Past, Present or Future - Which Controls Your View?

by Cagsil

Past, Present or Future? One of these controls your current view of your own life. Today, you'll learn how damaging one can be, how good others can be and what not to do,

You are not here by accident. It was not destiny either. It wasn't by chance or luck either. What brought you to this specific space, at this specific time was just idle human nature. The past, the present or the future - which controls your view is an amateur writer's insight into what makes you tick. Yes, what makes you tick as a person. If you do not realize that you and your view is precisely your problem, then hopefully by the time you are done reading, you'll have come to that self realization and will actually want to do something about it.

Personally, I have no vested interest in what you do or how you live your life or even how you view your life, because in the end, it is your problem, one which, I have no say in. Change is a wonderful thing and should you feel it is necessary to hold in your present status, then I can only say that I am saddened that you would think that.

Past, Present or Future

Change - The Unknown And Unpredictable

Regardless of what you might think, change happens every day, even if you do not see it happen. The unknown and unpredictable nature of change comes without warning and often blindsides those who it affect/effects.

The "unknown" is unpredictable, in and of, itself, which causes fear in many people. When someone does not know something or lacks knowledge about such a thing, then most often than not, they fear it. This is human nature and is not worth your worry or fret.

The Past, the Present or the Future - Which controls your view is a simple explanation about yourself and what is in your best interest. Now you might be wondering (a) how would you(me) know what is in my(you) best interest? and (b) who do you(me) think you are?

Well, let's address the latter then the former, so as to get the easiest questions answers first. Who do you(me) think you are? I am not prophet, if that's what you're tending towards. I am not a scholar or a philosopher, if your thinking is in that direction. I am not a "know-it-all" either.

Since I am none of the above, the only available option left is that I AM a human being, with a unique understanding, for which, I presently call- wisdom of life. Many laugh at what I have to say and many dismiss my words, but the message conveyed is to still remain, etch in their thoughts whether or not they like it.

I am not part of the educated elite of the world nor do I want or strive to be part of that world. The educated elite have proven they are not worthy of spit, much less anything else. They do more harm to others than they commit of value. They destroy and cause destruction more than those who are not so well educated. Therefore, it proves they lack a moral value and possess a lack of knowledge and wisdom about life.

Am I better than these people? I would certainly hope so, considering I do not damage my life and I do not damage the life of others. But, at the end of the day, it only proves that I understand and that they are lost. Therefore, I am not better than them, but only seem to be.

The Past, The Present or The Future

You live in one of the past, the present or the future and it is your view that controls your life. The past- a time you have lived through and experienced, for which, you gained knowledge and hopefully wisdom. Not everyone gains wisdom.

The present- the here and now, the moment at which is relative, because time continues regardless of actions or thoughts. It is fleeting to say the least and most people have a view that presents the present within a certain time frame. The present to some is about living for a specific moment and making the best of that moment while it lasts. To some, it's not relevant because they are not bothering to look at it all. To others, it's just a matter of perspective or perception and is left at that alone.

The future- is unknown to most, because they cannot see two feet in front of their face, much less one day down the road or 10 years further. The future to some is a scary place, due to the fact that they have the uncanny ability to see the path being walked and where it ends up.

Your View.....

The simple fact that many people do not realize that their own view hinders their ability to live their life, borders on the line of being absurd. If you have a negative view, then you will see only negative things. Therefore you will have a closed or narrow mind as to things, which will limit your individual ability to make changes or to see changes coming.

If you have a positive view, then you will be more open minded toward things as they happen and will be able to use your abilities to handle certain negative situations as they come, because you'll end up seeing the positive aspect for which you were to gain from it. An open mind allows for growth and expansion of oneself, while a closed or narrow mind eliminates growth and brings on stagnation.

Living in the past.....

Living in the past happens to some people and yet they do not even realize it is happening to them. It's almost absurd to think about, but the truth of the matter is that if you look around at the people around you and pay attention to them, you can see it in their actions. Especially, those who you interact with on a daily basis, such as family and friends, and even associates at work.

These people constantly bring up things that have happened to themselves, as though it matters at this specific point in time. They fail to notice it is not connected nor have they properly learned how to deal with whatever issues they refuse to let go of.

Those who talk about "in my experience" that's not how things work, show you their open ignorance about life and also appear to lack sufficient amounts of wisdom to move on forward with their life. Some people have been victims of such things as rape or torture or scams, and they continue to harp on it or dwell. They seem to have the inability to realize it actually took place, which is a shock effect that can last for a lifetime, if not properly handled.

Living in the present....

Living in the present is about the here and now. Making the best of the situation you are in right at this particular moment, but the moment doesn't last long enough to be lived in, because in a short span, it becomes the past. So, it is a futile attempt to control one's view.

What you did five minutes ago is already the past. Did you make the best of that span of time? What exactly did you do to make the best of that time?

Spend time with friends, do a project with a family member, play a game, go to work, go to the store or something that did nothing to enhance your life.

Living in the future......

This very concept might escape the average person, because as I said earlier, most cannot see two feet in front of their face, much less anything else. Living in the future is about planning for your future, seeing the path your life is on and evaluating it's direction, and determining if the path you're on is really going to give your life value that you want, need or desire.

You should be living in the future. You should be seeing your future via your imagination and making the images you need, want or desire, to become part of your life. If you do nothing about what you truly need, want or desire, then you will have wasted your life living with a view that controlled you, instead of you controlling your life.

The future is not unknown as many like to believe, because the sight needed is in your view of life. You can see it if you want to, if you truly need to or have the desire to truly live life. The goal of your life and what is in your best interest is in your view. As a part of your view is to bestow yourself with a meaning for your life. That meaning fulfills a specific purpose you set for yourself. Without either, you just waste time and all your effort.

Knowledge and Wisdom Are Your Keys Forward.....

As you gain in age, you gain in knowledge and wisdom or suppose to. You gain in knowledge in two ways, education and experience. What you are taught and what you physical do through your own actions create the knowledge you accumulate.

The lessons you learn over the course of your life and the wisdom gained, is suppose to teach you the truth about your life. However, if you are taught by severely ignorant people or people who choose ignorance, then the supposed wisdom you gain will give you a false truth about life.

You will most likely pick up those traits from those people and become ignorant more so than if you learned from someone who had already gain true wisdom of life. How are you to tell the difference? Some people claim truth is known when it's heard and some would beg to differ on that statement. The wisdom of life that is to be gain is through rationally sane and reasoned conscious thought, reinforced by honest action. I do hope you learned something today.

Thank you for your time.

Updated: 12/10/2016, Cagsil
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