Luxury: Greed or Need

by TessaSchlesinger

by Tessa Schlesinger. Luxury magazines, whether online or in expensive print, open a page to the lives of the few and the wishful thinking of the many. Do you like luxury?

When I was growing up, there was nothing that I liked better than to page through magazines and read about all the things that were happening out there. I also recall (rather shamefacedly now) studying all the adverts in detail, imagining myself in those luxurious situations. From time to time, I still read luxury magazines. Surprisingly, I learn some pretty awesome things. After all, people didn’t get rich by being stupid. They are often very knowledgeable. So take a few minutes to click through these magazines, and then tell me what you think!

The Robb Report

The Robb Report online magazine calls itself a global luxury resource. It has sections dealing with sport and luxury cars, jets and yachts, home and style, lifestyle and travel, watches, fashion and jewelry, marketplace, and New York City.

A typical example of an article might be a review of a luxury hotel, in this particular case, of the Hemingways in Nairobi. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is the photos on so many of these luxury sites that make it difficult for one to adequately describe a luxury lifestyle. All luxury magazines have many photos, and it is these photos that set these magazines apart from a typical news or genre type magazine.

The online magazine is well set out and easy to navigate and the magazine is available in print as well.

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Jetset Magazine

This luxury magazine is more orientated to people and celebrities than The Robb Report as well as some interesting articles. Currently there’s a Bon Jovi Interview  plus a pretty good article on the Future of Wealth.  The different sectors in the magazine comprise the marketplace, the newsroom, top five (of anything), jetset TV, and the kind of events that you and I will only ever read about.

Is luxury about elusive glamour?

Incantation, Illustration for 'Gazette Du Bon Ton', 1922 (Pochoir Print)
Just Luxe

This site has a sense of the fast-moving about it. It encompasses lifestyle, travel, fashion, best of luxe, city guides, autos, and luxe epicure. Of all the luxury magazines, this one is, perhaps, the most likely to be of use to ordinary people. The city guides are worth looking at, even if you’re local.  The ‘Events’ tab under city guides provide a great example.  So, whichever city you’re in, mark the ‘events’ and ‘things to do’ so that you can pop back often. The lifestyle tab is also worth reading as it is easy to navigate and provides an insider view of a luxury lifestyle. 

Dolce Vita

You do know that Le dolce Vita means the good life, don’t you? And so it is. This luxury magazine has sections on auto, beauty, celebrity, events, fashion, general interest, home décor, and success stories. One of the articles that caught my eye as one entitled Tiny Trendsetters  How do kids turn out when they’ve lived this kind of life right from the beginning?

Du Jour

Du Jour magazine combines a young, trendy celebrity magazine with hi luxury for the very rich. It’s eye catching design and tabloid headlines would probably make you think that it didn’t cater to those with money to burn, but where else would you get to read an article entitled, “Living Like Gatsby.” 

Is luxury about having a great home?

Tuscan Staircase, Italy

Is luxury about excape

Flower Forest
Ad AllPosters

This super luxury magazine is more informative in terms of how to look glamorous, no doubt an essential for any partying rich girl. Of course, it doesn’t mean that those of us who are more bohemian might not like to steal a few tips. Sections include fashion list, beauty list, hair list, videos, and style council. As I think the roaring 20s and the flappers was the most glamorous time in history, the article entitled “A Roaring 20s Premiere” caught my eye! 

Dubai Deluxe

This is so far up the ladder of luxury that it’s something we can’t even begin to conceive. No doubt this magazine caters to the uber-uber-uber rich. Like oil rich, princess rich, and billionaire rich. You can download the magazine and then wonder how on earth people can be this rich. The magazine has some solid articles with a load of advertising. 

Do you think some luxury is necessary to enjoy life

Most people dream of luxury

One of the really odd things about our brains is that even if we see something in a photo, it stimulates the experience as if it was happening to us. That's why we enjoy movies so much! We are a visual species. So when we look at luxury magazines, if we enjoy some of the things on offer, simply by reading and observing, to some degree there is satisfaction. The difficulty comes when we want to make those things part of our lives. So, here's the question. Is the desire for luxury need or greed?

Is the desire for luxury need or greed?

Updated: 08/27/2013, TessaSchlesinger
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TessaSchlesinger on 12/27/2013

Rose, you're absolutely right. We all need a bit of luxury, but sometimes luxuries become necessities...

Rose on 12/22/2013

Luxury is sometimes just about owning something really well made. And sometimes it's nice to have a treat to cheer you up!

TessaSchlesinger on 05/04/2013

EliasZanetti, you are quite right... but is it a need or a greed? :)

EliasZanetti on 05/04/2013

To a certain degree, I think luxury is associated with class issues. That is, as a means of differentiate oneself from the majority of people, based solely on what he/she can afford to spend.

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