Magic Eight Ball Answers In A Variety Of Colors And Styles

by frugalrvers

I admit I owned an original Magic 8 Ball by Mattel. This retro toy still makes a great gift, but was I surprised at how many variations of eight ball there are out there - Look!

There was nothing like sitting around with my girlfriends and reading the Magic 8 Ball sayings as we asked questions about one central topic - boys.

Much has changed with the kids of today, but there is still a fascination and desire to ask the magic 8 ball a question. However, now these 8 balls can talk, come in colors or favorite cartoon characters and some are just for grownups! There are even Magic 8 Ball costumes for kids and adults...

Do I Dare Ask The Magic 8 Ball A Question?

The Eight Ball Responses Might Be Scary...

The more I think about it, maybe I will buy a Magic 8 Ball. However, I have my eye on the modern, sarcastic magic eight balls, to be honest! My trusty, retro ball by Mattel was one of my prized possessions in my youth, except when it would give me an answer I didn't like...then it was just a "dumb toy." Fortunately, they were made strong and rolled easily when tossed down onto the floor in frustration, finding out painfully that Tommy in 6th grade didn't like me.

But as an adult, I can say that there are times that this magic eight ball might come in real handy. Maybe it could even be therapeutic for those of us with control issues! Can't decide what to do, what to wear or eat, if you should change your career or buy a pet spider monkey? Well...just ask the Magic Eight Ball and your worries are over!

It's you have a scapegoat if you end up making a mistake, but your stress level will go way down because no more decision making necessary!

The Original Magic 8 Ball Game By Mattel

Magic 8 Ball
$9.99  $8.49

Sarcastic Magic 8 Ball - My Kind Of Toy!

Accoutrements Sarcastic Ball
Only $19.76

Read This Magic 8 Ball History On Wiki - It Might Really Surprise You!

Also Lists All 20 Magic Eight Ball Sayings From Original Ball, Which Are A Great Walk Down Memory Lane
8 Ball Biography...right HERE

Where To Buy A Magic 8 Ball? Depends On What Type You Are Looking For!

Magic Eight Ball Online, Apps And More In Modern Times

As you can see in this article, there are plenty of magic eight balls to buy. The trick is knowing which one you or your loved one truly needs to fortune tell! There are talking magic 8 balls, toy story themed, pink 8 balls, some for adults and even cute, mini ones! There are also some geared toward teenagers and don't forget the eight ball party favors!

These toys all work with the same idea in mind...shake it around, ask a question and get an the ritual and thrill is still the same.

That said, something new has happened to the vintage magic 8 ball - the online world. There are many sites online that tell you to ask a question, then you get an answer. There are even apps for phones that do the same thing. Maybe the stress of modern day life is leading everyone to have someone answer their questions for them...things like "should I pay my electric bill before my mortgage" and "will gas prices continue to go up?"

The difference, however, is that part of the mystery and magic of the eight ball is holding it in your hands - something your phone and computer screen just can't do for you. There was nothing like that feeling, like your hands were connected to that fortune ball in some way as you felt the magic power. You could, of course, shake your phone or laptop all around...but I do not recommend that!

I don't know...I'm a traditional girl in many ways. Maybe the original magic 8 ball is the best way to go. Some things are just perfect the way they are and are better left alone.

Do I see a magic eight ball in my future? "Signs point to yes"........................

Talking Magic 8 Ball

Hoops And Yoyo, Family Guy And Toy Story Magic 8 Ball
Fundex Hoops and Yoyo Electronic Talking Magic 8 Ball

Got Questions? Bring 'em on! Just ask us a question and shake the Magic 8 Ball. Oh, we have an answer for everything, baby!

Family Guy Talking Magic 8 Ball

Seek out so-called advice from this ever-knowing Magic 8 Ball that's based on everyone's favorite dysfunctional family, The Family Guy. Just ask it a question and your answer "m...

Toy Story Talking Magic 8 Ball

Ask a question and pull the string to hear some of Woody's wisdom! 8 ball themed to Woody's Roundup. Great try-me with 20 phrases. 6 Years +


Great Magic 8 Balls For Adults, Too!

Not only are there 8 ball toys for kids and teens, there are also ones for grownups. I've listed some here, but you can even find them for events like retirement and more. There seems to be no end to the themes available, which makes them super gifts which are also super affordable.

Sweethearts Love Notes Magic Sayings Ball Valentine's Day Gift 8 & Up

Sweet Sayings For Your Sweetheart! Want to whisper sweet nothings to your sweetheart but can't find the words? Let the Love Notes Ball do the talking for you. Just shake this 3-...

Only $34.88
Over the Hill Fortune Teller magic 8 ball

Wall Street Guru Ball

Who needs a broker when you've got a Wall Street Guru? Just shake this 3-¾" (9.5 cm) hard plastic ball and turn it over to receive sound financial advice like "Think Precious Me...

Only $12.99
Dr. Freud's Therapy Ball

Do you have problems and your cat just won't listen ? Try Dr. Freud's Magic Ball. He has thoughtful responses to all of your questions and issues, such as: Free your inner child...

Only $19.99

You Can Ask Mini Eight Balls Your Fortune, Too!

These mini magic 8 balls are so cute - great for party favors or stocking stuffers. Of course, they don't have the heaviness and feel of the original 8 balls, but they are fun to play with regardless, whether young or old. There are keychains out there as well, but they are getting harder to find.

Speaking of which, there are even magic eight balls that are collectible. No...I'm not referring to the vintage, retro 8 ball, there are some like Hannah Montana and others that just aren't stocked anymore...which increases their value.

Mini Magic 8 Ball Party Favors

MAGIC 8 BALL 4-PC. Mini Games Pkg/1

Mini Magic Eight Ball

Magic 8 Ball Mini
$5.99  $5.49

Pink Magic Eight Ball For Dating!

For Older Teens Or Adults

This one is pretty cute for the teenager who is just getting interested in boys as well as some older girlfriends who are looking for some laughs on a girl's night out. Wondering if he will call again, if he is interested or will he ever ask you out aren't questions only giggly teens ask - it would seem these questions can carry over throughout a woman's life. Just listen to some of your single girlfriends at the office and you will know what I mean. This date ball can be a lot of fun at any age, so keep it in mind for affordable, unique gift needs.

Have You Ever Had Your Fortune Told By A REAL FORTUNE TELLER?

Speaking Of Fortune Teller Games For Girls Or Boys, Do You Remember These?

While speaking of child fortune telling memories, I have to interject that one of the most "awesome" fortune teller games for girls I knew were the fortune teller fish. Unlike a Magic 8 ball brought to school, which a teacher would promptly take away, these little sheets of paper fish were the best!

The heat from your hand, when the fish is placed in your palm, will make the fish respond by curling up, lying there, wiggling around, etc. This will tell if you are passionate, jealous and more. I had forgotten all about these until they appeared when I was looking at other fortune teller toys. These are so simple and fun...

Also, one cannot forget the paper fortune tellers we made in class. It is funny, when I think back, but it seemed like we would go months without anyone having those origami, handmade fortune tellers...then EVERYONE in the class was making them, doing them when the teacher wasn't looking, at recess, at lunch.

They were easy to make, cost only the price of a piece of paper and satisfied our itch to have our fortunes told without fail. Isn't it funny how popular it was to look into our futures? Of course, I didn't marry Tommy from 6th grade, we didn't have a Jeep and live in Paris and have 12 children, like my paper fortune said...but it was fun dreaming about a bright tomorrow. I only hope our children today can still have the ability to dream and look forward to the future. Maybe every child should have a Magic 8 Ball these days...



Fortune Teller Fish - Magical!

144 Fortune Teller Fish

144 Fortune teller fish tells your fortune by placing it on your palm!

Only $8.85

How To Make Your Own Paper Fortune Teller - The Instructions

Learn how to make the origami, paper fortune teller HERE
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