Monster High Create-A-Monster Doll

by emeraldmile

Now you can create your own Monster High doll with the Create-A-Monster doll set.

From Mattel, the creators of the Monster High dolls, comes a new product called Monster High Create-a-Monster which allows you to assemble and create your own Monster High character doll. 

There are four current doll starter packages that allow you to assemble doll pieces in 250 different ways to create one finished doll each.. 

You can also purchase Monster High Create-A-Monster add on doll accessories sets to give you more options when putting together your Monster High Create-A-Monster dolls.

New 2012 Create-a-Monster Design Lab - Coming Soon

Create-A-Monster Gargoyle/ Vampire Boy

Monster High Starter Kit
Mattel Monster High Create-A-Monster Gargoyle and Vampire...
Only $21.99

Monster High Create-A-Monster Cat/ Witch

Starter Pack
Mattel Monster High Create-A-Monster Witch and Cat Girl S...
Only $21.99

NEW Create-A-Monster Starter Packs

Cat/ Witch Girl and Gargoyle/ Vampire boy

Looks like we have two new starter kits under the Create-a-Monster banner.  

The first starter kit will allow you to create a Monster High witch or cat doll.  It will come with two torsos unlike the earlier doll kits so you will almost be able to make two dolls. 

The second kit being introduced is the Monster High Create-a-Monster Vampire/Gargoyle starter kit. It comes with 2 torsos, upper and lower limbs for the boy Gargoyle and the boy Vampire, 1 Wig, 2 outfits, and 1 set of shoes.  The gargoyle set also includes wings.

Monster High Create-A-Monster Werewolf and Dragon Starter Set

Make a Monster High Doll Kit
Monster High Create-A-Monster Werewolf and Dragon Starter...
Only $24.99

What I Like About the Monster High Create-A-Monster Doll Sets

Creative Monster High Gift Idea

Mattel puts the creative control of the next Monster High doll into your child's hands.  They can create their own character to interact with their favorite preexisting Monster High doll characters like Abbey Bominable or Cleo de Nile.

Your Monster High enthusiast will be able to continuously assemble and reassemble their dolls to give them different looks or create different characters.

There are currently four starter kits readily available on the market. These include: The Monster High Create-A-Monster Werewolf/ Dragon Starter Kit (1 torso), the Monster High Create-A-Monster Vampire/ Sea Monster Start Kit (now with 2 torsos), Monster High Create-A-Monster Cat/ Witch girl (two torsos) and Monster High Create-A-Monster Gargoyle/ Vampire boy set.

New Create-A-Monster starter kits come with the following items: 2 torsos, 2 sets of limbs, 2 heads, 1 doll wig, 2 fashions and 1 pair of shoes.

Do you like the Monster High Create-A-Monster Doll Sets?

Monster High Create-A-Monster Vampire and Sea Monster Starter Set

Create your own Monster High doll character
Monster High Create-A-Monster Vampire and Sea Monster Starter Set
Only $21.99

Limitations of the Monster High Create-A-Monster Starter Kits

What's missing?

The biggest limitation of the Monster High Create-A-Monster Starter Kits was that you had enough body parts to create two dolls but only one torso to construct one doll.  Mattel has remedied this misstep by adding two matching torsos to the new releases of the Monster High Create-A-Monster starter packs.

Now you can create two dolls with the starter pack but with only one wig and one set of

shoes you will be unable to complete both dolls unless you want one to be bald.  Too remedy the situation all you need to do is pick up an Create-A-Monster add on pack to pick up a pair of shoes and a wig. 

Monster High Create-A-Monster Add On Packages

More limbs and accessories for your Monster High dolls
Monster High Create-A-Monster Skeleto...
$12.99  $12.49
Monster High Create-A-Monster Bee Add...
Only $12.99
Monster High Create-A-Monster 3-Eyed ...
Only $12.99

Monster High Create-A-Monster Bee, Skeleton, 3 Eyed Girl Add-ons

More accessories to create your own Monster High doll

There are currently 3 add-on Create-A-Monster packages for purchase.  You can buy the bee, skeleton or 3 eyed girl add on packages to give your Monster High creation even more body and fashion options.

You must purchase a starter kit in order to assemble your Monster High Create-A-Monster add-on accessories as these packages come with everything you need to create a Monster High doll except the crucial torso pieced which is instrumental to the assembly of the doll.

NEW Puma Boy/ Cat Girl Create-A-Monster Add-On Packs

Find them on Amazon
Monster High Create-a-Monster Puma Bo...
Only $12.99
Monster High Create-a-Monster Ghost G...
Only $12.99

Puma Boy & Ghost Girl Product Details

See what is included

The Puma Boy Create-A-Monster Add-On pack allows you to customize your Monster High boy doll further.  Before you purchase the add-on pack you will need to get the Vampire/ Gargoyle Starter Kit.  You will need the upper limbs and torso that comes with the starter pack.

Included in the Puma Boy Add-On Pack: Lower legs & arms with hands, head, wig, tail, and outfit with shoes.

To create you Monster High Ghost Girl doll you will need to purchase one of the three girl doll starter packs.

The Ghost Girl Add-On Pack includes: lower arms & legs with hands, wig, head, outfit with necklace and shoes.

Monster High Create-A-Monster Review on Youtube

See everything available

Monster High Doll Collections

Find the right doll for you
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Updated: 06/10/2012, emeraldmile
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What do you think about the Monster High Create-A-Monster product line?

Gaia on 12/02/2012

For situations like these Mattel started making the CAMs sets with two torsos................ :)

LuLu on 07/21/2012

this set sucks. You get the impression you can make two full dolls but you can't unless you buy other starter packs and add ons. Either Mattel was super smart in making you buy 3 or 4 sets to use the one you bought or they didn't think things through very well. I'm pretty sure it was the first

lola on 05/05/2012

that is soo stupid! now if i want to create a sea monster it will look so weird with a pink body!!!! not cool! :(

monsterhighsweet1600 on 01/02/2012

Still you can make a body and use them with the add on packs just type in this link.

Ava toralie on 01/01/2012

i think monster high is gr8 but not the create a monster because it does not cum with all parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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