Perception is truly reality... or is it? Incredible Optical Illusions and Physics tricks

by Jerrico_Usher

Prepare For Some Great Optical Illusions, Videos, and Some Great Things You Can Set Up At Home To Create A Hologram!

WARNING: This Article May Make You Dizzy! One of the fascinating things of our time is the flux of amazing optical illusion artwork. Pictures that embed other pictures in them but which is dominant? Truth is neither is more than the other. It's your own mind that determines which you see first.

This can also lend insight into which brain you use predominantly, left or right, intuitive or analytical. I find optical illusions fascinating, because without even shifting your eyes too much, even if you don't move them at all you can shift realities within the picture! The first image below illustrates this pretty well.

Moving Your Eyes Around This Picture Will Give You A Fantastic Optical Illusion Of Moving INTO The Picture!

Wicked Right???


Looking at the image below you can't help but move your eyes around as you start to feel the sensation of movement, driving into the image... but not one pixel of that image is actually moving at all! I noticed just reading this paragraph the image moves in my peripheral vision and at first I thought that was due to faster processing of the movement in the brain but what's happening (I realized) is that as you read you move your eyes consistently across the page (which is the same width of the image) and that movement of your eyes is what causes the illusion to intensify!

Other more exciting illusions trick you into seeing movement, flashes, holograms, and more but still, it's just your brain creating the "animated gif" because these are all png or jpg image files!

My old favorite was the snake wheels image (below this next image) but this one below takes the cake! It's moving because your mind is being manipulated by the colors and shapes, shades and even "like" images embedded into the design. You could put these on a t-shirt and it still would move. In fact I'm going to put the image design below on a t-shirt!

Moving Your Eyes Around This Picture Will Give You A Fantastic Optical Illusion Of Moving INTO The Picture!

This Picture Is Not Moving. Move Your Eyes For Some Great Depth Effects
This Picture Is Not Moving. Move Your Eyes For Some Great Depth Effects

The Famous Snakes Illusion... No Moving Parts!

The following picture is pretty amazing since it not only shows moving images but there is a very complex movement between them that boggles the mind when trying to imagine that the image is static. Try putting it on a t-shirt and you'll see an even cooler trick...


Optical Illusions The " Magic " Artwork

Life itself, ironically, is all an illusion created by your mind through perception filters. Although what's happening around you is real, how you perceive it changes it's meaning. A simple shift of awareness (not so simple to pull off though) can change you from sad to happy, poor to rich or vise verse, or it could make you ambitious or feeling loss. If optical illusions teach us one thing it's that life is malleable, and change is as easy as shifting awareness.

If you think your life sucks, take these illusions into consideration, Life is ONLY an illusion; what you see what you feel, its all based on which picture you see, or rather how you define what you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch! 

If your life feels hard try readjusting your perception, you may find it improves. Think of it like this, when you fall in love and life feels amazing, what changed? Life? Or how you see it through your new found emotional bliss and uncanny patience (because your happy your body floods with great chemicals the hydraulics of happiness change how you see things, it's the same thing as these pictures, and physics tricks that seem to go against rational thinking, just a shift in perception)!

Before we get into the really interesting creation of a hologram in your house, I want to share with you some great videos on Youtube that I found while researching this article. Towards the end I'll give you a step by step and a video I also found, that shows you how to do it.

Scary cool effect (no surprise just cool trip)

(below videos)

I found this one a year ago, you stare into the middle and the longer you stare the more your mind starts to follow the movement. When you look away your world feels like you're on some sort of a trip. Stare at it for at least a minute then look at the start menu bar on your computer (or Mac bar on your Mac) it will wave out really interesting like, or for a real trip take it to the streets and look at your hand to see your skin crawl..

I used to stare at it then look down at the tool bar every once in a while (and the affect is so cool you realize its working) then look back at the video, you can recharge the affect this way.. Its a visual "hit" the longer you stare the more intense the effect... Watch these in full screen and stare at the center of the effect allowing your peripheral vision to relax.

The mind tends to fall into patterns and starts to apply all visual data to this pattern so the longer you "train" your brain to do this by staring the more wicked the effect when you look away. I generally will stare at it until I start to see my start menu (windows) waving in my peripheral vision then I look at it full on and freak out about how cool that is!

(this should be flowing smoothly no pauses, if it's pausing at all pause the video to let it buffer (or the effect is ruined))

Same Optical Illusion as the first video above, but in color (makes it much more intense)

Colors do shape the intensity of our reactions and offer a deeper contrast. Below, this is a remake of the original black and white one, its a bit more intense and uses yellow and blue (so you may get hungry staring into this one (or was it blue and green?).

More intense effect because of colors

Albert Einstein Effects

In the video below the guy created a physical 3D image of Einstein but it's sculpted in such a way as to give it a truly wicked 3D and even 4D (time distortion) effect. 

The mask in the video can be purchased from the site that created it: Einstein Head Illusion (currently sold out)

Incredible Morphing Image

The image below appears to be Einstein from up close but stare at it for a few seconds then get out of your chair and walk back about 10 feet and you will see it magically and with no moving parts morphs into Marilyn Monroe!


This Next Video/Illusion Is Gaining A Lot Of Traction In The Commercial Markets...

Magic Moving Pictures Books


The technology is simple.

Using a lenticular design (like those images you see change as you move them or your eyes) and a manual movement process (as opposed to using your eyes and moving your head/eyes to create the effect).

Using a black slotted piece that effectively covers lines a certain space apart. The image is actually 20-30 images spliced in like a paper shredder would look like, but one picture is shown at a time. 

As you move the bar or paper in opposite directions (black slotted piece and the design) the image changes because a move slightly to the left or right is essentially like changing a channel on a TV (covering the picture with black lines and pulling into view the next "slide").

The images are in an order that would mimic a flip book design (flipping pages to see the animation "play out"). The only difference is instead of flipping pages you move the bars to cover most of the images, and showing only a series of slices at a time that together form a rough image when sitting still but as it animates the image is all too real.

As you change the picture your eyes puts it together into an animation sequence like frames in a movie. The effect is pretty fantastic.

You can buy these flip books everywhere (I've listed a few for you from Amazon on the left).

Magic Moving Images: Animated optical illusions

Gaze in wonder as mysterious images transform into magical animations. Make the horses gallop, a flag wave, 3D objects turn, and see London landmarks come to life. Many other fa...

View on Amazon

Star Wars: A Scanimation Book: Iconic Scenes from a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Imagine: the first Star Wars book that actually moves, bringing to life the most memorable scenes from the epic: Obi-Wan battles Darth Maul The Millennium Falcon zooms away from...

View on Amazon

Gallop!: A Scanimation Picture Book (Scanimation Books)

There's never before been a book like Gallop! Employing a patented new technology called Scanimation, each page is a marvel that brings animals, along with one shining star, to ...

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Waddle!: A Scanimation Picture Book (Scanimation Picture Books)

It's Waddle! And it's in color. And boy, is it irresistible. In the same way that kids can't read Gallop! without wanting to gallop around the room, Waddle!, an animals-in-motio...

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This Next Video Uses The Same Effect As The Einstein Image Above (the hollow head one) It Appears To Pop Out And Move As You Turn It...

Magic House!



This Uses A House For An Equally Stunning Effect!

And Now What You've Been Waiting For:

How To Make A Hologram At Home!



I didn't invent this trick, in fact I found it on Youtube when trying to find interesting ways to deck the house for Halloween around 2009. The steps are incredibly easy and anyone can do this- even kids (with some help from parents for heavy lifting).

You will need:

  • 1 Television Set (tube variety), Smaller is better. You can find these easily at the thrift stores.
  • 1 large piece of clear plastic twice the length of your television tall, and slightly bigger across than your TV being used
  • 1 crate or tub to hold the television in to keep it in place and secure
  • 1 black sheet or background cloth
  • 1 DVD player or VCR, or you can even hook it into your laptop (for the hologram movie).

What we're going to do here is essentially, put the television (22" is perfect) facing up in a tub or something to secure it (see movie). Next you will prop it in front of a window and prop your clear plastic piece from the bottom of your TV (taped down exactly at the bottom) up to the top of the window. Make sure it doesn't bow it needs to be straight at an angle. The hologram will be a reflection from the TV screen that's set up so it's a head that's surrounded in all black.

To accomplish this, you would film yourself or anyone else wearing make up to look scary using the black cloth/sheet behind you to create the black background. Once you have this you play it on the TV but adjust your contrast (higher) and brightness (lower almost all the way down) so the head sticks out as if it were floating (no light, all black around the head) and your all set.

You will create a sort of mini room around the plastic sheet/tv to clock out any light in  the background and to intensify the effect. This is best done at night.

When you play the movie it will reflect on the glass at an angle. Outside looking in, you see a dark window with a ghostly head! You can add special effects, sounds coming from the head, or a scary theatrical bass drop...

That's It!

If I didn't explain it clearly don't worry. The video below shows you every step in real time and the ultimate effect. Below that I've included a Virgin Mobile recording of this effect being applied in a bigger scale to produce an illusion on stage of someone beaming in (like on star trek) and beaming out. It's quite an impressive display!

Make a hologram at home, very impressive!

These "Big Screem TV" videos are premade for the hologram trick:

This is a hologram trick you can do at home.. the video above shows you how it was done. this company used a projector instead of a tv onto a huge glass in a da

Just for fun, here is what's coming (still technically an optical illusion) in the not too distant future...

Updated: 02/26/2013, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 03/11/2013

I love the brilliance behind them too!

cherylone on 03/11/2013

I love the illusions and wonder how people come up with them. Great article!

Jerrico_Usher on 03/02/2013

right? :)

EliasZanetti on 03/02/2013

Fascinating stuff! Let's call them a trip!

Jerrico_Usher on 02/27/2013

I really love the one at the very top- that thing is so cool you could be reading below it and it starts to move!

dustytoes on 02/27/2013

Optical illusions are always so interesting and you have some pretty cool ones here!

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