Patience Brewster Nativity Figurines for Christmas

by dustytoes

Set up a unique nativity scene using designer Patience Brewster's enjoyable figurines.

I first became acquainted with Patience Brewster's figurine designs when I wrote a page about her reindeer ornaments. Her nativity figurines are just as whimsical and interesting.

If you like the unconventional, home decorating for the holiday season should include some of these whimsical statues. The handmade popular sets sell out fast at Christmas time. And when the season is over, maybe you would like to keep some of her other cute figures sitting around the house just for fun.

The nativity set is a combination of traditional, with the holy family and wise men, along with some fun additions such as the shepherd girl holding a lamb, with a collie dog and corgi standing next to her. They are decked out in Christmas attire, of course!

About the Nativity Set

All pieces are hand painted and decorated.

The holy family set comes in four pieces, with Mary and Joseph kneeling beside the baby Jesus who is removable from the manger. 

The magi figurines measure six to eight inches high.  I have linked to two of them which can be purchased on Amazon.

The complete Patience Brewster nativity set includes many more items than you see here.  Amazon only offers a few, so the rest of the set will need to be purchased elsewhere, such as the Patience Brewster official site.  There you will find the nativity shelter with a thatched roof, the little drummer boy, angels, whimsical animals, the three kings of the orient, and more.

Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus in the Manger

The creche is a traditional part of this nativity set. It comes in 4 pieces. Mary and Joseph are 4.75 and 4.5 inches tall.
4pc Patience Brewster Krinkles Holy Family Christmas Nativity Figur...

Unique Christmas Collectables

Patience Brewster offers many collections of whimsical creations.  Many are meant to be displayed for the holiday season, such as the Krinkles "Dash Away" reindeer statues, reindeer ornaments, nutcrackers, 12-days of Christmas, and the limited edition Moonbeam reindeer collection.

Patience Brewster's Dash Away Reindeer Collectables

The unique Christmas ornaments and figurine collectables created by Patience Brewster add whimsy to holiday decorating.

Krinkels Shepherd, Collie and Corgi Dogs

Set of three stone resin figures to add to the nativity scene. Sizes are 7", 3" and 1.5" tall.
Set of 3 Patience Brewster Krinkles Shepherd, Collie & Corgi Christ...

Figurines for Collectors

The high cost of these whimsical figures most likely relates to their uniqueness.  Have no doubt, they are coveted by many despite the high cost.  Like most collectables, which will one day be worth far more that what they cost originally, items that stay in high demand can be worth the original price.

It may be difficult to decide which of Ms. Brewster's collections to purchase, but once you do, adding to it will be fun.  It also gives loved ones something to give you when the time comes.


The Magi Arrive on a Horse and a Camel

The horse and rider (top below) is 6.5 inches high, and the camel rider (bottom below) is 8 inches tall.
6.5" Patience Brewster Krinkles Magi Arrives on Horse Christmas Orn...
8" Patience Brewster Krinkles Magi Arrives on Camel Christmas Ornament

Search the Internet for all Patience Brewster's fun designs.

It may be worth searching the internet on sites such as eBay for collectable items such as these cute figurines made by artist Patience Brewster.

Although some of the pieces are extremely expensive, the smaller items, such as the mini-ornaments are quite affordable.

She creates cards for birthdays and baby items as well as her famous holiday products.  She has a line for cat lovers, woodland creatures, and safari animals such as elephants, giraffes, hippos and zebras.

Buy Patience Brewster items on eBay

Updated: 09/17/2016, dustytoes
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dustytoes on 02/11/2017

Ya, I think you overdid it... ha! But you may need a new one just for fun. Only 10 months to go... get shopping......!!

Veronica on 02/11/2017

Ah don't tempt me, Dusty. :) I love Nativity sets and crib figures and this Christmas I had just 7 around the downstairs of the house in various styles from one hanging on the tree to a mini plant pot Nativity that I made to stand on the dining room fireplace and a mini door hanging one on the front door . Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thank you. Not long until Christmas now ! :)

Tolovaj on 02/10/2017

I have never heard about Patience Brewster before. Her work is surprisingly warm, it glows completely differently than the figurines I am used to. It's definitely understandable the collectors love it.

dustytoes on 09/17/2016

I went back and added the sizes according to the descriptions at Amazon. They are 6, 7 and 8 inches (with those little pups being shorter of course). Oops, I forgot the nativity. I'll go add sizes for that one too. Thanks for pointing that out @blackspanielgallery!

blackspanielgallery on 09/17/2016

The images do not include other objects for a point of size reference, so what size are they, or do they come in multiple sizes?

katiem2 on 09/08/2016

These nativity figurines are stunning, I love the creative design and art work is outstanding.

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