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by frugalrvers

Living in the moment quotes or quotes about living in the past can remind you every day that the key to life is to live in the present. Looking forward or backward can be blinding.

Many people have heard the term to live in the moment or do not dwell in the past - but it is easier said than done. We can become stuck from reliving past events each day. We also can spend so much time thinking happiness lies in the future (or worrying about the future) that life passes us by.

Let's look at some living in the moment quotes and take time to think about the present, of course!

Quotes About Living In The Moment - You Must Put Them Into Practice

Do You Live In The Moment? I Try To Each Day...

Quotes about living in the moment on a poster, mug or shirt are great reminders each day about how we should be living our lives. But they won't mean much if we don't make a determined effort each day to stay centered in the here and now...and it is NOT EASY to do. Like learning to play an instrument, it takes time and continual practice to improve on this skill.

For me, I work well with imagery - so when I decided that I needed a true change and to live in the present, I decided to use a teeter-totter as my visual guide. If I stepped too far one way (into the past) I would fall off or struggle to keep balanced. If I went too far the other way (the future) I would also experience stress and anxiety while falling out of balance. So my goal was to visualize myself perfectly balanced in the middle (the present).

When I feel that stress, anxiety or discomfort creep up, I see that as my cue. I see myself beginning to lean too far in one direction or another, then I do what it takes to get back in the center.

Problem #1 With Living In The Moment - The Past

If We Dwell On The Past We Aren't Truly Living

Everyone, at some point or another, gets "stuck" in the past. Even the way we react to people in the present can be molded by experiences that happened years ago.

Look at some of these following examples which are possible ways you or someone you know might be dwelling in the past:

  • Estrangement from relative from an argument that took place years ago
  • Parents divorced as a child
  • Missing youth, innocence and simpler times of childhood days
  • Grief over loss of relative
  • Unable to forgive ourselves for mistakes we made or things we could have done better
  • Unable to let go of anger for being wronged in some way
  • Regret choices we made such as career, marriage, family
  • Unable to escape being in constant "victim mode" - reliving bad things that have happened

One good hint to see if dwelling in the past is a problem for you is to pay attention to your thoughts and your communication with others:

  • Are you usually discussing past events or reliving them in some way?
  • Do you continually find fault with others who remind you of someone who disappointed you in your past (such as, if you had a disorganized parent, do you find it hard to tolerate a friend or coworker who shares the same trait?).

All of these are ways you can be "stuck" - it is time to let go because the past cannot be changed.

Problem #2 With Being In The Moment - The Future

What If Tomorrow Never Comes?

Constantly thinking about the future is another way we avoid living in the moment. Some people think the only "harmful" way of doing this is through worrying about things that may happen. However, believing your true happiness only lies in your future plans can be just as damaging. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Worrying you or a loved one will become ill or die prematurely
  • Worrying that you will experience a financial crisis
  • Constantly obsessing on "perfect" retirement
  • Daydreaming that one day you won't have to work at your current job
  • Thinking that "when ____ event happens, my life will be complete and I will be happy."

So if you find yourself in any of these examples, consider this question: what if tomorrow never comes? What if you have spent your entire life either worrying, waiting or BOTH? It is important to let go of not only the past but to also "let go" of the future, if either keeps you from living in this exact moment.

Putting It All Together When Living In The Now - Mindfulness

What Do You See In The Present?

Kintla LakeEven the most beautiful and serene of settings can be overlooked when unable to cease living in the past or future. This photo I took of Kintla Lake In Glacier Park is one of my favorite places. Just sitting by the lake brings immediate peace to my world.

Now picture sitting in this setting - what would go through your mind? Would you truly be in the moment, taking it all in? Or would you.....


  • Grieve because you might never be able to vacation in this setting again?
  • Think about your boss at work who is, by definition, a real jerk, and plan what you are going to say when back in the office.
  • Get angry because someone arrived who was not obeying the rules that their dog is supposed to be on a leash - even though the dog isn't bothering anyone.
  • Worry that your car might break down on the rigorous drive out of the park.

Sitting at the edge of all of this beauty is the perfect time to practice being in the moment. Appreciating that at this very minute you are alive and able to enjoy such serenity.But I've seen people arrive here with their "baggage" - and how unfortunate that they miss out on the magic and the gift that this environment can give to the spirit.

We have looked at the simplistic view of staying in the present, instead of living in the past or the future. To take it a step further, make it a goal to achieve mindfulness and start enjoying every moment you are given while on this planet.

Mindfulness Definition – The Simple Meaning Of Being Mindful

Mindfulness is one of those fancy sounding words that has a very simple meaning. In this case, probably more than one, but all the ways to use the word and think about it combine to define it. At the simplest level to be mindful means that you as a human being, in possession of but not in control of all of your senses and mental powers, try to watch life go by without intervening and making judgments.

If you are living a mindful life, you are living in the present moment as much as you possibly can, while at the same time being aware of what is going on in your mental landscape. If you can observe the way your mind drifts from the present and nudge it back, you are being mindful.

If you are practicing listening to others when they speak, you are living the mindful life. To be a good listener requires that you focus your attention on the speaker and not on what you will say in response or just to be talking. You need to be completely aware and in the present to be a mindful listener.

You are also being mindful when you are listening to yourself. This means when you are speaking – knowing what you are saying and why – but also when you are not speaking but thinking and talking to yourself. There is nothing wrong with being thoughtful while being mindful, but it is very difficult to do. A mindful person keeps trying.

The next step after and the opposite of listening to yourself is being quiet inside – stopping the inner dialogue that all of us have going on constantly. By learning to be mindful and hearing that cacophony in your head, you will be better able to turn it off, and to enjoy the peace – for a moment. Then it will come back, and you’ll have to start listening again.

Just as being a good listener involves being mindful, so does a general attempt at being attentive to the world outside. Our senses gather and bring in much more data that our brains can process, and some of it is important. When we miss what is happening out there because we are busy talking to ourselves or living in the past, we are not being mindful.

So, mindfulness means being in the present, but it also means specific ways to accomplish that and mental practices and exercises to get better at it. You can be living mindfully and still catch yourself reminiscing or worrying about the future. But you will try to bring that willful mind back to the here and now, to the task at hand, and into the moment – mindfully.

Updated: 05/22/2018, frugalrvers
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Do You Struggle More With Living In The Past Or The Future...And Why?

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Ragtimelil on 07/09/2012

I try very hard to stay in the present. Past mistakes and worries of the future do invade my peace of mind but I do try. Great article and great quotes!

frugalrvers on 06/19/2012

Thank you for such a sweet comment, Brenda. It is a challenge...and I hope I made it clear that I am far from mastering it!! But I do try everyday to appreciate the here and is the only thing we know for certain, isn't it?

BrendaReeves on 06/19/2012

This is a wonderful article. It's something I need to work on. I used to live in the future a lot. I don't do that anymore. When my children were babies and older. I would think to myself, this is the best time of my life. I need to savor it. Now I wish I could go back and live it over again. I can't believe they're grown with children of their own.

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