Easy Origami Wreath Tutorial

by Marie

Easy step-by-step instructions on how to make an Origami Wreath from paper. Photo tutorial which is perfect for handmade cards or as hanging festive Christmas ornaments.

How to make an easy, 8-piece origami paper wreath made from folded squares of green patterned paper which makes a gorgeous decoration for a handmade Christmas card or a hanging paper ornament for your Christmas room decor.

You don't need to use origami paper to make one of these superb decorations. I prefer scrapbook paper which is white on one side and patterned on the other. It's a lot thicker than origami paper which is fine for projects like this one which only have a few easy folds and it means that the finished design is strong enough to use as an ornament too.

Making a Paper Wreath

This paper folded design is glued together. If you must make this design without any glue or sticky tape, do take a look at the end of this page which shows a video tutorial of a 'no-glue' origami wreath as well as a fab Christmas Tree card demo which uses the same fold I show on this page.

You can rest your finished wreath on the branches of a Christmas tree or hang them up in the home using ribbon. If you want a bigger design, then you need larger squares of paper.

Image Credits: All images on this page belong to the author: Marie Williams Johnstone.

Folded Origami Card

Origami Wreath on a Handmade Card
Origami Wreath on a Handmade Card

Suggested Supplies for Making this Project

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Fold the Paper Diagonally
Origami Wreath Step 1

Step 1: First Fold

You need 8 squares of paper to make this folded design. I use 2.5 - 3 inch squares which makes a wreath that sits well and looks good on handmade cards because I do a lot of cardmaking. This size would also work well for small Christmas decorations.

Fold your first square in half diagonally as shown. If your paper is patterned or colored just on one side then the pattern or color should face upwards. Unfold the paper back to a square once you've made your crease.

Fold Diagonally the Other Way
Origami Wreath Step 2

Step 2: Diagonal Fold

You now need to fold the square paper diagonally in half across in the other direction with the pattern or color still facing upwards - then unfold back to a square. This makes 2 creases which cross over each other in an X shape as shown in the image on the left.

Fold the Square in Half
Origami Wreath Step 3

Step 3: Fold in Half One Way

Now fold your square piece of paper in half with the pattern or color facing upwards. This will make a rectangular shape. Unfold the paper again back to a square once a good crease has been made. 

Fold the Square in Half the Other Way
Origami Wreath Step 4

Step 4: Fold in Half the Other

Fold the square of paper in half again across the other way to make a + (plus) shape. This time you want to ensure that you are folding so that the pattern or color on your paper is on the inside of your fold as shown.

Make a 4 Pointed Star
Origami Wreath Step 5

Step 5: Find the Point

Make sure you unfold the square of paper and have the patterned or color side facing upwards. The middle point of your square should point up a little with all the creases you have made so far. If it doesn't then place a finger underneath the middle of your paper and push up.

Take hold of 2 diagonally opposing corners (ie top right and bottom left) and push them together until you make what looks like a 4 pointed star shape with the paper. I hope you are finding this wizzles page to be useful because it has been written with care. Continue reading the instructions in this tutorial below and get more help with making this design too.

Make a Flat Folded Triangle
Origami Wreath Step 6

Step 6: Flat Triangle

Now you can simply push any two opposite sides together to make a flat, folded triangle shape from your paper.

Once you've made the triangle, it's a good time to ensure your creases are nice and defined. Rub over the creases firmly with the side of your thumb.

Add a Little Detail Fold
Origami Wreath Step 7

Step 7: Detail Fold One Side

To finish your folded paper requires just a few more steps. Position the folded triangle on your table or work surface with the central point facing up as shown. Take hold of the top layer of paper on the bottom right corner and fold it over to the middle of the triangle. This will form a tiny little triangle fold as shown.

And another Little Detail Fold
Origami Wreath Step 8

Step 8: Detail Fold the Other

Make the same fold on the other side of your triangle. So pick up the bottom left corner (and the top layer of paper should lift up) and fold this over to the middle to neatly meet the other little triangle you made in the step above. Now fold all 8 squares of paper in this exact same way with steps 1-8.

Stick your Folded Pieces Together
Origami Wreath Step 9

Step 9: Assembling the Wreath

Arrange your folded pieces into a wreath. I stick mine together with tape at the back but you can also glue them onto a piece of paper and then trim any excess away when done.

You can start with your first piece placed into an L shaped position as that is the shape that the 2 shortest sides make. 

You then need to place the next piece in the < shaped position so that the point of piece 2 meets the middle crease line at the rear of piece 1. Either glue these in place onto backing paper or use tape at the back where it won't be seen.

Origami Wreath Step 10

Step 10: Building the Shape

Once you've stuck your first 2 pieces together then move them round anti-clockwise so that your 2nd folded piece is now forming the L shape with its two shortest sides. Now stick the 3rd piece in the < position. Continue sticking your folded pieces using this L and < pattern and it will form a wreath shape when all 8 pieces are affixed.

Step 11: Almost Done

When you get round to to inserting the last folded piece then you might need to slot this into place. For placing on handmade cards, I prefer to flatten the folds of the design down with a little glue OR for a 3D effect, leave the flaps to fold outwards a little.

You can see what a beautiful paper folded wreath this makes even if it's a little bit of 'cheat' origami because you need to glue the pieces together!

See the Completed Version Below and Videos Too!

Origami Wreath Step 11

More Christmas Origami Projects you can Make

Christmas Origami (Dover Origami Papercraft)
Only $15.95

Finished Folded Wreath

This is an example of a Christmas Card that I made for my husband one year. You can use slightly different shades of green patterned paper to get that same gradated effect with the colors working from light to dark.

A little tag can be printed off from a computer using a word processing program with a greeting or a person's name. A little red bow completes the look. You can also finish off cards by decorating envelopes to match too which looks smart.

Paper Folded Tea Bag Origami Style Christmas Holiday Wreath on Card

I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. You don't need to make cards. For hanging decorations, you can use one completed design or stick two completed origami designs back to back for a really finished look. You would need to construct the second wreath in the opposite direction from step 9 onwards for the pieces to fit perfectly together.

No-Glue Wreath Video Tutorial

And a Christmas Tree Card using the same Fold demonstrated on this Page
Christmas Holiday Wreath Paper Folded Origami Tutorial
Christmas Holiday Wreath Paper Folded Origami Tutorial
Updated: 10/06/2017, Marie
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Marie on 01/04/2012

The origami wreath cards are definitely cute for Christmas - and they look like you've spent ages making them. They are pretty quick to do, and easy, once you know the folding steps and do it on auto. Thanks for your visit.

supercarly on 01/04/2012

So pretty!! I'm certainly going to bookmark this for next year. Would love to make everyone these cards!

Marie on 01/03/2012

Thanks, Jimmie. I had fun making this wreath project.

Jimmie on 01/02/2012

Gorgeous! Pinned to Pinterest. And a wonderful tutorial as well.

Marie on 01/02/2012

Thank you, Ethel. Origami is addictive once you start!

ethelsmith on 01/01/2012

What a great idea. Useful for next Christmas now. I have tried Origami before and have a book from the 70s which proved useful. This was not included though. Good layout of easy steps thanks

Marie on 01/01/2012

I realised, when I started to write, just how difficult explaining origami is! I hope to do some more paper and fabric tutorials now I have a new camera to use. Thank you for stopping by, Sheila.

sheilamarie on 12/31/2011

This is a fantastic page, kinworm! I love origami and you have described how to make this wreath superbly! This would be nice for any holiday, not just Christmas. I'll bet you could make some really nice Valentine's cards with this method, too. And think of the possibilities for Mother's Day, Easter, you name it.

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