National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Gifts

by frugalrvers

Have fun gift-giving with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation t-shirts, moose mugs, DVD's and more. Even find Cousin Eddie gifts for the National Lampoon fan.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is a cult classic indeed. There are so many priceless scenes that you just can't get enough of. Randy Quaid as Cousin Eddie is one of our absolute favorites, given we rv full time now and have spent quite some time in the driveways of family members.

Those Christmas Vacation addicts, like us, would love gifts that remind us of Cousin Eddie, Flying Squirrels, Moose Mugs and anything Griswold.

Just take a can't help but laugh...and you'll want to rent the movie tonight, too!

Gotta Love The Griswolds: Christmas Vacation Gifts For National Lampoon Lovers

Even Cousin Eddie Gifts For His Biggest Fans

Our favorite movie of all time is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (A Christmas Story is our second!), and there is no better gift for fans like us than than these gifts from the hit movie starring Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid.

Since becoming full time rvers, this movie touches our heart even more, because in many ways (not too many, mind you) we've become Cousin Eddie. Yes, we've pulled the rv into the family's driveway on more than one occasion and plan to do so this Thanksgiving and Christmas, too. Don't believe us? Look at the photo...that was taken a few weeks ago in my Mom's driveway!

So whether a Cousin Eddie fanatic or just a huge fan of this hilarious movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation gifts are sure to be a hit. 

Cousin Eddie Dickie And Eggnog Moose Mugs - Perfect!

Who Can Forget These National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs?
Christmas Vacation Cousin Eddie Black...Officially Licensed National Lampoons...

More Cousin Eddie Gifts

How About A Cousin Eddie Hat Or The Whole Outfit?

For those Christmas Vacation fans that are devoted to Cousin Eddie, there are holiday gifts aimed to please. Ed is notorious for his bomber hat and short, white robe, when parked in his rv outside of the Griswold's home. Help your Randy Quaid wanna-be get in Eddie's style with a fashionable bomber / trooper hat. the life of the party yourself and show up for the holidays wearing the outfit!

Cousin Eddie Costume For Halloween And Other Christmas Vacation Gift Ideas

Help Him Look Like His Idol With Eddie's Bomber Hat And More!
Trooper Hat-Black Vinyl W28S42ERasta Imposta Men's National Lampoon'...Christmas Vacation Cousin Eddie's RV ...

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation T shirts

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Shirts Make Great Gifts

There are so many funny quotes and memories from the Christmas Vacation movie, and what better holiday gift than a t-shirt that produces these hilarious scenes, for the ultimate fan. Though the movie takes place during the Christmas season, these National Lampoon gifts can be enjoyed year round.

Aside from t-shirts, you can find other funny items like coffee mugs, aprons, magnets and more, suitable for any holiday shopping budget. For a family that worships the Griswold's, I envision the entire house wearing matching baseball caps or tees on Christmas Eve, for a family gathering...too funny! Griswold is truly a household name, because most people have seen one of the vacation movies in the Lampoon most of the guests would "get it."

Christmas Vacation Hallmark Ornaments

Cousin Eddie's RV Ornament And More!

For a more collectible gift for the diehard fan, you might be interested in Hallmark's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation ornaments. Not that the recipient will want to ever let it go, but they will certainly increase in value over time.......

MOOSE GIFTS - Can't Be Beat!

We all know about the famous moose egg nog mugs, but there is much more moose to be had! Just take a look at some of these other ideas for the Christmas Vacation fan.....there are even tiny shotglasses, which are much too cute for words.

National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Kurt Adler UL 10-Light Wally World Moose Mug Light Set

Relax on your "Christmas Vacation" with this set of 10 National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Wally World moose mug lights by Kurt Adler! Each of the 10 lights in this set is desig...

Christmas Vacation - Moose Mug Can Cooler Koozie Drink Holder

Eggnog not your style? Keep the comforting holiday ritual of the Griswold's moose mug anyway with this brown foam can koozy from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, complete ...

(Set) 4 Lampoon's Christmas Vacation "Walley World" Moose Mug Shot Glasses

(Set) 2 Christmas Vacation Moose Mug Shot Glass Set (4 glasses total). Share the memories and the libations! Clear acrylic 2-oz. shot glasses are miniature versions of the "Wall...

Christmas Moose Mug Wine Bottle Stopper

"The most enduring traditions of the season are best enjoyed in the warm embrace of kith and kin." This year, why not top off your holiday table in style...Christmas Moose Mug s...

Hallmark 2012 Keepsake Ornaments QXI2884 The Moose Mug ~ National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Hallmark 2012 "The Moose Mug" Christmas Vacation Ornament features Clark's Moose Mug and plays classic lines between Cousin Eddie and Clark Griswold.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Moose Ice Cube

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a Clark W. Griswold-inspired moose ice cube tray? This ice cube tray is a must-have for any fan of the humor and chaos of thi...


The Scene With The Squirrel: Christmas Vacation At Its Finest Moment

And Favorite Quotes From Christmas Vacation In This Hilarious Scene

The Christmas Vacation squirrel scene is one of the best in the entire movie. There is a perfect squirrel gift available (see below) for those who cannot get enough of the insanity that takes place in the Griswold's living room. 

Some of the best quotes come from this part of the movie, when Clark sets out to save his family from this crazy little beast. 

It all starts with the family hearing a noise, coming from the direction of the Christmas tree. Of course, Clark sticks his face into the tree and a squirrel comes flying out of it. All of the family is screaming and Clark panics, trying to decide what to do. At first, he wonders where Eddie is, stating "he eats these things," with his wife proclaiming he gave them up due to high cholesterol.

Next, Clark says to his son, "Russ, get my hammer." His wife quickly asks why he would need a hammer. Clark explains he will capture the squirrel in his coat and hit it with the hammer.

The biggest moment comes when Clark's father jumps in to lend a helping hand. They search high and low but don't see it anywhere. As Clark turns around, the audience sees it clinging to Clark's back and his father screams out (which seems like for eternity), "Sqqquuuiiirrrreeeellllllllll!!!"

This is just one of the many memorable scenes in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It is a great movie that the whole family will enjoy. Now that we are rvers, we love it even more - yep, Cousin Eddie is our hero!


National Lampoon's Christmas VACATION ~ Gift Wrap ~ 40 Sq...

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frugalrvers on 11/22/2014

Thanks Kaitlyn! So happy you found this helpful and fun......we are huge fans, completely can relate!

KaitlynDeMetro on 11/17/2014

I am soo glad I found this! It's been a family tradition for the past 20 years to watch this movie every Christmas. My dad is going to go nuts over this stuff!

frugalrvers on 11/06/2012

Thanks for your comment! Glad you liked the article...there are so many cute gift ideas out there and the movie is "old" - so definitely a cult classic, I'm thinkin'!

Jeannieinabottle on 11/04/2012

This is awesome! I had no idea I could buy moose mugs and a National Lampoon's squirrel. This is a great article. Thanks so much for sharing. I think I see some future Christmas presents for my mother on this page!

ohcaroline on 11/06/2011

I haven't seen the movie in a while; but it is a classic Griswold one for sure.

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