Light Switch Covers

by sheilamarie

Spruce up your home with unique light switch covers that match your decor. Art switch covers and outlet covers brighten up a room. Delight your kids with their favorite character!

Choosing a light switch cover for your baby's room or for any other room in your home is another chance to let your surroundings reflect your personal taste and decorating style.

A light switch cover can be plain or fancy depending on the choice you make.

For safety reasons, you need to cover your light switch, but whether that cover is plain white plastic, hand-painted ceramic or carved wood is your choice to make.

A Light Switch Cover to Finish Your Room with Style

An artistically decorated switch cover is a subtle way of adding style to a room. Carefully chosen with the overall effect it will have on the decor of the room as a whole, a light switch cover can add that one detail that will bring your personal touch and add a bit of sophistication or whimsy.

Light switch covers are available in many different materials, from ceramic to plastic to wood to metal. You can find light switch covers that are hand painted and others that are hand carved. Of course, you can revert to mass produced light switch covers, too, if you find a design that you like.

Then again, if you are really ambitious, you can make your own light switch covers, or at least paint a plain one that you buy. You can even find stickers that are cut out to fit a standard light switch cover and hides the screws. 

Van Gogh Mulberry Tree Switch Plate

Double Toggle
Van Gogh - Mulberry Tree Switch Plate - Double Toggle
Only $13.95

The Tree of Life Light Switch or Outlet Cover

Available in Double or Triple Switch, Too
Klimt - The Tree of Life - Single Toggle Switch Plate
Only $12.95

A Small Touch

A Splash of Art

If you are replacing light switch covers in a dining room or in a living room, a more sophisticated approach is in order. Depending upon the colors already in the room, you could be looking for a light switch cover that blends into the background or one that coordinates with the colors of throw pillows or wall coverings. 

Because the house we recently bought was unfinished, things like light switch covers catch my imagination. It may be just a small thing, but a carefully chosen light switch cover can make a difference. 

A light switch cover or outlet plate may well be a place to add touches of art that you admire. Is Van Gogh a favorite of yours? Well, you will probably never be able to own one of his paintings for real, but his art may still find its way into your daily life. Every time you turn the lights on, you can think about his amazing brush strokes. You can mentally plan your next trip to the museum to see his paintings in the original. No amount of popularizing of his work can take the place of that!

A wide variety of art reproductions are available to cover your light switch plate. I have added a few here. The famous cat posters make a stylish choice. Starry Starry Night and a cafe scene, both by Vincent Van Gogh are favorites of many people.

Maybe one of these switch plates will appeal to you.

More Artistic Switch Plates

Cats, Cafe, Starry Nights
Single Toggle Switch Plate
Only $12.95
Single Toggle Switch Plate
Only $10.95
Single Toggle Switch Plate
Only $9.95
Double Toggle Switch Plate
Only $13.95

Light Switch Covers for a Child's Room

Or for Baby's Room

Light switch covers for children’s rooms are characterized by the spirit of play and whimsy. No doubt you can find themes based on many famous children’s book and movie characters. There are also light switch covers that play with letters or special animals or toys.  Light switch covers for children’s rooms are characterized by bright colors and bold shapes. 

Most children love animals. Here are a couple of switch covers with the Jungle theme.

Below I've included some characters from favorite children's books. Alice in Wonderland is full of mystery and nonsense. And who can resist Winnie the Pooh and his friends? Pooh and Eyeore is a regular switch cover. The second Pooh pictured is a sticker that you can place on an ordinary light switch cover.

Jungle Theme Switch Plate Covers

Monkeys and Giraffes
Kids Line Jungle 123 Switch Plate Cov...
Only $12.99
Kids Line Decor Shoppe Switchplate Co...
Only $15.99

Alice in Wonderland Light Switch Plate

Outlet Cover Also Available
Scenes from the Past Magic Lantern Slide - Alice in Wonderland Golf...
Only $11.75

Alice in Wonderland Makes a Great Theme for a Child's Room!

Children's Books Have Great Illustrations

What better way to introduce children to good books than to surround them with brilliant illustrations from classic children's books right from the start? The quality of the illustrations is excellent and draws the child into their imaginary worlds.

Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, is just such a classic book with unforgettable illustrations that children will remember for their whole lives. This switch plate cover recalls the moment in the story when Alice must play croquet using a flamingo as a mallet. The hedgehog balls roll around the lawn just as she is aiming at them with the bird that will not keep its neck stiff. Do you remember Alice's frustration? What a moment to ruminate over. What really could the author been trying to have us wonder about?

A child can think about these things for a long time.

Winnie the Pooh Light Switch Plates

And a Sticker Cover
BABY Winnie the Pooh POOH EEYORE Sing...Disney - Winnie the Pooh Bear - Singl...

Just a Few Light Switch Covers

From the Numerous Styles Available

Of course, I've only brushed the surface of all the varieties of light switch covers that are now available. Maybe I've gotten the wheels in your head to start turning a little.

Will you be adding a light switch cover or two in your home?

Updated: 03/19/2018, sheilamarie
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Which Light Switch Plate Cover Is Your Favorite?

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sheilamarie on 02/25/2012

Thanks, Kinworm. Children's rooms can be brightened up with a favorite book character or animal theme.

Marie on 02/23/2012

What a brilliant idea, especially if you have a themed room like a child's bedroom.

sheilamarie on 02/23/2012

Thanks, Angel. Adding something so simple as a light switch cover can change the feel of a room. I've never seen 24k gold plated ones, though.

Angel on 02/22/2012

I love different light switch covers. They can add so much to a room. I just purchased 2 for my dining room. They had the seal of VA on them...kind of neat. 24k gold plated. I like the Cats, Cafe, Starry nights cover in your article. Thanks for sharing.

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