people sign up for something and how few actually try it then out! Below a link to the videos (you don't need to sign up to be able to watch them btw) that explain nicely how to get started with Keyword Strategy. Here one extra tip from yours truly:

If you don't have an own website, yet, or if you just want to create keywords for Wizzley articles, just put anything in the domain field when setting up your project. It really doesn't matter, you can use or or As long as it has the format of a real website, it will work. Then simply follow the instructions to get keywords ;-)

Here my keyword filters and tips:

  • I simply start with the lowest competition keywords, 0 does fine, thank you very much indeed, and work my way up. As your site grows, you will find the 'sweet spot' easily.
  • I don't care much about search volume, as long as the keyword makes sense, I know something about it and, ideally, it is a 'buying' like for example 'best camera for travel'. The kind of searches where people are close to a buying decision ;-)
  • You can use seed keywords to get more suggestions, but you can also use urls in the get keywords field to sneak on high-ranking pages like Wikipedia ;-)
  • Get lots of keywords and blacklist everything that doesn't fit your needs. If you have a nice long list of good keywords, sort by KEI and tick, one by one, the top ten and hit 'get keywords' again to get even more long tail ones. If you need more help (and screenshots!) to do this, have a look at my blog post here: Finding Keywords with Keyword Strategy

Keyword Strategy Videos

For the more visually inclined, watch the Keyword Strategy Video Series. No need for me to re-invent the wheel and post it all again. Like always, RTFM (Read The Freaking Manual) aka watch the instruction videos, is your best friend when trying something new out ;-)

Need More Help Using Keyword Strategy?

I am always surprised to learn how many people give this tool a mere 5 minutes and then give up. Come on, if you get a new camera, you read the manual, so, if you try out a new keyword tool, why don't you do the same? Or shouldn't I ask ...??? I guess a lot of people never read the manual for the camera they just bought neither ... Never mind, here some tips that make the steep learning curve easier:

Ask me ;-)

Like I said, I was a beta tester for this tool and I am using it, successfully I might add, since over zwo years. So, if you run into any problems, hit me up in a comment here, shoot me a DM, contact me via my blog, whatever. I promise to answer all of that to the best of my abilities.


I know, I said that one already, but it is worth repeating. Read and watch the instructional material, heck, there are now even Podcats available (for free!) that you can download to your Ipod and listen to when you have a spare moment. The first episode entitled 'Keyword Strategy - History of UniverseToday and Keyword Strategy' can be found on the KST blog.

Contact the Man Himself

Fraser is more than happy to give free consultations via Skype, no up sell, no nothing. He just goes with you over your site(s) and helps you to discover their true potential. Just contact him via the website and make a free appointment with him, what do you have to lose?

Keyword Strategy Summary

This is a great tool for those that are willing to invest a serious amount of work into this 'make money online' business. If you are still chasing the 'get rich over night' dream - it is NOT for you!

Yes, you need to learn to use it, but if I managed it - so will you.

There is no risk in signing up for the free trial, you only subscribe via PayPal when you want to upgrade from the free trial to a subscription. You can try it out for free by using only an email address - no credit card details no nothing else required.

There is a lot of help available for those that need it - you simply have to ask - and this help is free ;-)

If you don't own your own website, use the free trial to generate a lot of keywords (minus the competition data) for writing here on Wizzley and if you have made money with them and are ready to start your first own website, you can subscribe then. I am a big fan of re-investing the money you have made into your business, but not a fan of convincing people to invest money they don't have earned yet.

If you want to check Keyword Strategy out for yourself, here my incredibly discrete >>>AFFILIATE LINK<<<
for the last time ;-)

Keyword Strategy Alternatives

For replacing the internal linking functionality of Keyword Strategy you can use a free plugin like Seo Smart Links and simply import your keyword/url pairs into that. As for Keyword Research, things become a bit more complicated! See below for a short list of tools I use at the moment and their pros and cons. All have in common that they work also with languages other than English, which is important for me:

  • Market Samurai: This is the tool I use the longest and that I am the most familiar with. Pros: Free version is fine for keyword research and paid version, the one I have, gives a lot of extra features for an one off fee (no subscription!). It works on Mac and PC equally well, but can be slow on computers with low memory. Cons: Part of its data has been switched to Bing and manual spot checking is needed, also their Rank Tracker, which is included in the paid version will soon be switched to a paid subscription (existing users will be grand-fathered in as long as they purchase it before the 30th April). Summary: Download the free trial and check it out, for most users the free version will be all what they need.
  • Keyword Researcher: Great new tool to find long tail keywords in your niche, again, the free version will be sufficient for most users. Big con: Doesn't provide any competition data! Summary: KR does one thing, and does it very well!, finding long tail keywords that people are actually looking for, to determinate the actual competition for these requires either another tool, some manual work or a lot of experience in your niche ;-) Again, download the free version and see if you need really more!
  • Keyword Scout: This is the new kid on the block ;-) I haven't tested it yet, as soon as I do I will post a full review here. There is no free trial, reviews are mixed, so proceed with caution!

More Interesting Stuff from My Blog

... if you are interested in SEO and Internet marketing, that's it. If not you might find it pretty boring ;-)
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Here their special offers for the ‘End of the World Sale’, you have to acknowledge that they take each marketing opportunity that they can find … ...
Market Samurai now available for $75 limited time offer! Ok, let’s cut through the hype 😉 Lately my inbox has been filled with newsletters by all sorts of Imlers...
Updated: 06/04/2012, Sam
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BarbRad on 06/26/2012

I've been debating with myself about getting a keyword tool, but I'm not sure I'd actually use it. So far I've only used the free one on Google. I seem to do all right just writing about what I love or feel passionate about. I'd rather write for real people than search engines, but I do try to take keywords into consideration more now than I used to.

Sam on 04/06/2012

You are welcome David, I hope I was not rambling too much ;-)

DavidPaulWagner on 04/06/2012

Thank you for your suggestions, Sam.

Sam on 04/06/2012

Hi David, yes and no, (in case somebody wants to try it out ;-)) has started to switch partly to Bing for data, which is less than ideal for obvious reasons. It is still a great tool and its free version is more than enough to generate a long list of keywords and if you have the full version, the SEO competition module gives you a good idea about the strength of the top ten pages in Google. The way I do keyword research at the moment is to generate a long list of keywords with the help of various tool, sort and filter them on a spreadsheet and then spot check competition by hand. This works obviously only well if you know your topic / niche already and have a feel for what people are looking for and where relevant information is missing on the internet. Simply reading the top ten pages in Google and see if they actually address the most common questions / queries people have or not can help you to develop an approach for a new site that is not already covered a zillion times by others. Does that make sense and helps you a bit?
As for tools, I just came across Keyword Scout ( and it looks like it could replace Market Samurai and several other tools easily. I haven't had any possibility to test it yet and it also lacks a free trial, so proceed with caution! Also Google will change things around frequently to avoid data scrapping by automated tools, so tools will either have to adapt or become useless ...

DavidPaulWagner on 04/06/2012

Hi Sam. What do you think about Market Samurai as an alternative to Keyword Strategy? From my understanding, Market Samurai also does analysis of low competition keywords, etc.

Sam on 03/20/2012

Hi Brettb, nice to meet you here also ;-) Sorry about the site, that must have hurt big time! What was the reason if I may ask, content or links? Whilst KST WAS nice until a few days ago I need to update this article asap with new information regarding the reduced functionality it has now. As it is at the moment it would appeal / and be affordable only to a very small group of people, those with established and very thick own WP sites that can afford / are willing to spend money on an internal linking plugin on a monthly base.
For people just starting out it is sadly not anymore the right place to go imo ...

brettb on 03/19/2012

Hi fellow TKA refugee :) TKA worked for a while, but 2011 wiped out most of the junior wannabies in this business.

Keyword Strategy is nice - I have a lot of sites and it's a nice place to store keywords. The wordpress internal links functionality is also great.

If you're in this for the long term then Keyword Strategy is worth a look.

By all mean write stuff on Wizzley, but writing on sites you don't own is risky. Only the other day an entire site of mine was shut down. Ouch!

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