Orthaheel Shoes for Flat Feet

by BrendaReeves

Not too long ago, if a woman had flat feet, she had no other choice than to wear shoes that looked like something her female ancestors wore during the 19th century.

Women and The Shoes They Love

God probably bestowed a shoe gene on women. Look in any woman's closet and you'll find enough shoes to supply an army. A cute pair of shoes makes us feel beautiful and sexy. Given the choice of wearing a pair of ugly shoes with a gorgeous outfit, or going naked wearing a gorgeous pair of shoes, most women would choose the latter.

Given the Choice Which Would You Choose

My Flat Feet

Many people endure flat feet which can result in foot, ankle, knee and lower back pain. My feet were so flat that my mother said I walked like a duck. I had to undergo two surgeries as a child to correct the problem. Ten years ago I decided to use my left foot to lift up a door while I installed it on hinges. In a couple of minutes, I undid two surgeries. After a year of pain and various treatments, I was given the option of surgery with no guarantee that it would make a difference. I passed that up in favor of custom orthotics made for my shoes. The pain went away thanks to the faux arch in my left foot. However, I thought that was the end of wearing cute summer sandals, flip flops and pretty heels. I hate wearing shoes and socks during the summer. Flip flops and sandals are my style. If my feet are hot, so is the rest of my body. A life wearing my great-great grandmothers shoes wasn't a life worth living in my mind.


Orthaheel Shoes to the Rescue

Orthaheel, a shoe designed by podiatrist Dr. Vasyli, received the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance Award. Orthaheel. The built-in arch support successfully relieves pain in flat feet. Specialty shoe stores such as The Good Feet Store or online stores such as footsmart.com carry them. I have been buying Orthaheel flip flops for about five years now. In that time, Orthaheel has expanded to include flats, clogs, walking shoes, boots and even house slippers. Shopping is not my favorite sport, and since I don't live near a specialty store, I order mine online from footsmart.com. The best part, besides relieving foot pain, is that the shoes are cute. At least they are cute by grown up women standards. 

Teenagers and women in their 20's might not think the shoes so cute. That is,  unless their flat feet prevents them from wearing the latest styles designed for the trendy crowd. You also won't find 5- inch orthaheel pumps. Five inch heels are terrible for the feet anyway, but that never stopped a young person.

My Favorite Orthaheel Shoes

Every year I buy a pair of Orthaheel Tide Thong Sandals. These sandals are basically flip flops. I wear them all summer and use them as house slippers in the winter. Every spring I order a new pair, and try a new color. I must admit they are pricey compared to other flip flops, but other flip flops aren't this well made and don't provide arch support.  If it wasn't for these flip flops, I'd be wearing socks and athletic shoes with my orthotic inserts during the hot weather.

Orthaheel men's shoes are also available. Hopefully, next year Orthaheel will offer a dress shoe in a flat and dressy heel, but don't expect the heels to be five inches.

Updated: 03/13/2013, BrendaReeves
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katiem2 on 02/08/2012

My sister has flat feet I'll be sending her the link to this page.

jange52 on 02/05/2012

I used to love high heels so I don't look too small when I am with my husband but when I had a child I prefer wearing flats. My feet don't really have a good arch so flats are really comfy for me. Since then I preferred comfort vs. style.

bhthanks on 02/04/2012

I definitely feel that beautiful shoes are not worth the pain. It would be great if beautiful shoes can also be comfortable and good for the feet. Growing up, I was always told that I had flat feet, but recently I was told that i have the opposite. So I don't know whether my feet are flat or not! I just want comfortable shoes that are good for my feet and also look ok.

BrendaReeves on 02/03/2012

You'll love them. When I was younger, I would endure all kinds of pain in my feet for a pretty pair of shoes. Now I insist in comfort.

Angel on 02/03/2012

OK Brenda. I was hoping to see you in some 5 inch heels. LOL Just kidding. I really need to wear these instead of the mess I wear. No wonder my feet kill me. I have to try these flip flops too. I love flip flops.

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