Metronome in Your Brain - Best Self Help Delta, Theta, Alpha Product

by TessaSchlesinger

The most effective method repatterning your behavior is braining entrainment using a metronome. Combine with hypnosis and you'll change in days...

Brainwave Entrainment Metronome Explained
Did you know that your brain had four different speeds? They are Beta, Alpha, Theta And Delta Beta is the fastest one and Delta is the slowest one.Did you know that you could change one to the other through the use of Brainwave Entrainment, and that each of those brain states served a particular purpose?

Brainwaves of the Brain Explained.

Beta brainwave. Alpha Brainwave. Theta Brainwave. Delta Brainwave

Beta is the one we use mostly when we are awake and doing things. Alpha is the one we use when we are being creative and living in our imaginations. Theta is the one that the brain settles into when it is in a high state of relaxation, and is usually active in the moments before we fall asleep. Delta is the one that we are in when we are asleep and dreaming.

Through binaural beats (in both ears), it is possible to get one’s brain to switch from one state to another. Theta is often the state sought by those who wish to enter an alternative state of consciousness. Some people can do this at will. Others use modern devices for brain entrainment purposes. Incidentally, the reason one uses earphones so frequently when using this kind of technology is so that the ear can pick up beat which is often hidden when listened to without earphones.

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How Trance is an Alpha State

Light and Sound Brain Entrainment Equipment

In days gone by, when shamans wanted to enter ‘trance’, they used fire (light) and drums (sound) to enter that particular state of the brain. It was probably the theta state. This is probably the same state as that of meditation.

Modern technology emulates the speed of the brain by using light and sound. These used to be called neurosynthsizers and are now called neuro programmers. Some very effective self-help CDs also use this technology. Dr. Lloyd Glauberman’s work in this field is internationally acknowledged and his CDs change people’s behavior within weeks.

While most people can benefit from this technology, those with ADD need to use it with care. That is because while most can benefit through slowing the brainwave from Beta to Alpha in order to increase creativity, imagination, and relax more, this is the opposite to what those with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) need. This is because the brain of a person with ADD is already going slowly.

How Using Metronome Technology Improves Your Self Esteem and Heightens Your Creativity

Personal Experience of Brain Entrainment

I started using Dr. Lloyd Glauberman’s tapes (now CDs) in the early 90s, when I was absolutely desperate about my life. South Africa had just come out of Apartheid and I was at Exclusive Books in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. Standing at the psychology section, browsing through which books could change my life, I turned to ask the lady next to me which book she could recommend.

Instead she replied she had something at home that would change my life. She introduced me to his HPP tapes, and she was right. They changed my life. The effect was so profound that within days of my starting to use them, colleagues at work, clients, and friends wanted to know if I had met a man because I had changes. I had no idea that I had changed but my boss said to me that I was even walking differently. Then, about a week into it, my mother phoned me and didn’t recognize my voice. She told me it had changed.

I listened to those tapes for six months, and then had an experience that stopped me from using them. Granted, I was listening to them for two or three hours per day while one was only supposed to use them for half an hour two or three times per week.

I kid you not. One day I woke up and went to see my clients. I was hearing their thoughts before they opened their mouths. In other words, I had become telepathic. It frightened the hell out of me, and I never again used those tapes to the degree that I had. They had, however, done their work, and so, six months after starting with them, I stopped. However, people only need them for three weeks, two or three times a week, for half an hour, for them to accomplish their goal.

So, why did I continue to use them for so long?

It is difficult to say this but my brain did not work the same as other people’s brain. I had a definite disability. Suffice to say that at the age of 42, I had the social immaturity of a five year old. I had simply never grown up. At the age of 54, after arriving in the United States, I was diagnosed with a non-academic learning disability. However, by the time I arrived in the States, those HPP tapes of Lloyd had been so powerful that I had matured to my appropriate age group.

Brain Entrainment discovered in 1665
The phenomenon of entrainment was dHe had a room with a number of pendulum driven clocks in it, and he observed that over time the pendulums of all the clocks fell into synchronization with each other. Even if he deliberately started them swinging at different times, he would inevitably return to find they had resynchronized themselves with each other. He called this synchronization tendency "entrainment".iscovered in approximately 1665 by a Dutch scientist named Christian Huygens.

Brain Entrainment
Brainwave entrainment or "brainwave synchronization," is any practice that aims to cause brainwave frequencies to fall into step with a periodic stimulus having a frequency corresponding to the intended brain-state (for example, to induce sleep), usually attempted with the use of specialized software.

Example of Hypnotic CD
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Different Types of Technology that use Metronomes

Different types of Metronomes.

There are several different types of metronomes. They work by providing either a rhythm (sound) or rhythmic light patterns to put your brain into the different states of Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. That happens because the brain naturally takes on the rhythm of the sound it hears and the light it sees. That’s why fire is so relaxing and strobe lights are anything, but.

Let’s start with the work of Dr. Lloyd Glauberman. These CDs are stories. They are beautiful stories and they are set to music. However, there isn’t only one story that one listens to. There are two stories being told simultaneously, and while one is listening to it, the brain gets hypnotized. HPP stands for Hypno Periperhal Processing. There is also the most beautiful music in the background combined with a hypnotic beat. Those CDs and what they do to you are probably some of the most beautiful experiences you can have in your life. You will change from hatred to love, from being late to being on time, from being uninventive to being creative, from being shy to being confident. The list goes on. They are phenomenal. Many scientists have written about them.

Then there’s computer software called neuro-programmer that you run on your computer. You look at the light patterns and hear the sound. You can set it to any speed you like, depending on what you wish to achieve. If you needed to be more creative, you would set the software to Alpha and it would guide your brain there. If you wanted to be more alive, you would set it at a Beta setting. I do recall, though, that when I tried the equipment, I went into Delta within minutes. The guy who sold the equipment told me that whereas he would advise others to use the equipment as much as possible, he would recommend that I use it as little as possible as my brain slid every easily into these states. So, if you’re feeling very tired after using them, don’t use them.

Then there’s a third type of metronome, and that is just music at a certain beat. The last time I listened to those that were on line they were predominantly eastern music and I hated them. Lloyd’s music is far better – a more orchestral sound, but each to his own. The general aim of the music CDs is to put one into a trance state.

Have you never used Brain Entrainment Techniques

If you would like to try it...

Mental Illnesses

If you have any sort of mental illness like a bipolar disorder or schitzophrenia, you should not use this equipment. Also, if you are already highly imaginative and never really focus well, use the beta track, not the alpha track, otherwise you will slow down more. If you are not sure about using this equipment, consult a psychiatrist first. 

If all is well, this is the most stunning method of rapid change that you can ever use. I swear by it!

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TessaSchlesinger on 02/15/2013

Thank you. Georgett. :)

georgettejohn on 02/15/2013

Extremely interesting Tess!

TessaSchlesinger on 02/12/2013

Yes, one can switch from one state to another. However, the point is that while your brain is in Theta, it can learn new habits and erase old ones in a matter of a few hours. It's both exciting technology and dangerous technology (for misuse),

Mira on 02/12/2013

I had heard about brain entrainment (not under this name, but it was about switching from one type of brainwaves to another) but didn't know how it was done. I find it rather interesting. Thank you for the article and the video.

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