A Husband's Guide to Making a Memorable Breakfast in Bed

by StevenHelmer

Breakfast in bed can be a great way to surprise someone you care about. Here are some tips for making it even more memorable.

Even though my wife and I have been married for more than 11 years, I do still try to make an effort to do some of the little, romantic things I used to do when we first started dating. This includes taking the time to surprise her with breakfast in bed. Sometimes this is because it’s a special occasion. Other times, I do it just because we have a Saturday off together.
Since I do have quite a bit of experience with this, I have learned that the food I serve her isn’t appreciated nearly as much as the actual effort I put into the breakfast. And, as a result of that, I do have some rules I’ve come up with that have made each and every breakfast I serve her much more memorable.

Timing is Key

Wall ClockMy wife is not a morning person and, from experience, I know the breakfast won’t go over as well if I have to wake her up from a sound sleep. This is why I’ve worked to perfect the timing.

Typically, when you serve breakfast in bed, you want to have a good idea of their morning habits. This does take some time. But, I managed to do that with my wife and now know exactly when to serve it to her, shortly after she wakes up but not before she finds a reason to get out of bed (once she gets out of bed, she really has no interest in returning).

What I normally try to prepare the breakfast so I’m able to start plating it right around the time she’s starting to open her eyes. After much practice, I now typically enter the room with her food right around the same time she’s starting to sit up in bed.

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Variety is Also Very Important

Breakfast plateOne thing I learned a while back is you don’t necessarily need to go overboard with the actual cooking part of the breakfast. As long as the effort is made, frozen waffles are typically received as well as something that took you an hour to make (though the latter does have the potential to score you some brownie points).

However, when you do serve the breakfast, it’s best to make sure you offer the person some options. This is because, sometimes, you wake up and just aren’t in the mood for waffles, etc. Giving the person some options is a good way to create some insurance in case that happens to be the case.

Usually, I’ll try (at least when we have the items in our house) to provide options that fall into different food group categories. For example, I might serve waffles with breakfast sausage and strawberries. This not only gives some balance to the plate, it also looks better.

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Don’t Forget the Drink

Glass of juiceThis was actually a mistake I used to make quite often and, while my wife never really complained about it, I could tell she was always a little disappointed when I forgot. That’s why I actually started making this one of the first things I pick out and prepare whenever I decide to surprise her.

Much like with the food you are serving, it’s usually best to try to be a little creative with the drink portion of the breakfast. I personally will alternate. Sometimes I’ll bring her coffee or maybe milk. Other times I’ll bring juice (I’ll usually alternate between orange juice and other fruits). And, on occasion, I’ll even take things up a notch and bring her a glass of wine to go with it. The last one is usually well received on “lazy” days when we don’t really have any plans anyway.

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Updated: 03/02/2016, StevenHelmer
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