My "More tea?" Series on Zazzle

by Mira

My "More tea?" custom-made products on Zazzle, and the "More tea, vicar?" theme in British pop culture. Could make great gifts for tea lovers.

The "More tea?" series was something I did with great enthusiasm, imagining a conversation with a British lady on the subject “Life hurts.” I had been deeply hurt by someone and was excising the pain in this manner. I ended up quite relaxed and enjoying my new series, until I googled the whole thing (the “More tea” thing) and learned that there’s a “More tea, vicar?” theme in British English pop culture, having to do with a vicar who pays you a visit and ends up making various faux-pas.

How we are baffled when we engage with another culture! I thought the “More tea?” question was rather anodyne, a question that could apply to various social situations in polite society in the UK, and yet when I looked it up I learned that “More tea, vicar?” had all but hijacked this phrase. Moreover, of all social gaffes it tried to cover, it has become associated with an old, flatulent vicar.

But, anyway, these gifts are intended to be fun comments a tea lover would enjoy, so if there's more to the story than a simple question, a story, and the love of tea, so much the better!

I have to say though, I expected this phrase to come with a different cultural baggage, the kind that traversed the centuries and is captured in many British works of fiction and nonfiction. Instead, as I understand it, television sitcoms took this phrase into a narrowly defined territory. Instead of a general attention-diverting ruse it has become one particularly associated with one kind of uncouth behavior of a less than generic vicar. The possibilities of polite conversation over a cup of tea have thus been sent up in smoke.

Now that you know the story, here’s how I imagined the “More tea?” conversations. Hope you’ll enjoy the designs.

I started the series with "Life hurts. More tea?" imagining the words spoken by the afore-mentioned British lady. Alternatively, I could see a young person sizzling the words out, sort of like "Yahhhh... [tough luck] Life hurts." And then, cheerfully, offering some tea.

Then I figured I should come up with an inspirational message. It wasn't that original: "Life requires determination." I put it on all sorts of items, including Christmas gifts. I figured it might make a fun gift for someone who loves tea and finds determination in a flavorful cup of tea.

Then I figured the young lady, i.e. the one who was hurt, would go on and on with her story. So then the third instalment in the series was "Right . . . More tea?" Self-explanatory.

Again, I found it funny how it can be a conversation piece if you put it on all the items Zazzle offers.

Life hurts. More tea?

Pin button

Right . . . More tea?

Beverage coasters

Life requires determination. More tea?


I do hope you don't find this too weird because I did have "such fun" with it (that's from another British show, but you may meet Miranda in a different article).

I hate to say though that it all ends abruptly when the British lady loses her patience with the young girl. So the fourth and last instalment in the series is "More tea? MOVE ON"

On a more serious note, I imagined the "Life hurts" message in the context of a quite different design, having to do with a different topic as well, big LOVE. Maybe you'll like those items better ;-) (One can only hope :)

Hope you've enjoyed this piece. Happy Zazzling!

Updated: 11/27/2016, Mira
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Mira on 06/29/2015

That's a good point :)

DerdriuMarriner on 06/29/2015

Mira, Words can be eloquent and they also be ambiguous and challenging. Special moments sometimes seem to defy language. Words do have a penchant for elusiveness when attempts are made to capture impressionable moments but perhaps that may be due, in part, to writers sometimes being their own worst critics.

Mira on 06/25/2015

Sometimes we can't even write about things that impressed us the most (things that are poignant in a sad or happy way).

DerdriuMarriner on 06/25/2015

Mira, Sometimes it seems that the articles which are not written are about the things which are enjoyed the most -- rather like those best pictures which are the ones which are never taken. But their impact on memory is often stronger and more evocative than the photos which are taken, than the words which are written.

Mira on 06/24/2015

No, I didn't write that article after all, but I did enjoy the series.:)

DerdriuMarriner on 06/23/2015

Mira, The reference to possibly writing an article on Miranda and "such fun" is intriguing. I scoured your profile page without locating it. ;-(

Mira on 04/16/2014

Thank you, Sheila! :)

sheilamarie on 04/13/2014

In a household of tea drinkers, "More tea?" can take on many different meanings. You've got some fun musings on the phrase here.

Mira on 12/25/2013

You can do it on the Zazzle Web site. Zazzle can be quite time-consuming in the beginning. I wasted a lot of time creating products one by one, then clicking next without having selected the many items I had edited in Quick Create . . . Zazzle can be frustrating, especially as you learn things about how to design better for it, too, and then you may be unhappy with your old designs, and so on. It also helps to order and item or two, just to check on the final result.

WordChazer on 12/24/2013

This teapot with legs can't help but love this range. Haven't quite worked out how to get text on my Zazzle products yet, but I'm sure I can work that out in due course.

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