Best Lego storage container ideas

by tealmermaid

What is the best way to store Legos? Explore different options for organizing a Lego collection in an efficient, easy to clean, and kid-friendly manner.

What would be the best way to store Legos? If your kids are at all like mine, there are probably Legos all over your house because we tend to buy them in bulk. There is no pain equal to stepping on a tiny (or not so tiny, in the case of toddler size Legos) Lego brick with bare feet, is there? Convincing children to clean up the Lego mess can be challenging at best, so let's try to make this a fun activity for them.

What are Legos?

Lego bricks are small injection-molded plastic pieces designed to lock together by use of a tube system. This system allows for an almost unlimited range of building possibilities. They are a wonderful open-ended creative toy enjoyed by children of all ages since their creation in Denmark in 1958.

Lego bricks are available in kits designed to create a particular object, as boxes or tubs of loose bricks, or they can also be purchased by the brick (or cup of bricks) from the Lego company itself (or one of the many official Lego stores around the world). This encourages the creation of unique Lego projects by collectors, and boy, do some collectors create!

Why buy Legos in bulk?

Unless you are looking for a particular Lego set or specialty pieces, it is better to buy Legos in bulk. It is economical: you get a huge amount of Lego at a fraction of the price. If your children just like to build and build and build without dismantling their older creations, bulk Legos are your best buy. You can buy large new bins of Lego, or (even better) buy secondhand and used bulk Legos online. The latter will be even cheaper than new bins, if cost is an issue.

Tips for buying used bulk Legos

  • Watch for non-Lego blocks. Good knowledgeable sellers will remove these beforehand. Ask if it's not clear whether non-Lego bricks are included.
  • Ask about how the weight was determined. Does it include the plastic bins?
  • If you're hoping for Lego sets, check the lot for instruction booklets. This is a giveaway that there are set pieces in the lot.
  • If buying online, ask for photos of the lot. You want to see a nice spread-out photo of the Legos. Don't buy if the seller says you'll receive a lot similar to the one shown.

How to store huge amounts of Legos

Don't store Legos in a jumble.
Don't store Legos in a jumble.

The simple solution in my opinion would be to let them keep a few favorite sets and sell the rest off. However, for many children Legos are consistently one of their favorite toys. We know that whiny children will ensue if their toys disappear in the night, and that the toy removed was inevitably their very favourite toy in the house. Sometimes the simple solution is not the best one!

Another option would be deciding to sort them by shape or color, but once sorted, all those Legos will need to be stored in such a way that they don't get mixed up. No one wants the new Lego organizing system to break down within days for a lack of proper container. Therefore, the best solution for making clean-up fun is to provide colourful storage for all their Legos. With the proper Lego storage, it will be easy to sort the Legos by colour, shape, size, or kit -- or all four!

Iris Lego storage units

The Iris brand storage containers are quite sturdy and hold up well under kid usage. Since they are hard plastic, they are also very easy to clean if someone colors on them! For those with a large Lego collection, it's important to sort the pieces out in a way that makes it easy to find that one particular Lego when you need it. You never know when you need that one oddball size and colour Lego to finish off your latest build!

For serious Lego collectors

IRIS 6-Case Activity Chest with Organizer Top

One excellent Lego storage option is this nice big 6-tray storage unit for serious Lego collectors. It even comes with dividers for each tray so it's easy to sort small parts.

View on Amazon

Bricks 3-Level Workstation and Storage Unit

This 3-tray storage unit would be great for storing individual kits. This is good for older children who like to build Lego kits rather than the free-play activity that goes with a large bin of miscellaneous Legos.

View on Amazon

IRIS LEGO Friends 3-Drawer Sorting System

Your young daughters who like Legos would appreciate a girl-friendly option for their Lego people and Lego dollhouse accessories.

View on Amazon

Interactive Lego storage

Avoid clean-up trauma for small children whenever possible. For younger children, being told by a parent or caretaker to "put Legos into this container" may not be sufficiently entertaining. It is helpful to choose a fun, interesting container to store Legos if you want your children to help clean up. You might have better luck with one of these cool shapes to make clean-up fun!

Neat-Oh! LEGO Head ZipBin 800 Brick Toy Tote & Playmat

This lidded Lego bin unzips to make a fun playmat. Kids who like building vehicles will enjoy the playmat as part of their Lego activity play.

View on Amazon

Minifig head storage

For a fun decorative touch, how about storing your Legos in a giant minifig head? This is a good option for hip adult collectors who like to display their collections as part of their home decor.

LEGO Storage Head Large, Girl, Yellow

The Girl Minifig version is good for girls who like Legos. This would also be fun for adult collectors to get both Minifig heads. Somehow adults have more Legos than kids, so extra storage is always a bonus!

View on Amazon

LEGO Storage Head Small, Skeleton Face, White

This is not only fun for normal Lego storage, but it makes a great Lego Halloween decoration. Picture how cool this would be as part of a Lego Halloween display in your front window.

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Organizing your Legos

Once you have your chosen Lego storage containers, it is time to sort the Legos! Encourage your children to get involved in sort right from the start. Ask how they might like to sort their Legos to store them. Perhaps they have a preference for sorting by colour over sorting by shape, for example. The more they are involved in the process today, the more likely they will be to want to help out when it's time to clean up tomorrow!

For some of the smaller non-self-contained organizers, you will of course need to provide shelving to put the containers away when not in use. A lot of parents swear by Ikea Expedit furniture for toy storage, which I find does indeed work well for putting away large quantities of Legos such as we have after a bulk purchase.

Lego links

How do you sort your Legos?

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