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by frugalrvers

These Mitch Hedberg CDs and MP3s should be listened to by everyone. Mitch was a talented comedian, with the wittiest one liners and an innocence that made him irresistible...

My husband was getting some road trip CDs together one day, for a long cross country trek we were about to take. Tired of audiobooks and music, he decided we should laugh along the way.

It was my first time hearing Mitch Hedberg, and I was hooked forever. It takes a lot for a comedian to get me to laugh, but I couldn't stop. I was mesmerized at how every single joke hit me, one after the other. You actually have to be quiet to catch them all...because they just keep coming. They weren't corny, they were witty...about the only comedy I care for.

We plowed through all three of his CDs and I wanted more. Sadly, he passed away much too young in 2005 - so it could never be.

Mitch Hedberg One Liners Weren't Corny, They Were Brilliant

The Comedian Mitch Hedberg Style

Mitch Hedberg was a stand-up comedian, as opposed to a theatrical or film comic. As we know, in this style of comedy a performer stands in front of an audience and speaks to them, trying to make them laugh. The reaction of the audience is crucial to the act or routine succeeding and proceeding, and the preferred reaction is a constant stream of laughter, punctuated by applause and small amounts of silent attention. To accomplish this goal, and because every comic is suited to a particular kind of delivery, many different styles of stand-up comedy have evolved.

Mitch was in many ways a classic one-liner type of comedian. His routine consisted of very short jokes, most without any kind of set-up or introduction. A good contrast is with the comedy of George Carlin. Some of Carlin's set pieces were several minutes long, structured around a theme, and were built on a narrative, telling a story.

Hedberg's jerky delivery style (he rarely used contractions) was based on quickly spoken jokes and observations, with no thread of connection or narrative between them other than himself. He was not in motion constantly like many comics are, preferring to stand in one place or occasionally sit. Sometimes even turning his back on the audience. He also had certain quirky habits that he worked into his act, such as commenting as if from a third-person point of view on how a joke went over, how the night was going, and so on, with an endearing little chuckle.

His comedy was very different from other popular comics in other ways too. He did not do any political commentary or jokes about celebrities or public was more "observational humor." His comedy routines were generally not raunchy in subject matter, although he often used profanity when he was able to do so. His many appearances on Letterman give a good overview of his humor, which was very effective without the profanity he could use in clubs.

Finally, watching or listening to a Mitch Hedberg routine gives very little sense of the person inside - we don't learn much about him as a human being. You get the feeling that he is a very private person, and in fact is somewhat uncomfortable up there on stage. He was notorious for having severe stage fright, wearing sunglasses to avoid eye contact with the audience, but he also clearly enjoyed doing a good job of making people laugh,something he was very good at doing.

The Only 3 Mitch Hedberg CDs - You Can Buy Individual MP3s From These And Even Listen To Samples

Do You Believe In Gosh, Mitch All Together And Strategic Grill Locations
Do You Believe in Gosh?
Only $8.65
Mitch All Together
Only $10.09
Strategic Grill Locations (Dig)
Only $24.17

Have You Ever Listened To Mitch Hedberg Jokes?

For Mitch Hedberg T Shirts, Posters And Fan Information

His Widow, Comedian Lynn Shawcroft, Keeps His Website Running

Any fan memorabilia is a rare find anywhere but on Mitch Hedberg's website. His widow, Lynn Shawcroft, still keeps it fresh with all sorts of wonderful information. You can find so much more about Mitch HERE.

In February 2012, Lynn posted on the news section that his wonderful parents oversaw memorabilia, but his mother lost her battle with cancer this past February, so sales of fan items are postponed. She seemed like a beautiful woman - after losing my own mother in January 2012, I empathize with what the family is enduring right now.

The world needs more comedians like Mitch Hedberg - though there will never be anyone like him, that is for sure. I've needed the laughs myself this past year, and fortunately you never grow tired of listening to Mitch's material again and again. From talking about Smokey The Bear to pancakes, sandwiches to sesame seeds - I will surely miss his wit and ability to make me laugh and disappear from the stress of the world for just a little while.

Hope you're making them laugh, Mitch...wherever you are!

Mitch Hedberg Comedy Central Special

Videos Of Mitch Hedberg Are Rare And Very Hard To Find
Mitch Hedberg

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Mitch Hedberg Wiki - Comedian Biography And His Death In 2005

For a nice bio on Mitch, click HERE
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