Origami Heart Envelope Design Tutorial and Instructions

by Marie

Step by step how to fold a really cute, quick and easy origami heart envelope design that your loved one will adore. Sweet for weddings, Valentine's Day and romantic occasions.

What a beautiful way to say 'I Love You' with a handcrafted paper folded origami heart envelope design which can hold a love letter, cute confetti or even some small heart shaped candy. This is an easy folding project for which you just need a square sheet of paper which is typically white on one side and colored on the other for maximum effect once complete.

These sweet envelope designs take just a few minutes to make and don't have any real tricky folding techniques so it's a suitable craft project for older kids and adults to enjoy. This step-by-step photo tutorial with written instructions shows you how to make the design from scratch and how to fasten it up when done with some pretty ribbon for your sweetheart.

Origami Heart Envelope Designs Make Cute Little Love Letters

How to make a origami heart envelope design for Valentine's Day
How to make a origami heart envelope design for Valentine's Day

Easy Hearts to Make and Fold

These heart envelopes would make wonderful little favors for a wedding or a romantic event. All you need is a square of paper which is colored on one side and some ribbon. You can find some beautiful origami papers and sheets which are normally double-sided - i.e. white on one side of the paper and colored on the other - and these will give the most striking effect.

For items like this which has a small number of folding steps, you can also use scrapbook paper which has the additional benefit that you can also use it for many other paper crafting projects like card-making because it is a little thicker. 

#1 Origami Heart Envelope Instructions: The Paper

Choose a square piece of paper which is colored on one side and plain white on the other. I use 5x5 inch paper which makes cute mini envelopes which measure approx 3.5x2 inches once folded. 

To make a heart envelope out of paper, you don't have to use the special thin, origami paper. And, certainly, if you want your finished envelopes to hold something heavier than paper (i.e. candy) then you might want to use slightly heavier paper. Start with the colored side facing up.

Origami Heart Envelope #1

#2 First Folds to Make an Origami Heart Envelope

Fold the square paper diagonally in half both ways and then unfold the paper so that the colored side is facing upwards and you have 2 creases through your paper in an X shape.

Origami Heart Envelope #2Origami Heart Envelope #2b

#3 The Envelope Design Taking Shape

You're now going to fold in all 4 corners of your square paper towards the middle of the paper. Start with the top right corner, pull it down to the center crease point and fold. Then move to the bottom right corner, pull it towards the center crease point and fold.

Repeat this process with the bottom left corner and the top left corner until all corners have been folded in to the middle of your paper. 

Origami Heart Envelope #3

#4 Unfolding the Paper

Rotate your paper round so it looks like a square shape in front of you and not a diamond. Unfold the top flap and then unfold the bottom flap ready for the next step.

Origami Heart Envelope #4

# 5 Getting Closer

Take hold of the bottom corner and pull it right up to the point shown in the photograph which is at the bottom mid-point of the triangular flap at the top.

Make sure the sides of the paper are level and then make your crease. 

Origami Heart Envelope #5

#6 Building a Heart Envelope Out of Paper

Take hold of the top point on the bottom flap of paper and fold this down to the bottom of your paper envelope which you can see is starting to really take shape now.

If you folded the paper down evenly, and the point matched up with the mid crease at the bottom of your envelope, you'll have formed a new triangle. This will make the bottom of your heart. 

Origami Heart Envelope #6

#7 Envelope Flap

Take hold of the top corner and fold it right down to the bottom of your envelope, lining the point up with the mid crease in the paper.

Once you have everything neatly lined up, make the new fold.

Origami Heart Envelope #7

#8 Almost Done

This is harder to explain but you now want to take hold of the same layer of paper you just folded and bend it back up so the tip goes over the top of the envelope and you make a diamond shape with the colored parts of the paper.

The bottom of the top colored triangle should rest against the other folded triangle and not overlap. Take your time to match these up nicely.

Origami Heart Envelope #8

#9 Love Heart Motif

To make the heart shape on your envelope, you just need to pull the top of the colored triangle down to the bottom of that top flap which makes the top of your envelope.

I like to glue down the bottom sides of the origami heart envelope and also glue down the heart shape which makes the finished project look really neat. You'll need to glue the envelope if you intend it to hold anything other than a love note.

Origami Heart Envelope #9

Closing Your Envelope Design with Ribbon

Origami Heart Envelope #10Origami Heart Envelope #11Origami Heart Envelope #12

Once your envelope is filled, you could just fix it down with double-sided tape or glue. But I prefer to use ribbon to fasten the envelopes because I think it looks so much more romantic.

You need to punch or make a hole with a small pair of scissors in the middle of the bottom flap of your envelope - not far from the top, about 10mm from the edge.

Take a small length of ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half and push the folded middle of the ribbon through the front of this flap and pull through a little. Refer to the first photograph on the left.

Punch or make a hole in the middle of the top flap of your envelope, about 10mm from the edge. Push the ribbon loop through the back of this flap and pull a little through to the front as shown in the central photo.

Take the ends of your ribbon and push these up through the loop of ribbon. Very gently pull the ribbon ends down and tighten the loop. You need to be very careful here as the thinner the paper, the more likely it is to tear. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Now you have a gorgeous ribbon fastened origami heart envelope! 

More Designs For You to Make

Origami Hearts
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Your Finished Love Letter Origami Heart Envelope

A beautiful way to say 'I Love You'
See how to fold a paper envelope with a heart motif on the front
See how to fold a paper envelope with a heart motif on the front
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Marie on 12/21/2012

Handmade cards and gifts are a real treat and very thoughtful. Thank you so much for your comment, Lucy. Glad you enjoyed the tutorial :)

Lucy on 12/18/2012

Wow, great tutorial, easy to follow =)I really like making my own envelopes for cards and money gifts...it's more personal and gives a better meaning to the gift itself =)

Marie on 02/13/2012

Thank you very much, @Dustytoes :) I'm glad you find it easy to follow because paper folding can be so hard to explain.

dustytoes on 02/13/2012

Fantastic idea... you are so clever! The tutorial is very easy to follow and with your great pictures anyone could make this origami heart envelope!

Marie on 01/26/2012

Thanks @sheilamarie. I'm so glad you're going to try them out :)

sheilamarie on 01/26/2012

I love these heart envelopes! I will try this for my own love notes this year. Thanks, Kinworm!

Marie on 01/25/2012

Thank you, @wisefool. I hope you have fun because it's really neat to be able to make handcrafted things from paper which we're lucky to have in a plentiful supply. It's one of the easier origami projects that you can get but has a wonderful result.

WiseFool on 01/25/2012

This is great, they look really lovely. I'm definitely going to give them a whirl. I'm not the most dextrous person in the world, but it doesn’t look too complicated - famous last words!

Marie on 01/24/2012

Thank you, Michaela for your comment and also for the wonderful feature in your very useful Valentine's resource page.

Michaela on 01/24/2012

I'm going to try. :)
Thank you for the great tutorial - I linked it in my article on Valentine gifts:

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