The reasons whys networking is important today

by iona

Sometimes networking can seem like a waste of time, but persevere as you never know when that contact might become a useful tool in the future.

In todays economy it's probably more important now than ever to be aware of what networking is. No matter whether you are a small business, a business who has been around for years, or just a new and upcoming business, networking is still important to your growth.

Networking is a way to not only build business contacts but also a way for a business if savy to increase sales. So knowing how and where to network is especially important.

Benefits of networking

Networking is a term many people will be familiar with today. In most instances we hear about it in relation to businesses and how they use networking to create awareness of themselves.  It is important now due to the current economic climate for businesses to get out there and raise their profile. 

There are many different ways to go about doing this. Many times they won't even cost a thing.  The great thing about networking is that in the long run it could help increase your sales which will lead to more revenue.  All you usually need to do is get out there and see what events, websites or forums you can use to get recognized. Along with that you also get to interact with others whether they be businesses or potential customers.

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Social Media

Spread the word on your business through twitter, facebook and youtube

There are a variety of social networking websites out there today.  Some of the more common ones most people are aware of would be Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Many businesses still don't realize the benefit one can receive from having an account on one of theses websites.



For instance if you have a LinkedIn account you get a chance to connect with other business all over the world in many types of areas not just your own.  Another thing about LinkedIn is that is mostly used by the business world and is seen as a more professional social networking site that the other two. Twitter and Facebook are a way for businesses to connect with their customers and general public on things of interest about their business.



For example a bar/ restaurant could use Facebook as a way to promote lunch or dinners specials or even use it to advertise events happening in the place. They could also use Twitter for this type of promotion too and the great thing is that it is absolutely free.


Networking events

Consider attending business meeting in your locality to meet other like minded individuals

Sometimes when one is running a business it can at times be tough and friends and family will be sympathetic to the situation. But do they really understand?  At the end of the day, the only ones who will really know how hard it is to run a business are other business owners. 

So one reason alone for attending a networking event is to interact with other well established businesses out there you previously wouldn't have had a chance to meet with. Also at these meetings, events can be held with representation from government organizations and even other successful entrepreneurs. They come to offer advise to new and older businesses out there on ways to get finance and raise your profile.  

Many times in towns businesses don't usually interact with each other as they are more focused on running their business and at these meeting it is a good way for local businesses to get to know each other in a relaxed environment.

Spread your knowledge to others

Join forums and writing sites to help others who need your services

Today if people want to know the answer to a question, they will go on the Internet and many times they will head over to a forum to find the answer.  There are different forums on the Internet from knitting forums to machinery forums. These all have one thing in common, they allow the user to post and answer questions.  All you would need to do then is use this forum as a way to answer questions asked by users.  But that's not all your doing, if you use your business name as your user name, then you are obviously raising awareness of your business.


Why not also look into website where you can write on line articles.  Again use your business name and write articles relevant to your business area on these writing sites. For instance Wizzley could be one sites you could use for this type of promotion.. This is a great way of helping others and at the same time raising your profile.



Benefits of networking today

So all businesses should make use of the free tools out there to help them promote themselves.  

Here are five ways it could help your business

1)  Raise awareness of your business which will leads to increase in revenue.

2)  Make new business contacts who you can get advice from.

3)  Attend networking events to find out about finance available in your locality to help you out.

4)  Use social networking sites, be it websites, forums or other means to get the name of your  company out there to others.

5)  Gain a name for yourself in the business world

Updated: 07/28/2012, iona
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