My Dream List to See in Japan

by EssentiallyArahs

Just a list of my favorite things I want to do in Japan. I'm going to make the most out of this year and hopefully this dream will be realized ;)

Japan. Land of the Rising Sun and inspiration for "Domo Arigatou Mister Robot". If you've ever felt yourself longing for japanese rock singers, shinkansen, sushi, robots, maid cafe's, Godzilla, lolita fashion, and a plethora of other things, then join me. Honestly, I'm just excited to be planning my first trip there and I can't wait. So I'm making this list to remind me what I want to see in Fabulous, Mystifying Japan.


From the videos, you can see fun stuff in Japan from Japanese rock to cosplay (the bottom video). Also, have a question. Anybody know of group travel organizing? I'm making one just for Japan, and I would love to hear from others - your experience, your tips, or just wanting to join on the trip :) Whatever! I'll be writing more on this and anything Japan for a while so I hope you don't mind. Thank you for reading this far and talk to you soon!

Oyasumi Nasai!

Good Night :)

My List

Let's limit this baby to 10 for NOW...eheh ;)
  1. Step into fabulous Tokyo and try not to get lost in the crowd. In case you don't know, during rush hours, trains can get so packed that people are hired to start pushing people into the trains to stay on schedule! Fascinating...
  2. Cosplay in Akihabara ~ So I'm not a big cosplayer (dress up in costume basically), so maybe cat ears or a fun kimono will be good enough. Not that it'd be out of place if I headed into one of those maid cafes...speaking of which...
  3. Head to as many bizarre cafes in Akithabara - anime central! From 'gutsy' drinks to maid cosplayers to hired model students to serve lunch, there is a lot to offer here.
  4. Wear a kimono at some point. Whether it's shopping in Shinjuku or browsing the countryside, I am so wearing that gorgeous kimono!
  5. Drink tea under the Sakura blossoms at night. Well, this is specific. Whether it's the next trip or the one after, I will make this a reality. Have you ever wanted to just sit underneath the light of full moon and contemplate our mortality, lost in the moment? I imagine it's perfectly serene. Of course I can do this at home with sakura trees at the park next to me, but it's Japan. It's Japan - that's all I have to say.
  6. Find some random students to practice Japanese to and let them practice English as well. Honestly, I'm scared stiff of speaking a foreign language to someone who's fluent, but I want to give it a shot. I might learn something new :)
  7. Head to Kyoto and stay at a Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn). Hot springs, elegant dinner, submerged in old historical buildings...what more can a girl ask for? Oh, and don't forget the possibility of red-faced monkeys!
  8. Stroll up the path to the Inari Shrine. The way up long path of stairs is covered with red tori - part of Shinto religion, they are like a gateway. Well, they look like one to me. For some reason, I am attracted to this sacred place. I heard of a myth, you see. Apparently when there's a sun shower, a fox spirit wedding is going on. It's not about the fountain of youth or pirate gold, but that simple myth makes me want to climb those steps and experience the magic of fox spirits. Silly, enchanting, whatever you call me - see for yourself and be awed.
  9. Eat at Osaka. Period. Just do it - I want to!
  10. And...of all the things here...I really want to visit as many museums as possible. From the inspiring Ghibli Museum to the interactive ninja museum, I am in LOVE. So if you don't find me chewing on fish, blushing at pretty boys, or dancing in a kimono, you know where I'll be!
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Ralpapajan on 08/21/2012

Me too, Winterfate. Why don't you also contact Penny. She has lived in Okinawa for years. She could reassure you and also tell you about touring Japan. She and her hubby hitch-hiked around mainland Japan.

EssentiallyArahs on 08/21/2012

You should definitely go! Well, I'm still working on it, but it would be a shame if we didn't get to go to Japan. Land of the Rising Sun...I would have went for the first time last summer, but then the earthquake happened and things just went on from there. It was a complete shock that a HUGE earthquake could just "pop up" out of nowhere. Yet I learned something from the spirit of Japan's people and people from all over the world. Sorry, going way off topic here. Anywhoo, I really hope you would be able to go one day :)

Winterfate on 08/21/2012

I've always wanted to go to Japan. I was going to go in October, but then life happened. :/

Maybe, someday, I'll finally go.
Thanks for the neat write-up! :)

EssentiallyArahs on 08/19/2012

That's so cool. Travel writing must be a dream! Thank you.

Ralpapajan on 08/19/2012

My daughter, Penny van Heerden is a travel writer from Okinawa. You could do worse than to chat to her.

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