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Monster High Gloom Beach doll series.

Best Monster High Gloom Beach Dolls

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From the Monster High doll collection by Mattel comes the Gloom Beach series.  Monster High is a Mattel franchise based on the teenage children of legendary monsters.  In the Gloom Beach series these Monster High characters are in for some fun as they head to Gloom Beach on holiday.

The Monster High Gloom Beach dolls feature your favorite Monster High characters in swimsuit attire. These dolls include brush, stand, and beach accessory.

Monster High dolls included in the Gloom Beach series: Jackson Jekyll, Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Ghoulia Yelps, and Cleo de Nile.

Monster High Gloom Beach - 5 Dolls

With Exclusive Ghoulia Yelps
Monster High Gloom Beach Doll 5Pack Cleo de Nile, Draculaura, Clawd...
Only $145.01

Monster High Gloom Beach - 5 Pack Review

Watch as Gloom Beach Dolls are deboxed

About the Monster High Gloom Beach - 5 Pack

What's included?

The Monster High Gloom Beach 5 pack contains: Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, Cleo de Nile and the exclusive Ghoulia Yelps doll.

This package includes 5 stands, 1 comb, 1 photo card, 5 sets of sunglasses,  and 5 beach accessories.

Which is your favorite Monster High Gloom Beach Doll featured in the 5 Pack?

Jackson, Frankie and Cleo

Individual Gloom Beach Dolls

Jackson Jekyll

The Jackson Jekyll doll sports sun glasses, black, yellow and white swimsuit, and ball.  Jackson's body is embellished with a tattoo.

Jackson Jekyll is the teenage son of the legendary Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein, the daughter of Frankenstein's monster is ready to have some fun at Gloom Beach.

The Frankie Stein Gloom Beach doll features Frankie in a lightening bolt designed bathing suit with cover up.  Frankie comes with a purse, sunglasses, stand and comb.  Her black and white hair is accented with a blue hair clip. She is also styled with aqua, yellow and black sandals.

Cleo de Nile

Cleo de Nile, the daughter of the Mummy, is ready to strike a pose at Gloom Beach. 

The Cleo de Nile Monster High Gloom Beach doll depicts Cleo with long black and gold strands of hair, aqua lipstick and fan.

Cleo sports a bandage styled gold and black bathingsuit with aqua colored cover up.  She wears large triangle shaped gold earings, bandage styled leg warmer and delicious aqua shoes.

Clawdeen Wolf & Draculaura

Gloom Beach Dolls - Mattel Monster High
Monster High Gloom Beach Clawdeen Wolf Doll
$19.99  $8.80
Monster High Gloom Beach Draculaura Doll
$19.99  $9.95

Clawdeen & Draculaura

Monster High Gloom Beach dolls

Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf is the teenage daughter of the werewolf and she is heading to Gloom Beach.

The Clawdeen Wolf Monster High Gloom Beach doll depicts Clawdeen in a mutlicolored swim suit and wrap.  She sports blue and pink earrings in her hears and her long flowing dark hair is highlighted with purple streaks.

The Clawdeen Gloom Beach doll comes with bold yellow sunglasses, pink and yellow sandals and pink Frisbee.

Like the other Monster High dolls a stand is included with Clawdeen to display your doll.  The doll can be posed in many different ways because the doll body is fully articulate.

Want to learn more about Monster High's Clawdeen Wolf? Click Clawdeen Wolf to find the doll collections she appears in and learn more about this Monster High character.


Draculaura is the teenage daugher of the infamous Dracula.  She faints at the mention of blood.

The Monster High Gloom Beach Draculaura features the doll in her signature pink and black combination.  Draculaura's dark hair with pink streaks is worn down.  Her swim suit is also black and pink with feminin detailing.  She wears yellow earings, a yellow pokadot swim wrap and a pair of matching pink and yellow shoes.

The Draculaura Gloom Beach doll comes with a doll sized bottle of SPF 2000; presumeably, to save guard the vampire's sensitive skin.

Included with the Draculaura doll is a doll stand.  The doll can be placed in the stand when not in play and hold your favorite pose.  The doll can be posed in numberous ways.

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