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Operetta is a character from Mattel's Monster High franchise. She first appears in the webisode Hiss-teria. In this episode Cleo de Nile accuses her of going after her boyfriend Deuce Gorgon which was completely untrue. Upset by Cleo, Operetta does try to steal Deuce away from Cleo, but finds Deuce really loves Cleo, and she decides to help him write a song for her in the episode Phantom of the Opry.

Operetta is the daughter of Erik, the Phantom of the Opera. She shares his love for music; however, unlike her name would suggest she seems more into country/rock music. It is not hard to imagine that her favorite class would be Music History with her passion for singing and music. Interestingly, Operetta's singing voice can cause monsters to lose their minds for a couple of days if they hear her sing live. Luckily, her recorded music does not have that affect on others.

Introduction to Operetta from Monster High

Musical Ghoul

Operetta pale purple skin and a red rolled hair-do. She seems to have a black layer of hair underneath her striking red top layer.  She has a music tattoo on her arm and a musical mark on her face.  In the webisodes this mark is masked by Operetta's musical note mask.  Her clothing style seems to be influenced by the Gothic.  This style is also a favorite of Draculaura and Spectra Vondergeist.

This ghoul hates Mad Science, and loves peanut butter and banana sandwich (a favorite of Elvis Presley.)  She has been described as a Diva and perfectionist.  The former being a trait she shares with Cleo.

According to her profile this music singer does not like being told what to do.  This is also confirmed in the diary of Holt Hyde who had went out one one date with the Diva before Hyde got them kicked out of the club they were visiting.

Her best friends on her profile are listed as Deuce Gorgon (I bet Cleo loves that) and Holt Hyde.

Operetta Video

Monster High Volume 2 episode Phantom of the Opry

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Operetta Monster High Doll

She has been released
Monster High Operetta Daughter of Phantom of the Opera
Only $21.99

Operetta Doll News

Product Details

The Monster High Operetta Doll has been released.  

The doll features Operetta, the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera, decked out in her signature fashion.  The Operetta doll comes with her Monster High journal, Memphis (pet spider), her guitar, brush and doll stand.

Memphis "Daddy-O" Longlegs

Itsy Bitsy Spider

The only Monster Hightm student pet to appear on web episodes is Operetta's purple colored pet spider Memphis "Daddy-O" long legs. This spider wears his hair greased back like Elvis Presily, a dark suit, red tie and glasses (much like Buddy Holly). Also noteworthy is that this spider is able to comb his own hair, and has a nickname.

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