Learn where Germs are Hiding and why Hand Sanitizers are Important

by Karnel

Germs and bacteria are often thought of as one and the same, this common perception is only partly true

I for one don’t like the fact that any of them exist in my world. This is because though many bacterias may be classified as germs, not all germs can be classified as bacteria. “Germs,” is the technical term that refers to all microorganisms that potentially poses health risks. Likewise, not all bacteria are hazardous to your health.

In fact, there are types of ‘good’ bacteria that are important in being healthy as they maintain the balance of your digestive system. This however, does not overshadow the fact that there exist ‘bad’ bacteria that cause illnesses and diseases.

It’s Not a Bad Thing to be Paranoid

One thing you should remember is that you are always susceptible to germs and bacteria, this is why the only alternative is to minimize the risks.

Recently I had to have a Tuberculosis test, it seems I was in contact with someone who had tested positive. That was a stressful two days waiting for the results and all I can say is thank goodness I’m paranoid and keep my hands clean and disinfected throughout my daily life. Even though this can be airborne I am very happy to report that I tested negative and since this happened I have become even more freaked out over what could be in the air.

I haven’t started wearing a face mask yet but once you experience this it gets you to thinking and now I avoid anywhere that has large crowds. 

Always wash your hands this helps to eliminate the spread of germs
Always wash your hands this helps to eliminate the spread of germs

Germs and Bacteria – What are They

Bacteria acquires nutrition through their environment; they reproduce at very high rates and can live inside or outside the human body. Due to these traits, bacteria can cause a variety of illness and disease which are mostly infections, the most common illnesses that they cause are sore throats, skin infections and diarrhea.

Germs on the other hand also include viruses, fungi and protozoa, they cause far more diseases than bacteria can do alone. Viruses cannot live in an outside environment, they need a host to survive and reproduce. Fungi and protozoa cannot make their own food, this is why they get theirs from other organisms. 

Keep you and your family protected, and remember that prevention is always better than cure. 

Cell Phone Bacteria could be the Worst

Your cell phone most likely has bacteria on it and this I had no idea could even happen until one day when I was playing around on Youtube and accidentally came across this small video. 

Don’t forget to clean your cell phone

After watching this I felt grossed out and was able to learn that rubbing alcohol is the best way to clean your cell phone. Yuck is all I have to say, who knew they were loaded with that many germs!
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There's no Getting around this, Germs are Everywhere

Remember everywhere you go the germs are going to follow you home
Remember everywhere you go the germs are going to follow you home

I have learnt to carry travel size sanitizers with me everywhere, I keep one inside my vehicle at all times as well as in my purse. There are times that I even have handy wipes to clean the handle of the shopping cart before I use it, and recently in my city I've even noticed that some retailers are suppling them for their carts. 

You might think that I’m just being paranoid and you could be right but with all of the weird illness’s out there in today’s society

I’d rather be safe then sorry! 

Do you use hand sanitizers to wash your hands?

Even though you can’t see the germs it’s still possible that you have them on your hands.

Where do Germs Hide in your Daily Life Activities

  • Shopping Carts - When you grocery shop just how many people do you think also used that cart you put your food in or that basket you choose to use instead. 

  • ATM Hand Held Machines - For me I think these have to be the worse, I'm sure that the retailer doesn't wipe them off regularly so it's important that you know that germs are hiding here, think of the consumers that went before you to purchase their products.

  • Remote Controls - This is only if you have someone at home suffering from a cold or even the flu and they are laying on the couch trying to get better in front of the television.

  • Door Handles - These for me are like the ATM machines after all everywhere I go there's a door that needs to be open, it could be a bathroom door, a retailer's door or maybe a gas station not all doors open automatically like Walmart's do.

  • Escalators - These are in all of the shopping malls that I visit and even though I prefer not to hold the rail as I go up or down many people do, which leaves me with an uneasy feeling that bacteria is lurking on there.

  • Cell Phones - I just recently learnt about how these are bad for being a germ carrier, in fact I never gave it much thought until I saw the video that I included below, wait till you see that. 

Germs and bacteria that are 'bad' are definitely threats you cannot avoid, you might not see them but we know they are everywhere and you always make contact with them. This is why you always need to practice proper hygiene, this includes the frequent use of hand sanitizers, as your hands are the most probable carrier of germs, cleaning with the use of disinfecting products can be effective. 


Updated: 02/27/2017, Karnel
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Are you going to start using hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands, or do you already?

Karnel on 02/23/2017

I know what you mean, my family and friends always seem to get sick so I too always carry some type of hand sanitizer. I tell them they need to start using it but of course they don't.

katiem2 on 02/23/2017

Oh I am such a germ a phobe, I won't go without hand santizer. I like the attachable and portable type, I have them hanging on everything, purses, fanny packs, luggage etc, love the tags...

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