Mason Jar Country Wedding Invitations

by dustytoes

Country themed weddings will often include mason jars as part of the decorating and that theme can carry over to wedding stationery as well.

The mason jar used to be popular only with the canning community. Gardeners would buy them in all sizes and preserve their fresh veggies as the produce was gathered in summer.

Suddenly this little jar is most popular with the couple planning a wedding with a rustic, country theme. The short, stocky, glass jars are used as centerpiece holders that contain flowers of all types. They are wrapped in burlap and tied with twine or jute. It's popular to hang them from posts, fences or trees as well.

Designers at the Zazzle site have also used the mason jar as a featured image for wedding invitations, shower invitations and much more.

The Popularity of Barn and Outdoor Weddings

This venue is especially popular for couples who love a country theme.

barn wedding venueThe popularity of barn weddings is rising. I recently visited a friend who owns twenty acres of land apart from her house and property.  As we were driving through a field on the land, she told me that she was considering building a little barn in order to have barn weddings there.  Even she is thinking of the income possible from offering this coveted venue.

These days many brides and grooms scour the countryside for the big old barns that can be rented for a special events. Sometimes the guests sit on bales of hay and eat at long picnic tables.  The more rustic, the better!

Flowers for such events usually include daisies or sunflowers.  Vintage table linens and of course, mason jars decorate the rustic tables.  Just about anything worn and old will be welcome to enhance this wedding theme.

(Photo credit: Greyerbaby at Pixabay)

Rustic Barn Wood, Mason Jars and Lights

Modern Typography and Glowing Mason Jars

Modern wedding invitations will combine typography (varying fonts styles and sizes) with trending themes.

This beautiful rustic, wood stationery is decorated with hanging mason jars which look lit up.  The designer has created a lovely image that would work very well for an evening wedding, but works for any rustic, country event.

The rustic barn boards background makes it perfect for barn weddings at any time of year.  This designer has a whole set of matching items.


Plop Some Cheery Sunflowers Into a Jar

Floral wedding invitations with a rustic theme.

Jars filled with cheery sunflowers portray a summer wedding in the country.  If your wedding theme is casual with a barbecue rehearsal dinner, and marriage ceremony in a big, old barn, the sunflower and mason jar stationery is meant for you!

Sunflowers are not only yellow, they can be orange, brown, or dyed by a florist to just about any color. With brown and beige as the most used neutral colors for country invitations (wood and burlap), bright and sunny sunflowers are a popular addition to the theme.

Sunflower Field
Sunflower Field

Wedding Programs

Custom wedding programs come in a variety of options.  Couples can choose tall cards printed on both sides and decorated in a theme to match their wedding.

Paper options at Zazzle include affordable "rack cards" and "flyer" paper.  Or use the letterhead 8.5x11 with a choice of specialty paper.  Contact the designer of the program you like and most likely they will be happy to transfer the design to a paper of your choice.

Below are examples of the tall cards and folded programs (customer will fold after purchase).   But you can also find tri-fold wedding programs as well.

Country Wedding Programs

Lace and Flowers

Lace and Ribbon at Amazon

Craft lace for centerpiece jars, favor bags, and wrapping bouquets.
Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Girl Mi...Martha Stewart Crafts Doily Lace Spec...

Dwight and Angela's Wedding Music From "The Office"

Two quick songs from the popular tv show as the couple finally tied the knot outdoors at Dwight's beet farm.

Wedding Don'ts From "The Office"

This television wedding was beautiful yet quite unique. After all it was a comedy.

As "The Office" series came to an end, Angela and Dwight celebrated with a long-awaited wedding on Dwight's beet farm.  Phyllis, their office co-worker, carried Angela, piggy back, down the aisle where the happy couple stood in dug out graves as part of the ceremony.  The reference was to "until death do us part".

Once the ceremony was over Dwight announced that the guests should grab the hooks provided and drag their hay bales to the reception area!  You probably shouldn't ask wedding guests to do this.

Jars of Fireflies

Who doesn't love to try to catch fireflies in glass jars?  

I used to go out at night with my kids and catch them to be set on the bedside table for a little while.  The kids loved it, and I thought it was pretty cool too.  To think that a tiny bug could light up the night and give us such joy!  

Because it's such a sweet childhood memory, including this innocent pastime on a wedding stationery is natural.  

Childhood Nostalgia and Wonder

What child has not chased fireflies?
Girl With Fireflies
Girl With Fireflies

Will you include mason jars in your wedding theme?

Bridal and Wedding Showers

Customize this paper for your special event.

Rustic, country bridal shower invitations are printed on the same paper as the wedding invites.  They have an upgraded paper selection which includes linen, felt and metallic.

Many of the bridal shower cards can be customized with "wedding shower" text, but most designers appreciate customer requests and will have the new designs ready promptly.  If there is an additional cost, they should let you know up front.

The shop-keepers at Zazzle will also make other items to match your choice of paper, so don't be afraid to ask for matching stickers, postage and thank you cards.

Mason Jar Centerpiece and Decor

mason jars in bulkThere are umpteen ways to use mason jars to decorate.  Because they are used for canning and are often sold in bulk, they are one of the most inexpensive glass containers to purchase.

It's simple to add a bouquet of tiny, field flowers, like daisies, to give a quaint appearance for a country wedding.  Sunflowers look bright and cheery popping over the top of the rim.  Some people paint the jars in pastel colors, or wrap them with burlap and ribbon.

When buying mason jars you'll find plain glass or tinted glass, wide mouth (top opening) or smaller opening, quart to pint size, and some have been given rounded shapes.  The tin tops can also be made differently.  The jars can also have a handle, which make them the perfect, casual drinking glass.

With a little imagination your mason jar wedding decor can reflect your personal taste while staying within budget.  For more ideas, check out Pinterest, where you'll be bombarded with mason jar pictures.

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younghopes on 03/19/2014

I loved the look of these jars and in fact i have quite surprised by seeing the creative ways people are using these jars in their wedding. Pinning it to my board.

dustytoes on 02/13/2014

Mason jars are so versatile, I can see them used at wedding showers in a number of ways. I like that recipe idea. In fact guests could bring their favorite recipes in a jar for the bride - then she could use it (the jar) on the wedding day.

ologsinquito on 02/13/2014

Some people also use Mason jars as bridal shower favors. We went to one and the bride's favorite recipe was included in a jar.

cmoneyspinner on 09/14/2013

Incredible how many uses people find for mason jars. :)

Tara_W on 08/30/2013

I love the idea of including a mason jar for wedding decorations and invitations. They certainly can be 'dressed' up in a variety of ways and look so beautiful with colorful flowers.

dustytoes on 07/09/2013

I also drink from a mason jar. Cool summer drinks just seem look prettier in them.

ologsinquito on 07/08/2013

Nice article. People are more reuse-minded nowadays. My teenage daughter likes to drink her coffee from a mason jar. It works better than a travel mug.

dustytoes on 07/08/2013

I agree, these are clever designs which would go well in any country kitchen.

kimbesa on 07/08/2013

Very cute! Those could evolve into more versions, perhaps as labels for someone's home canned goodies.

dustytoes on 07/08/2013

Thanks Brenda!

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