Lego Clocks: For Little Sleepyheads

by sheilamarie

Kids will love these Lego alarm clocks on their bedside tables! Find a clock radio on your child's favorite Lego set character or on a brightly colored Lego block.

Does your child have trouble getting up on time for school? Maybe he or she will do better at waking in the morning with a digital alarm clock displayed on a favorite Lego set character's tummy.

Lego lovers may also choose a Lego block design in a bright color displaying the correct time and giving that early morning nudge so important to getting out of bed.

It's Time to Get Up!

Alarm Clock May Help

I can remember well how hard it was getting my sons out of bed in the morning. In fact, it got worse as the years wore on and they went from being young boys to teenagers who stayed up too late getting their homework done and -- you guessed it -- listening to music.

Legos are favorite toys of many kids, including my sons. Having a Lego character intervene in the wake-up process may take a bit of pressure off you, the parent, and transfer some of the ownership of getting up in the morning to your child, training him for the day when Mom and Dad aren't there to get him to school on time.

That's the theory anyway. Who knows if it will work. It's worth trying, though, don't you think?

Is Your Child Difficult to Wake in the Morning?


Star Wars Lego Clocks

Storm Trooper, Yoda, and Darth Vader: All Good Time Tellers

LEGO Kids' 9002137 Star Wars Storm Trooper Mini-Figure Alarm Clock

LEGO Kids' 9003080 Star Wars Yoda Minifigure Clock

LEGO Kids' 9002113 Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock








Star War fans will love one of these clocks that will alert them to the serious business of life -- such as getting out of bed.

Ninjago Lego Alarm Clock

Ninjago Kai ZX and Ninjago Cole

LEGO Kids' 9006784 Ninjago Kai ZX Minifigure Clock

Lego 9004148 Ninjago Cole Alarm Clock










Ninjago's have never been so helpful as when yanking you out of a deep sleep when time's a wasting.

How many times do you call your kids in the morning before they get out of bed?

The Morning Madness

Features of the Lego Clock

Features of the Lego Character Clock

  • Made to scale of a Lego character.
  • Moveable arms and legs.
  • These clocks have alarms that, according to some customers, are not too annoying but are loud enough to wake a sleeping person. Some people wished there was a character's voice or appropriate theme music that played instead of a simple beeping, but this is not the case. The alarm is similar to most alarms available in a clock.
  • It includes a snooze option which you engage by pressing the character's head. A light comes on as well.
  • These clocks run on 2 AAA batteries which are included.
  • They also have a 2 year warranty.


Toy Story Lego Alarm Clocks

Woody to the Rescue!

LEGO Kids' 9002731 Toy Story Woody Mini-Figure Alarm Clock











Toy Story is another favorite with kids. This clock will add a lot of character to a child's bedroom.

Policeman Lego Clock

For a More Classic Look

LEGO Kids' 9002274 Classic Policeman Mini-Figure Alarm Clock



Sometimes what you are looking for is a more classic look. Even kids who played with Legos 50 years ago will recognize this guy.

More Clocks You May Like

Motion clocks, or clocks that move, may be whimsical or beautiful or may tickle the funny bone. Come see what I have found to display on this page!
Clocks galore. Getting places on time can be a challenge for some people. Here are some clocks to keep you on track.

Thanks So Much for Visiting This Lego Clock Page

I Hope It Was Fun!

These Lego clocks are amusing and lots of kids really love them. They find them a cool way to know what time it is in the morning and whenever they are in their rooms.

I'll bet they'd be fun for adults, too, who remember what a blast it was playing with Legos as kids.

I hope you've enjoyed browsing and maybe you've found a gift for someone special or even for yourself.

Please leave a message below to tell me what you think or just to say you were here.

Thanks! I love to get feedback.

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sheilamarie on 09/20/2012

I agree. Lego is hard to beat.

BrendaReeves on 09/20/2012

It's just amazing what Lego is doing these days.

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