- Amazon - ShareASale - AllPosters - Zazzle All-In-One Affiliate Store Builder

by rajays

Introducing - the online affiliate store builder that allows anyone to create multiple stores with Amazon, ShareASale, AllPosters and Zazzle products and earn commissions

In short, is a full powered online affiliate store builder. Members can use this online tool to build unlimited niche affiliate stores with products from leading online merchants such Amazon, Zazzle, AllPosters and handpicked selection of merchants from the ShareASale and PepperJam Affiliate Networks.

Members build stores by choosing the products and merchants they want to work with and adding their products to members stores. Members can add as few or as many products as they like and can change the templates and add html banners to their stores.

Read on to learn more about the all-in-one online affiliate store builder:

Features of Nezie Affiliate Store Builder

Nezie Affiliate Store Builder is jam-packed with features to help you create truly unique niche stores that will help you make lots of affiliate sales. Here are some highlighted features of this superior affiliate store builder:

  • Web-based store builder - no software to download or install
  • Ability to create unlimited stores
  • Work with the most respected affiliate programs
  • Template driven - change the look and layout of your stores anytime
  • Ability to add one or million of products to your stores
  • Add your own Google Adsense ID and Affiliate Banners
  • Add unlimited articles and pages to your stores
  • SEO friendly with meta titles, tags and unique descriptions
  • Ability to attach your own domain names to your stores
  • User comments and product reviews integrated
  • and Much More.......

Samples of Nezie Stores

here are a few stores created with the Nezie Affiliate Store Builder Application

Mens Clothing Store
Created by Rajays

Mosquito Nets Store
Created by Rajays

Batman Costumes

Online Wallet Store

Giraffe Toys
Created by Petunia

Thailand Gifts

Soft Plush Toys

BowTie Store

Dr Golfer
Golf Accessories Store

Soccer Accessories Store

Angry Birds Store

Affiliate Programs Supported currently supports the following Affiliate Programs in their store builder:

Amazon Associates Program

Zazzle Associates Program

AllPosters Affiliate Program

ShareASale Affiliate Network - (selected merchants)

PepperJam Affiliate Network - (selected merchants)

CafePress Affiliate Program

Commission Junction - (selected merchants)

Linkshare Affiliate Network - (selected merchants)

We are constantly adding new merchants and affiliate programs into our store builder so our members can build great niche stores and maximize their earnings with their favorite affiliate programs.

How To Make Money With Your Nezie Stores

You make money by referring sales to the products you add in your stores. You earn referral commissions according to the payout scheme of the merchants products you add.

For instance, you add posters from to one of your stores. Your store visitor clicks on that poster and makes a purchase at You will earn 20% commission on the sale price of that poster becuase AllPosters pays 20% commissions on all referred sales.

Each merchant have their own commission levels and you are paid directly from these merchants as their affiliates. You need to sign up with the affiliate merchants you want to work with and add your affiliate ids in your store admin section. does not hold, process or touch your affiliate earnings in any way. Your affiliate ids are used to identify you as the referrer when your store visitors make a purchase through one of your affiliate merchants.

If you are a Pro Member, every visitor who visits your stores will be viewing all the products tagged with your affiliate ids all the time. If you are a Free Member, 7 out of 10 visitors will be viewing all the products with your affiliate ids and the remaining 3 visitors will be viewing products in your store tagged with affiliate ids.

Additionally, store owners can generate more income by easily adding Google Adsense to their stores and also incorporate html affiliate banners where they can extra affiliate commissions.

How To Create A Nezie Store

Creating a Nezie store is a simple and quick process. Here is a quick guide to creating your first Nezie store:

  • Once you are logged in, click on Create A New Store
  • Fill in all the required details including your affiliate ids.
  • Create a new product Category
  • Fill in the required details and select the merchants and products you want shown for this product category
  • Thats it! You will now have your first store created with the products you chose.

Create as many product categories as you like and fill your niche stores with as many products from a variety of affiliate merchants.

Drive traffic to your new store and see the sales and commissions come in directly at your affiliate merchants website.

Nezie Membership Levels

Free & Pro Memberships

There are two types of membership levels at - free and pro membership levels. All the functions and features are the same for the two membership levels except for the commission sharing structure.

Free Membership

Free members get to use all the provided features and functions at However, they will share in affiliate traffic of their stores.

Free members keep 70% of the affiliate traffic to their sites (7 out of 10 times members affiliate ids are used)

For the remaining 30% of the time, free members share their traffic with affiliate ids.

Pro Membership

Pro Membership includes all the functions and features of the free membership level and pro members get to keep all the affiliate traffic their stores get. Pro members affiliate ids are used 100% of the time on all their stores. Pro membership costs US$ 19.95 monthly. All-In-One Affiliate Site Builder

Introduction video created by Clouda9 (Correen)

Sign Up For Free Now!

& Start Creating Your Free Niche Profitable Nezie Store is live now and you can register and start creating your sites in the next few minutes. Register for your free account now!

Upcoming Developments on Affiliate Store System

We have lots of new modules and features in the pipeline that will be added to to delight our members:

  • Members can transfer stores to each other
  • Premium templates - members can buy additional premium templates to build their stores
  • Single page product review module
  • Linkroll module - add links to other stores and sites
  • More Affiliate Programs like CJ, Affiliate Window, LinkShare, eBay, LinkConnect, WebGains and more

More Stores Created By Nezie Members

Knitting Gift Ideas
Created by Nightbear

Ice Cream Sundae Store
Created by ElleDeeEsse

The Bridal Wear Store
Created by Rajays

Vote For Perry Shop
Created by Susan52

Formal and Fun BowTies
Created by Rajays

Perfect Bikinis for Women

Belly Button Rings - Navel Jewelry
Created by Rajays

iPhone Store - iPhone Accessories and Apps

Updated: 09/07/2012, rajays
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davidjward on 06/11/2014

Nezie needs to move their server hosting program to a USA based server host to keep online all the time instead of just some of the time

davidjward on 06/11/2014 offers unlimited free niche store websites-they have a very good program and I have no complaints about that-but they have a bad habit of sutting down for several months at a time without warning-when they do the widgets they have from the different niche store sites I have created and placed on other sites will block the sites from loading-when they shut down all of the widgets codes have to be removed for the site to load at all-I use google chrome to remove the widgets-but the fact remains that I put in several months time building over 537 niche stores that are not accessible to my customers-I can not get an email to the admin as it bounces unless the sites are up-they need to move their hosting program to a USA based server host-I keep trying to access my site builder with no luck-a good program but not being operated by a dependable source

katiem2 on 09/13/2012

Very interesting! I will come back to give this a more detailed read, pressed for time now but will def be back. Thanks for the site introduction. :)K

rajays on 05/19/2012

Hi Sharilee,

Just use the contact form on our website to contact us. That is the fastest way for us to notice your request and get back to you.

I look forward to helping you create your Nezie stores/

SharileeShares on 05/18/2012

Rajays, I have started a store now and just have a couple of questions. What is the best way of contacting you guys with questions? I left a message on the blog but I don't know if there is an actual help form to fill out?

It is an amazing site! Loving it already!

SharileeShares on 05/15/2012

Wow! This is very cool. I have signed up and now am trying to decide what to make my first store about. I have some ideas but not sure which one to use first. Thanks for introducing this to the community!

Cool Shoelaces on 02/22/2012

This sounds really cool! I will be creating a store.

rajays on 08/29/2011

Thanks for the great comment and feedback. I really appreciate it. We are currently working on several add-ons and modules to make Nezie even more powerful and seo friendly. Please let me know what other features you would like us to add to the system and we will try to work on it asap.

TilenHrovatic on 08/29/2011

thank you sooooo much for introducing this awesome store builder! I am really amazed and I already created my first store + I have some awesome ideas for my next stores. I think that the site has a huge potential and it's already really cool and very user friendly. I hope they'll add some stuff in the future as well but the most important stuff is already there! I really recommend this! Thanks fro sharing! :)

ForestBear on 08/07/2011

Nezie is new to me, sounds interesting I'll have a look. Thank you for sharing

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