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Introducing Lagoona Blue

Captain of the swim team









15 year old Lagoona Blue, daughter of the sea monster and an ocean nymph, attends Monster High with the rest of her friends. Lagoona has blue skin and blonde hair. She is the Captain of the swim team. She is an exchange student like Abbey Bominable except she comes from Down Under. Accordingly, this monster has an Australian accent. She has a laid back and carefree attitude which makes her easy to get on with most monsters. She considers everyone to be her friends so she does not pick favorites. Her hair has blue streaks in it because of the chlorine in the school's pool.

Lagoona enjoys oceanography in school because if she is unable to be in the water she would prefer to be learning about the ocean. She is considered to be an enviroment friendly monster. Noted in her bio, is her dislike for people who trash the ocean.

Lagoona's least favorite school subject is geology because she does not like rocks and desserts. Places like those would not be great for a salt water ghoul like her. When Lagoona spends time outside the water her skin dries out fast. She goes through lots of moisturizer to keep her skin in good condition.

Lagoona is the only Monster High student to have a part time job.  She works at at a coffee shop entitled Coffin Beans.  She lives in a beach house by the ocean.  Her parents live under the sea.

It seems Lagoona is able to talk to water creatures like frogs.  This is similar to Cleo de Nile who is able to speak to snakes.  They appear to be the only two Monster High students with this ability.

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Monster High Dolls

Lagoona Blue Dolls
Monster High Dead Tired Lagoona Blue Doll And Hydration Station Playset

Monster High Dead Tired Lagoona Blue Doll and Hydration Station PlaysetLagoona Blue is the daughter of the infamous Sea Monster. After a long week at school, Lagoona Blue is ...

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Monster High Lagoona Blue Doll and Neptuna Pet Piranha

Monster High Lagoona Blue Doll with Neptuna Pet Goldfish Lagoona Blue is one of the coolest ghouls in school with her trendy fashions, accessories and scary cute pet pet ...

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Monster High Classroom Playset And Lagoona Blue Doll

Monster High Classroom Playset and Lagoona Blue DollMeet the coolest children of some of history's most infamously famous Monsters in the Monster High Classroom Playset and ...

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Monster High Dawn Of The Dance Lagoona Blue Doll

Mattel Monster High Dawn of the Dance Doll Assortment Monster High fans will love the new Dawn of the Dance doll collectionDoll features killer design details and creeparific ...

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Monster High Friends Plush Lagoona Blue Doll

Monster High Friends Plush Lagoona Blue Doll: These scarily delightful plush versions of the most popular students at Monster High come with their favorite outfit and scary ...

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Monster High School Spirit Scream Uniforms Lagoona Blue Doll

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Lagoona Blue's love interest









Gillington "Gil" Webber is Lagoona's love interest.  They get along great, but Gil's parents are against their relationship because he is a fresh water monster and Lagoona is a salt water monster.  Gil is sensitive and tries not to hurt Lagoona's feelings.  He has problems standing up to his parents and usually wears a bowl around his head with fresh water in it.

When he finally stands up to his parents they get mad and send Gil to another school. 

Blue Lagoona

Season 1 Episode 6

Lagoona Blue Games & Activities

Monster High - Sea fun

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How to Draw Lagoona Blue
Instructions on how to draw Monster High's Lagoona Blue.

Lagoona Quiz
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Neptuna is Lagoona Blue's pet piranha. She is 5 years old and love hanging out in Lagoona's fish bowl purse. She is pink with big aqua blue eyes. She hates it when skinned monsters freak out if she accidently bites them. Her best friends are Perseus and Hissette.

The Monster High Student Body

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