Nefera de Nile

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Nefera de Nile is a Monster High doll / character produced by Mattel.

Update: Monster High Nefera de Nile doll has been released and found on amazon and ebay.

From Monster High webisodes comes the character of Nefera de Nile. Nefera is the older sister of Monster High student Cleo de Nile. She is 5,845 years of age and is next in line to inherit her father's throne. She is a model and refuses to do tasks that she feels is beneath her position in society.

Currently Nefera is considered an antagonistic character in the Monster High series. She has been seeing black mailing her sister and her friends to get what she wants.

Nefera wears blue lipstick that matches her blue hair with gold and black accents. Nefera's hair is worn in a ponytale that pops through a golden head dress.

Nefera likes to rule alone so her bio does not have any friends listed on it. Her companion is her pet scarab named Azura who Nefera says brings her the sun on her Monster High bio page.

New Monster High Nefera de Nile Doll Released

Available on Amazon
Monster High Nefera de Nile Daughter of the Mummy
Only $21.99

Nefera de Nile Doll Contents

What comes with this latest Monster High doll

Looks like Nefera de Nile has made her appearance before March 2012.  Looks like you can find a few on ebay and amazon or if you are luckily a store near you.

What's included with the Monster High Nefera de Nile doll?

From amazon product description:
"Nefera de Nile, daughter of the Mummy, shares the sophisticated style of her younger sister Cleo de Nile. Her "wrap" skirt is accessorized with a snake necklace, "jeweled" earrings and a dramatic
hairpiece. She carries two Egyptian-detailed bags and comes with a scarab friend."

San Deigo Comic-Con Preview Nefera de Nile

Nefera de Nile doll - Released

Nefera de Nile Doll Notes

About the Doll

As noted in the above youtube video the Nefera de Nile doll will be taller than all previous Monster High dolls because of her age.  The size difference can be seen when you compare her to the Toralei Stripe doll.

Nefera de Nile Facts and News

Monster High character

Nefera de Nile Highlights

Nefera de Nile first debuted on the Monster High series on an episode entitled "Hyde and Shriek".  The web episode featured a party at Cleo de Nile's house which was interrupted by Nefera.

The character of Nefera was first mentioned on the web episode "Miss Infearmation".

Nefera is the only character to appear on the series that is a Monster High alumni.  When she was attending Monster High she was the captain of the fearleading squad.

Azura - Nefera's Pet Scarab

It's all about the beetle

Azura is a male scarab. This beetle is blue and gold and wears gold jewelry around his neck. He is Nefera de Nile's pet dung beetle.

Nefera's Relationships with Others

Cleo and beyond

Looks like Nefera rules the roost at home and uses fear and blackmail to get her kid sister Cleo to do whatever she wants her to do.  Nefera feels it is her responsibility to remind her sister that she is second in line to the throne directly after her. Their relationship seems very antagonistic.

Toralei Stripe and the Werecat twins seem to look up to Nefera.  When she was fearleading captain she favored the group, and because of which Cleo kept them on the team when she took over.

Nefera de Nile Dress Up Game

Monster High Dress Up Game

Cleo and her friends loved helping Nefera into a new look. Now it is you turn to give the next in line for the throne a royal makeover.  Try new hair styles and clothing choices at with this Nefera de Nile Dress Up Game from starsue.


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Holistic_Health on 12/11/2011

Unfamiliar with the series, but the doll makes me want look at it.

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