Monsters Inc. Review

by emeraldmile

Film review of the animated movie Monsters Inc.

About Monster Inc.

Are you afraid of Monsters?

Monsters Inc. (2001) starring the voice talents of John Goodman as James P. "Sulley" Sullivan and Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski is 92 minutes of animated fun.  This movie is a collabration by Pixar Animation and Walt Disney Studios. The movie depicts these animated movie characters in 3D and dresses them in an array of brilliant colors.

The Plot

Sulley is a blue and purple colored monster who works in Monstropolis as a top scarer.  His best friend Mike works as his assistant providing him with motivation, room access, and organization. Together they try and collect the screams of children to power the city in which they live.  Children are considered toxic in this enviroment and any monster exposed to child exposure must be decantaminated by the CDA (Child Detection Agentcy).  When Sulley lets in a child he calls "Boo" in his world his life goes from normal to uncovering terrible plots afoot in the company he trusts.  This experience will test the bonds of friendship between Mike and Sulley and change the monster world forever. 

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My Review of Monsters Inc.

Imagination and Creativity Collide

The premise of the movie, monsters scaring kids for energy to run their city, is a unique way to explain the classic monster under the bed or in the closet story.  It teaches children that all people, even monsters, are afraid of things.  You can be afraid but learn to get through your fear and discover new and interesting ideas.  This lesson is an important one for children.

Children will adore Sulley and Mike as the take on the bad guys like arrogant monster Randall.  Monster Inc. explores themes of good versus bad, what is means to be a friend, and right and wrong among other things.  These themes add to the action of this G rated animated film.

With in the monster world you will find interesting characters like Roz and the Abominable Snowman.  These characters will make you smile and even grant you a chuckle or two.  Children and adults will both enjoy this movie which is sure to become an animated classic.









Upcoming Monster Inc Movie

What will happen next?

Sulley and Mike are set to reclaim the silver screen in what appears to be a prequel to the Monsters Inc. movie called Monsters University. It has been suggested that this new movie will explore Mike and Sulley's early relationship at the University of Fear when they were not best friends.  This movie is set to arrive in the summer of 2013.

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Updated: 09/23/2011, emeraldmile
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MugTreasuresByBrenda on 10/20/2011

I honestly don't remember enough about this movie to comment. I do remember my sons loved it.

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