Max and Ruby

by emeraldmile

Max is an adorable 3 year old and Ruby a delightful 7 year old bunny. This brother and sister team are popular with the toddler and preschool set.

Max and Ruby Investigated

Who are these bunnies

Max and Ruby is the brain child of author Rosemary Wells. Her books come to life in an half hour animated television series entitled Max and Ruby.  Ruby and Max are rockstars among the toddler and preschool set.  These bunny siblings work together to solve problems allowing young children to learn about teamwork.

About the Characters

Max is a stubborn, sweet and adventurous 3 year old bunny.  He is a bunny of few words, usually only speaking one word at a time.  Considering that fact, it is no wonder that Ruby sometimes is unable to understand him completely.  His limited communication can be frustrating for him especially when he knows what he wants or an answer to a problem.  He is often depicted wearing blue overals and running around with his windup toys.

Ruby, a seven year old bunny, big sister to Max, is patient and understanding when it comes to her brother.  Her best friend is Louise and the two are both bunny scouts.  Ruby in the series is usually working on a project when young Max interupts. Sometimes he wants to help and other times he has his own intentions.  Ruby often dismisses her brother and tries to redirect his attention in some other way when she is busy but he always finds a way to get what he wants or his meaning across.

Ruby and Max's parents are never seen on the series, and the absense sometimes makes you wonder if they exist.  I believe this is done to focus on the brother sister relationship; however, they are not without family. Grandma bunny is seen through out the series as a understanding co-conspirator for the two bunnies, though, she never overshadows the two children and their relationship.

Max and Ruby DVD

Bring these bunnies home
Max & Ruby - Max & Ruby's Christmas
$14.98  $1.59

Is your child a fan of Max and Ruby?

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Ty Beanie Baby Max and Ruby

Cute bunny pals
Ty Beanie Baby Max & Ruby Set
$15.99  $10.00

Reading With Max and Ruby

Encourage the love of reading in your preschooler or toddler

Little ones who cannot get their fill of their favorite brother and sister bunny team will love the opportunity to share more Ruby and Max stories.  Reading to your child will help them begin to understand and recognize words and letters. Point out letter sounds or words that start with a particular letter to help get you youngerster engaged in the mechanics of the words rather than the illustration; though, they are beautiful too.

Personalize Your Max and Ruby Book

Are you giving a Rosemary Wells's book as a gift?

I found this interesting tid bit on Rosemary Well's Offical Site (link below).  The author has an address where you can send a self addressed stamped envelope to get a personalized name plate for any of her books that are being given as a gifts.

The address is as follows:

Rosemary Wells
Post Office Box 2708
Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. 10510

I think this is a wonderful offering from the author and showcases her love for her characters and her young readers.

Books to Add to your Child's Library

Fun with reading
Ruby's Falling Leaves (Max and Ruby)

It’s fall, and Ruby is making a leaf-collection book for school. Ruby is certain that after she finds her last three leaves she’ll have the best book in the whole class! As ...

$3.99  $0.98
A Merry Bunny Christmas (Max and Ruby)

It's Christmastime, and Max and Ruby are decorating the tree. Max wants to help by hanging his toys on the branches, but Ruby says they don't belong. For every ornament that ...

$3.99  $0.49
Max's Worm Cake (Max and Ruby)

When Ruby discovers wiggly worms in her flower garden, she tosses them aside. They're too icky for her beautiful garden! But Max loves worms and uses them to make a worm cake. ...

$4.99  $0.47
Max's Dragon Shirt (Max and Ruby)

On a shopping trip to the department store, Max's determination to get a dragon shirt leads him away from his distracted sister and into trouble.

Only $2.34
Hide-and-Seek (Max and Ruby)

Ruby tries to teach little brother Max how to play hide-and-seek, but Max doesn’t understand the rules. He hides over and over again—and won’t give Ruby a turn. Kids will love ...

Only $8.99

Ruby and Max: Let's Have Fun

Get the scoop on these bunny siblings

Max and Ruby on Nickjr.
Are you looking for Max and Ruby fun? If you are Nickjr. has you covered. You can find Max and Ruby games, crafts, printables, related recipes and more on their website. From dressing up the incredible duo to making their own pair of bunny ears your toddler or preschool aged child will be enthralled and having lots of bunny fun.

Official Website for Author Rosemary Wells

Learn more about the creator of Max and Ruby

Rosemary Wells
Learn more about the children's author Rosemary Wells and the rest of her book series. You will also find free printable coloring pages based on the characters from Max and Ruby On the site parents can find free printable decorations and cupcake toppers to help plan a Max and Ruby themed birthday part. Don't forget to print out your bunny money before exiting the site.

Meet Rosemary - Video Introduction
This video introduces you to the writer behind the Max and Ruby book and television series.

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