My Favourite Movies EVER Part 4: Sports Edition

by GregFahlgren

Discussing and raving about my favourite sports movie of all time!

Hello movie lovers! I’m back with another top whatever list of my favourite movies of all time! Today’s subject will be about sports movies, and man do I have some great ones for you today.

To be honest, I’m not a big sports guy. I watch hockey and wrestling only and even then it’s not much. Over the years however I’ve watched my fair share of sports movies, and have to come to appreciate a happy few of them. These five movies are the best of that collection, from hockey to golf to football, all with some good laughs and even a few tears along the way. I hope you’ll come with me as I take you through them, and that through my ramblings come to appreciate them as much as I do.

The Might Ducks

Quacking Terrific!

Starting off our list are two movies from my childhood that inspired a life-long love of hockey and silly movies. The Mighty Ducks was a low budget film about a lawyer and former hockey player asked to coach a kids hockey team filled with misfits and outcasts. The movie is a fairly hilarious and heart-warming tale about a man trying to find himself again after failing to make the NHL, and helping a bunch of poor, downtrodden kids find a place with each other. The movie is one of my fondest childhood memories, and easily one of the best kids sports movies I’ve ever seen.

A few years later, the sequel came out, Mighty Ducks 2 adding some new faces to the team and taking them to the world championships. This movie is probably one of the funniest sports movies ever, bordering on ridiculous but not quite passing over. The funniest scene by far is when the kids start quacking at their teacher, (what the hell do you do then when that happens). There were times when the things that would happen during the games were a little out there, but it all added to the fun.

However, the thing I loved most about these movies was that unlike a lot of movies today, there was a lot of heart to them, the characters growing with each film. The wonderful moments each character got was something to smile at, something that is sadly missing from many kids movies today.

PS, there was a third movie, but it wasn’t nearly as good, Emelio Estevez barely in it, and taking the kids to a private school. It was okay, but overall the movie was disappointing, the commentary during the games painful to say the very least.

Remember the Titans

Breaking Barriers

Remember the Titans is in my opinion one of the greatest sports movies of all time. Starring Denzel Washington and Will Patton as two coaches put in charge of the first bi-racial high school football team in history, Remember the Titans is a wonderful film telling a beautiful story.

Taking place in the 1960s, the movie takes a stark look at the racism that plagued the US at that time. The desegregation of schools was a big deal, for the first time in US history white and black kids were thrown together hoping that it would work. The movie looked at these kids, each one with his own unique story, as well as their coaches and families as they tried to adjust to this difficult time. Most importantly, it shows how they came together, pushing through the racism in their midst, and forge a bonds of friendship that lasted a lifetime.

The movie was funny, no question there, with some of the best mama jokes you’ll ever hear, but it also had a lot of heart. Fact is, those young men should never have come together as friends, that time’s society fervently believing that this ‘experiment’ of mixing the races would never work. But it did, proving that humanity is not about the colour of one’s skin, but who we are inside. I love this movie for the lessons it teaches, lessons that I think have been lost a little bit these days.

I may not be football fan, but I’m a movie fan, and if there was any one football movie I’d watch on a rainy day, Remember the Titans is it.

Happy GIlmore

Golf Enforcer?

Our next film is the inspiring story of a hockey player that learns how to golf and kill an alligator (no seriously). Back in the day, Adam Sandler was my favourite comedic actor. He was one of the guys you would see his movies just because he was in them and you knew they’d be funny. Happy Gilmore was by far my favourite of his early films, the half-insane Happy trying to buy back his grandmother’s house by playing golf like a hockey player is both hysterical and slightly heart-warming (if a little weird).

This movie is a laugh riot from start the finish, from the bum caddy, to the mini-golf scene, Carl Weather’s wooden hand, Jaws with a nail in his head, and Ben Stiller as a psychotic old folk’s home manager, Happy Gilmore had it all. There was also a great story behind the movie, as a young man finds a new place in the world as an old dream is replaced by a new career. In my opinion, it is still Adam Sandler’s funniest movie, as well as being one of the funniest sports movies of all time, and an easy recommend for anyone looking for a good, if a little cheap, laugh.

For the Love of the Game

One Player's Journey

The only baseball movie on the list, For the Love of the Game is a movie about a fairly typical story in sports these days. Kevin Costner portrays an aging pitcher who is at the tail end of his career and facing the possibility of retirement. The tale is both sad, inspiring, and heart-warming, as Costner navigates the personal and professional pitfalls of being a pro athlete.

Also starring Kelly Preston as Costner’s love interest, the movie centres around Costner’s possible last game with the Tigers against the Yankees in Yankee Stadium, the game a framing device as he looks back at his life and career. Throughout the film, we get flashbacks telling the story of this man, his personal pitfalls and professional triumphs, all while he edges towards a Perfect Game, the rarest honour in sports.

For the Love of the Game is simply put, a feel good movie. You laugh, you cry, you get angry at Costner for being a dick, and cheering that he can achieve one final accomplishment before his career rides off into the sunset. I’m not usually one for dramatic romance movies, but the story of the aging athlete touched my heart, and makes For the Love of the Game an easy film to recommend.

Mystery Alaska

Poor Dental Health and can Skate Like the Wind

One of the best hockey movies ever made, Mystery Alaska is the story of a small town group of pond hockey players that somehow get to play a game with an NHL team. Implausible? Hilarious? Definitely.

Russell Crowe leads an all-star cast in a wonderful story filled with heart, laughter, and no short amount of hockey puns as this team of nobodies prepare for the game of their lives. This film is such a great satire on small towns, hockey, and the love people have for sports. The story the movie tells shows us these players, small town beer leaguers who love nothing more than to play hockey, getting an opportunity to prove that they are as good as any professional, and in the end proving it by coming within an eyelash of of defeating the New York Rangers.

A classic among hockey movies, Mystery Alaska is a funny, heart-felt journey through small-town hockey... just don’t understand why it couldn’t have taken place in Canada. What?

Men with Brooms

Yes, There's a Movie about Curling

The last movie on our list is the only curling movie I’ve ever watching, and is the most Canadian movie I’ve ever seen. Beavers, curling, Leslie Nielson, Tim Hortons, Men with Brooms has it all for me and my fellow Canuckleheads. The story centres around the reuniting of a local curling team whose goal is to win a tournament in order to honour their dead coach... you know, standard sports movie fare. This rag tag group of weirdoes go on a bizarre series of adventures that result in by far one of the funniest, most ridiculous sports movies ever made.

The thing I love about this movie is that it knows how silly it is. The characters are a group of strange, somewhat odd people (understatement) who somehow make us love them, and cheer for them as they try to honour their coach. There are so many hilarious moments in this movie, from the increasingly drunk commentator, to Leslie Nielson high on shrooms, to the herd of beavers... okay that part was a little disturbing but you get my point.

If you like curling or are looking for some good Canadian style humour, Men with Brooms is a movie that will not disappoint.


Sports movies are a strange genre. Some are straight up comedies, designed to makes us laugh. Others are dramas, meant to make us think and feel. Either way, their purpose is to entertain us using sports as a backdrop to the story. Each of the movies I’ve talked about here does that amazingly. They tell a great story using the sport in question, and not just make the movie about the sport itself. Stories need characters to drive them, without characters it’s just people going through motions. These movies are all films I would watch when I need a pick me up, and hope that by telling you about them, they may become that for you as well.

Well folks, that’s it for this episode. Until next time!

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