The Definition Of True, Romantic Love. Answering The Question What Is "Perfect" Love?

by Jerrico_Usher

The Law Of Attraction Works and is Absolutely Powerful. I Used It To Meet The Love Of My Life, Attract The Perfect Online Job, And More!

Reading this, my hope is that you realize/it shows you the power of the law of attraction, how to invoke it, and a real life example of it's results (meeting my true love). I wrote the poem in the second part of this article, in part, with the hope of drawing true love into my life 4 years ago. At the time I didn't know if it would work, but gave it my best shot by writing a poem that today feels more like a "love spell".

The poem (only) I published on another site 4 years ago and it got a lot of attention, even praise, but my goal was merely to find love. I've since moved it (preserved in it's original condition) here on Wizzley as a memento and inspiration for anyone who thinks the perfect love is not possible (like I did once upon a time). To show you that anything is possible- you just have to follow certain steps outlined in "The Secret" (a book and DVD).

Before the poem I migrated over, I've included a short story to illustrate how I did it, how it happened, and to describe the principals involved (so you can too).


Michelle & Jerrico 4-Ever


How It All Started...

The Power Movies That Changed My Life

I had just watched "The Secret" DVD and the "What The Bleep Do We Know" DVD and it had a profound effect on me. I can attest that everything they talk about is absolutely true.

That aside, when I wrote this I had the intention of describing the perfect love based on my experiences, past relationships (what was missing as well as what was there), and what I yearned for. This was (the poem after the story) my "Letter To The Universe" or to "My True Love, Wherever She May Have Been" posted publicly in hopes that "putting it out there" would have some profound "magical" effect. AND IT ACTUALLY DID! (There was no back story because when this was written- it hadn't happened yet!)

My thought was that if you want something bad enough you have to be able to truly, and in minute detail- "feel" it with every fiber of your being, experience it with as many neurons/brain cells firing simultaneously, consistently (over time) or in succession, as possible and you have to be able to really describe it in detail.

The above is true because if you can do those things, you can send the right energy out into the universe and it will bring you back what you want- because, simply, you know what you want. You’re not dreaming, you’re actively mapping it out.

There is no esoteric magic involved and no need for complicated rituals- just plain (but often elusive) common sense and the power of intention focused to razor sharp clarity. Below I'll describe a little bit further some of the magic (I use the word loosely there) of the path I took, and then terminate into the poem/love story.


The Secret

All of the aforementioned is invoking the principals in "The Secret"

This doesn't mean that even if you know in detail, feel in detail, and absolutely put it out there to the point where you’re every action is a micro step, your every decision a micro command and influence, and you’re absolutely sure, that it won't take time.

The universe has a way of making things happen but it takes cause and effect relationships to draw it to you- sometimes, depending on the state of the universe- that can take time.

The other reason could be that you are simply not "ready", as in your not in the right place physically, not in the right place mentally, and not prepared to handle what you want yet.

The beauty, however, is that once you make a wish and pull the trigger completely as stated above.

The Moment You Commit To Your "Wish" or "Dream"

You Pull The Trigger And Your Wish's Manifesting Resources Are Set Into Motion (born and growing)


From that moment everything you do, everything you think, every interaction, action, intervention, and decision you make will all be influenced by that wish and your life will evolve to make it happen.

You must hold on to it to keep things flowing forward, however, because this all runs on emotion (carrier signal), thoughts, and consistency (evolution from the birth of the idea to the growth of an evolutionary cause effect relationship that manifests it in time).

It took me roughly 4 years to find the perfect love I'm about to share with you in a poem (non rhyming poem) I wrote that literally brought me true love- Michelle Thompson.

I can actually look back and see the complete evolution of my soul, my spirit, and my life that brought me to the moment I met her.


We Are All Manifesting Beings. We Just Have To Understand "How" Things Work

I can see how the universe, rather "I" as a manifesting being following the very laws of physics that many would think of as magic, but that are just our birth right and the true secret to achievement, success, and evolution.

Even conscious manifestation of my dreams into physical reality, created by holding on to and deeply desiring something (true love) and how I brought both myself into alignment, and my true love into alignment with me.

It was a powerful journey (and not completely an easy one!) but I made it. I met the love of my life and it happened over 900 miles from where I'd lived all my life. It came about through a series of steps, moves I never would have thought to make (moves as in moving out of state), and even though several relationships that shaped me into the person this woman could love (and all without changing who I was, but rather tuning up who I was). At the time I wasn't emotionally, physically, or even location-ally, ready for true love, so it was going to take some time and action on my part (guided by the forces of the universe my wish set into motion through me) to get there.


Good Things Come To Those Who Wait - Why That is...

They say good things come to those who wait. This is absolutely true. The "wait" is the "curing" process- the time it takes to align you with what you want. You can't just have anything you "think" you want at any given time. Things have to match up. You have to be ready or you'll get it and not be able to keep it!


I Hope You Enjoy The Following Poem

When I read it I am absolutely with every molecule in my body beside myself, because I described her to the letter- literally.











I now enjoy a love most people still don't believe in because it is so elusive to most people, so magical it's beyond comprehension to most (I know before I wrote this I thought I'd meet a real unicorn before true love would happen- I'm just a very complex person and often misunderstood. She understands me, is not only my lover but my absolute best friend. We've bee together now for almost 3 years and haven't experienced a single fight, not an iota of disrespect, not even a misunderstanding.

We sync up like the two people in the movie "The NoteBook". With that, enjoy this powerful piece. I published it elsewhere for 4 years and am now bringing it to Wizzley to hopefully inspire others to chase their dreams, be it love, a job, success, or anything else. The power of intention and the power of attraction are real forces, real, amazing, and powerful forces. All you need to do is map out what you want in detail, put it out there, and follow the prompts the universe sends you!

The Definition Of Romantic Love

"Being In Love" - By Jerrico Usher 2007

To Michelle


I've figured love out, I understand the concept. That love that says I want to wake up today BECAUSE your here. I want to open my eyes and my first thought is where is she? Is she staring at me like I'd stare at her if I woke up first? Every move I make I wonder, is this an opportunity to show her I love her?

It gets to a wonderful encompassing effect where you pick something for yourself but wonder how she'd feel if she saw it, not because she makes all your decisions, but because you care about what she values. Because she is your world and you feel that you are hers... Ah to feel that someone else in the world loves you every bit as much as you love them, would die for you, would give up anything to be with you.


That's a connection as strong as the internet, it reaches out to every possible location on earth you could go. You absolutely feel it every time your connected to it (and feel the void when the connection drops!). You feel it when they even think about you. You feel that thought that you can't explain with archaic words and get a warm euphoria when you think about her because you cant wait to be with her again.

Its a smile she gives you when she sees you that reminds you that she is amazing and your so dam lucky she picked you!

Its a hug that never feels like a normal hug. Its a hug that feels like heat and metal combining at melting temperatures. Its a kiss that you never want to end, so tender and passionate.

One that continues when you break off to breathe in your lovers scent... Leaving an arc in your emotions.

A hug and kiss that makes you feel not as two people kissing but as one entity expressing itself in the pureness that is passion. Its a call that excites you too so wonderfully as if you wished for Santa Clause, whom you had no clue was not real, actually he was real, he was an idea that made you feel safe, - Like her.


Its a feeling you remember when you believed in Santa Clause that (apparently) ended when you found out he was a myth but a feeling that was reborn when you discovered the myth was just a way to usher in a spirit of hope, love and receiving of your greatest wishes..

A feeling that you thought only a child could feel, but a feeling that is reborn, reincarnated in her. Its how she becomes the more magical Santa Clause because her gifts come all year, every second of every day, with more passion and value than anything you could ever want to hold in your hand, as the little things become the big things,

It's because her magical smile is just that amazing... All encompassing... The kind of woman who gives without giving, but you receive so much!

It's like getting what you asked for, for Christmas, and meeting an understanding that the love you feel is absolutely real and impenetrable...


It's a glance across the room that everyone between you feels in a warm euphoria they can't quite make out (yet feel as incredibly familiar) but as soon as they see the two of you they understand as instinct.

It's an extremely bad cup of coffee, cold and stale, too dark and thick that tastes like the warmest and yummiest cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows you ever had, because it is laced with her essence, her energy.

Her "I saved this for 9 hours because I knew you wanted coffee when you came home honey but we're out of coffee and have no money so I kept microwaving it in hopes that when you did walk in that door, a door I stared at for hours because I didn't want to miss the second you came through it- kind of energy, all felt in a moment, a glance as you walked in.

She didn't even have to tell you the details; you felt it in her glance, her very presence.

Its the warm naked bodies holding each other gently, running the fingertips over the skin, so powerful that not only the one being touched but the one touching feels the euphoria of the touch. It's a massage that's as wonderful to give as it is to receive. Its the brilliant moment when you walk in from the worst day of your life to find a romantic setting in the dining room with YOU written in every inch of the setup, and you realizing that she really does understand you and knows you.

She "Gets you".


Its the "I care for you so deeply that even if you ignored the hard work I did preparing this setup, I'd love you anyway because it's you I care about not your reactions to my trying" kind of moment, but ironically because it's that kind of moment you never neglect to thank her even if with your eyes and smiles.

It's the epidemy of selflessness you feel when you do things for her, only wanting in return her happiness and some sign that it exists.

Its the incredible smell of your lover that means more to you than the thex (changed original word), its the way you shiver when she touches you on your back when she walks up behind you a split second before her hand even makes contact with your sweater, to surprise you at work, and you know instantly that it's her...

It's the birthday cupcake with one candle, her best dress and hair and make up she spent most of the day doing to assure you felt what she feels about you and how important this day is to her, for it was the day so many years ago that you were born, and had it not been for this day, she couldn't have felt this amazingly complete- as if the counterpoint of her own soul was born that day.

Its the build up of a great conversation where both of you feel what the other is saying completely and instantly, naturally, where you hang on every word they says no matter how long or how boring it would be to other people including subjects you don't give a darn about.


It's just the sound of heir voice on a recording. It's the yearning to see learn and feel every moment in that persons life, every thing they've ever experienced, felt or had. its the seeing them in a video where you didn't expect they'd be in the background and its all you can see, or want to see, over and over again, to glimpse a new piece of them you never saw.



It's the gracious selection of facial expressions you memorize the first time you see them and cherish new ones like Christmas morning where the tree is full of presents but you only care about the effect not the presents... yet a present she unwraps every time she smiles.

Its a woman you care so deeply for and respect with such devotion, so deeply that her happiness means everything and her friends mean everything, even that one mean spirited, judgmental friend she loves to hang with, or grew up with so she tolerates her attitude but doesn't like it, that doesn't get you or understand why she'd be with you when they think she can do better, because they just don't see what she sees and feels. What you make her feel.  That feeling you wake up inside her very soul that only she can feel from and about you...

The secret you can't really, even if you wanted to, share, for it cannot be expressed in any other way than through the non material, non verbal planes and expressiveness of love... And because she can't express it, no matter how much she explains it to them they just don't "get it" but you do. You understand and still cherish her friends because, you value her opinion and know she wouldn't have friends that aren't amazing in some way.


It's an unending ability to forgive and get past anything or anyone because you know in the end you will be in her arms and nothing could ruin your day unless she wasn't in it. It's the patience you acquire because of this amazing gift she gives to you and doesn't even know she did.

It's the girl who'd hold your hand every chance she got, because the warmth of your hand in hers makes her feel secure and safe, and she knows that this to you shows you she loves your touch, and you.

Its the moment where you can't fall asleep without hearing her voice, smelling her alluring scent on the sheets and pillow, or watching her face as you fade out...

The compulsion to not cross some imaginary boundary of "her side" of the bed unless she's in it because it reminds you that she's not... but the stronger compulsion to slide over and lay on her pillow just to bathe in her scent, to bask in the glow of her resonant aroma, reconnecting you to the many amazing memories of her in a powerful and instant rush, just like when you hug her and smell her hair. To feel the allure of her presence because you miss her already.


It's the moment you can't function if you had to go a day without hearing her sweet and thexy (word changed) voice even if it was just a recording on her voice mail, on her cell phone, or a recording you saved of a message she sent you.

It's the inability to delete a message with her voice on it without first recording it to your computer to preserve her amazing vibrations... But even then you can't bare the thought of deleting even a copy of her voice because you want as much as possible.

Its the messages you get for no reason other than she missed YOU. Its the message you left on her cell phone that she secretly saved for 3 years just so she can hear your voice when she feels lonely at work that she doesn't tell anyone about. The voice of you just saying good morning on her answering machine that removes her loneliness in the second the sound hits her ears... The very inflection of your tone and voice... The warmth of love in your tone and soft spoken tones... All of this which also affects you toward her...

It's the moments where you do something amazingly brilliant and she notices when no one else does or cares, and makes a big deal of it in your honor. It's her wanting to brainstorm it with you. It's the moment when the most beautiful scene on earth is rivaled by her presence. She becomes the scene and the scene the blank canvas where she paints the beauty onto it...

It's the ambition you get when you feel the security of love. Its the power to exceed even your own highest aspirations, its the kind of girl who you give all the credit to for even your solely created work, because you realize it was her love that made you strong enough, passionate enough a person to persevere...

I miss love, real love synonymous with "connection" "friendship" "true power" "perseverance" "tenacity" "Integrity" and concepts I couldn't even begin to conceptualize in this plane of existence..

Oh yea and the big one, the biggest of them all... Passion which is the truest most recognizable manifestation of love. Sometimes they're even interchangeably defined.

Thank you for reading my interpretation of "Being in love". The above is how I feel about a girl I love, in a relationship and how a lot of people see true love..

The End. (and beginning)


So there you have it. I wrote that, published it, and followed the universes bread crumbs. 2 years later I found myself in Oregon engaged to a beautiful, sweet, intelligent, and amazing girl- Michelle. We've been together for 2.5 years and it's been incredible.

Don't be afraid to create your own "script" to attract what you want in your life. Just don't forget that the subtle things that come next are said bread crumbs, don't always try to understand what it means or why, just follow your intuition and follow your heart and it will be yours!


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Jerrico_Usher on 05/03/2012

@Pam - Thanks!

Hi @Brenda, thank you for your comment! If you liked the secret you'll be floored by the other video- I couldn't believe how profoundly that changed my view (positively) on life! It's ironic you said "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it" because I have yet to move a hub over by that title with "the physics of wishing" attached too... where I break down the physics of wishing. It's gonna need some editing as it's about 12k words lol, but it will be up sooner or later... it's also based on the principals of the law of attraction but I explain exactly the mechanisms involved :) I love your comments!

Pam on 05/03/2012

This so sweet

BrendaReeves on 05/03/2012

I definitely believe in this. Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote on it extensively during the 1970's. One of his great books is "You'll See It When You Believe It. I've also seen "The Secret". I haven't seen "Down the Rabbit Hole" but I definitely will. I'm not looking to conjure up a new love. I like living alone too much. However, I have produced other things in my life: The opportunity to earn a living by working at home for instance. The only warning I have for others is "Be careful what you wish for. You might get it." Or, maybe I should say, "You'll get it for sure."

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