Monster High Create-a-Monster Design Lab

by emeraldmile

Following on the heels of the popular Create-A-Monster lines comes the 2012 Monster High Create-a-Monster Design Lab.

If you enjoyed the Monster High Create-a-Monster starter set and add-on packs you will be stoked to learn about the new Monster High Create-a-Monster design lab that gives you more opportunities for customization and control over the doll design.

With the Design Lab you get to customize your Monster High doll's face. You start with a blank face and can tattoo on the eyes, mouth or any birth mark you choose. That's not all! You can even customize other individual body parts including torso, arms, and legs.

The design lab is slated to debut 2012 and it is sure to be one of the hot toys for 2012.

Monster High Create-a-Monster Design Lab Now Available

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Monster High Create-A-Monster Design Lab
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About the Design Lab

What's included?

The Monster High Create-a-Monster Design Lab allows Monster High doll fans to frankenstein their own monster fashion doll.  The design lab will allow you to customize your doll by tattooing skins (artwork, including facial features) on your doll.  

The Monster High CAM Design Lab comes with one set of doll parts, wig and several skins to apply to your doll limbs.

You can buy more dolls separately to use with the design lab.  So far Mattel has produced a mystical & nocturnal doll add-on pack - which includes a torso.

CAM Design Lab Add-ons

Parts for your Create-a-Monster Design Lab

Monster High Create A Monster Lab Add On Pack Wave 1 CaseMonster High Create A Monster Lab Add On Pack Wave 1 Case

The Monster High Create-a-Monster Lab add-ons are available in a case at entertainment earth.  

Included in one case is 2 x Nocturnal Add-on, 2 x Mystical Add-on.

About the Create-a-Monster Design Lab

New York Toy Fair 2012

Mattel Listens to Monster High Create-a-Monster Feedback

New and Improved

Looks like the Monster High Design Lab will allow you to tattoo on the face and make-up with the aid of water and the Create-a-Monster design lab.

According to the video it takes 20 seconds for the tat to dry, so doll design should be quick and easy.  I think the harder part will be to decide how you want the doll to look.

From the video the hair looks like it is sitting closer to the doll sculpt.  I wonder if that means the clickable plastic doll cap has been replaced from the previous Create-a-Monster kits.  If so, it should be exciting to see how they dealt with that issue.

Monster High Create-a-Monster 2011 Revisited


From the brief scan of the Monster High display in the video it looks like they have adapted to give you the option to keep all your body parts a similar color and dealt with changing up the look by adding tattoos.  This change should make fans happy who did not like mixing parts to get a unique design for their doll.  It should give an overall more consistent look to the end product - though, I would think you could still mix and match colored pieces if you liked.  

Order Your Create A Monster Design Lab

Make Your Own Custom Monster High doll
Monster High Create A Monster Design Lab Playset

Monster High Create A Monster Design Lab Playset

"For even further Monster High Doll customization, girls can use their very own Monster High Create A Monster Lab! The laboratory comes with a whole lot of "skins" to create tons of combinations! Some assembly required. Ages 6 and up."

New Monster High Dolls 2012

Coming soon!
Robecca Steam is the latest Monster High doll and character to be added to the Monster High brand. Robecca Steam style is considered steam punk.
Rochelle Goyle is the a new Monster High doll and character to be added to the Monster High collection.
Venus Mcflytrap's is the 15 year old daughter of the plant monster. The Venus McFlytrap Monster High doll/ character has a green complexion.

Monster High Doll Lines


Along with Robecca Steam, Venus McFlytrap, and Rochelle Goyle dolls a Jackson Jekyll core doll will be coming our way with pet chamelian. 


Holt Hyde and Jackson Jeykll from Monster High doll fame are two very different personalities trapped in the same body.

Monster High Dolls/ Characters

Learn more about your favorite student

Want to find all the facts about your favorite Monster High characters? Check out the links below.

Draculaura / Clawd Wolf / Howleen Wolf / Operetta / Toralei Stripe / Clawdeen Wolf / Frankie Stein / Lagoona Blue / Cleo de Nile / Deuce Gorgon / Nefera de Nile / Abbey Bominable / Spectra Vondergeist / Ghoulia Yelps / C.A. Cupid / Robecca Steam / Venus McFlytrap / Rochelle Goyle / Jinafire Long / Skelita Calaveras

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