Make the switch from PC to Mac

by tealmermaid

Once you go Mac, you will never think to go back to your old computer system.

Like many new Mac users these days, you probably became acquainted with Apple products through such devices as the iPhone or iPod. These things have became something of a gateway into the wonderful world of Apple branded products. It also doesn't hurt that Apple products are created by artists who consider the form of technology to be just as important in its design as its function.

Top 5 reasons to make the switch

Make the switch to Apple
Make the switch to Apple

1. Green business practices. Starting in 2009, Apple redesigned all their Macbook and related-line computers to be greener and more eco-friendly. This means they are now PVC-free, and BFR-free in addition to reducing the content of lead, arsenic, and mercury from the computers' internal components. Furthermore, the new greener batteries have a longer battery life -- which means less batteries in the landfill. Which brings us to ...

2. Laptop battery life. An average PC laptop might last a couple of hours, tops. A Macbook, Macbook Air, or Macbook Pro optimized for best battery life can go 7+ hours on a single charge. That is almost an entire business day!

3. Viruses. PCs get them regularly; Macs don't. Most viruses are specifically designed to target that PC on your desk. The virus threat is simply much smaller for a Mac.

4. Relatively crash-free. While it is true that every computer crashes, if a Mac program crashes, it is generally just that one program rather than the entire computer. Click the "option - command - esc" buttons on the keyboard to bring up the Force Quit Applications window, see where the problem lies, and shut down that particular application only.

Force Quit that application
Force Quit that application

5. Style. Mac: clean and elegant. On the other, PC: .... Hmm, nothing good to say. in my opinion. But I'm a Mac user and probably biased against a blocky grey, beige, or black box like a PC. Macs are designed with form in mind, which shows in a big way with their clean lines, stylish forms, and intuitive usage such as the Gesture feature.

Mac vs PC ads

All 66 of the ads with bonus Siri introduction. A bit tongue in cheek, but true in many ways. If you still aren't convinced, this might just do the trick.

Try out one of the gateway Apple devices

Apple iPod Nano (8th Generation) with Accessories, 16GB - Silver

The iPod Nano comes in an assortment of colours to suit your decor.

Apple Computer  / $199.98  $170.37

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Apple iPhone 6 64GB Unlocked Smartphone - Gold (Certified Refurbished)

Includes a 90 day Limited Warranty with your purchase.

Apple Computer  / Only $359.99

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Apple iPad Mini 2 with WiFi 32GB Silver - ME280LL/A

A Silver Mini 2 is always a stylish choice.

Apple Computer  / $306.48  $296.41

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Which do you currently have -- Mac or PC?

Updated: 06/16/2017, tealmermaid
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frankbeswick 6 days ago

I am impressed by your account of the Apple Mac, but what stands in the way of a change is that my work involves a specific programme that is well established and working on my pc. I am nervous to risk making the change from pc to mac.

dustytoes 9 days ago

I switched to a Mac about 4 years ago and I would never go back... love the Mac!

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