Patriotic Motorcycle Patches

by Digby_Adams

Moto style is smokin' hot. Add a unique patritoic vibe to your denim or leather jacket, purse or t-shirt with these patriotic motorcycle patches. American flags, eagles, skulls.

Moto fashion is strong and filled with attitude. Bikers are fiercely independent and very patriotic. They love showing off their beliefs on their leather jackets, denim jackets and t-shirts. Motorcycle art has an edge to it. You see American flags wrapped around both a skull and a bald eagle. Flames are often worked into the patriotic designs. These are also perfect on backpacks and purses. In addition to these large showcase patriotic patches there are two smaller ones at the end. One is an American flag and the other is a red white and blue ribbon that proclaims God Bless America.

Biker Patches also make great Christmas gifts. If your dad rides a bike, then one of these is a great Father's Day gift. It's also a wonderful way to thank a vet for their service. Many of these motorcycle patches are under $25, so they are very affordable as well. The two smaller patches at the end are under $10. Perfect for stocking stuffers.

Bald Eagle with American Flag Biker Patch

Biker Patches for Vest or Jacket

A fierce bald eagle with its mouth open and wings spread wide. It's talons are also ready to do battle! This impressive motorcycle patch measures 10.5 inches wide and 12.0 inches high. Perfect for the back of a motorcycle jacket or vest. The American flag has three segments. Warrior spears hold it in place on either side of the eagle. It cascades down beside the American eagle in three graceful segments. A shield contains stars and stripes as well. The eagle's claws are wrapped around it. A banner with In God We Trust anchors the bottom of this patriotic biker patch. 

Round United States of America Seal

Proudly Display the USA Logo on Your Vest
Leather Supreme Patriotic United States Of America Seal Biker Patch...
Patriotic Vest Patches

This round patch measures 3 inches across. It contains the American bald eagle in the center with a gold ribbon in its mouth. It's powerful talons contain an olive branch and arrows. The sign that the USA always wants peace, but never walks away from a fight. The United States of America is written in bright yellow as are three stars at the bottom of the circle. 

Patriotic Support Our Troops Military Embroidered Biker Patch

Leather Supreme Patriotic Support Our Troops Military Embroidered B...
Motorcycle Patches Make Great Gifts

17 people on Amazon have given this patriotic biker patch five Stars. Take a close look at it and you'll quickly see why. Each embroidered circle contains a symbol to honor the missing and fallen in from the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard. There is also a symbol dedicated to POWs and MIAs. 

This patriotic biker patch is shaped like a badge. The words SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, Defending American Freedom runs across the top. HONOR THOSE WHO NEVER RETURN runs across the bottom. 

The central portion has the American Flag as a background. Boots old a soldier's rifle, with his helmet on top. Three of each of the badges is on each side. 

This biker patch measures 4.5 inches wide and 6.0 inches tall. It can be ironed or sewn on apparel, backpacks or tote bags. 

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Here's a great collection of patriotic biker patches that honor the US Army. Very detailed and unique designs. Proudly wear them on your motorcycle jacket or vest.

High Price of Freedom Patriotic Biker Patch

Hiqh Quality Embroidered Design
Leather Supreme High Price Of Freedom Patriotic Embroidered Biker P...
Remember Your Favorite Biker Vet with a Special Gift

A patriotic biker patch that pays a beautiful tribute to our fallen heroes. A stunning red, white and blue American flag is the background for a soldier on bended knee facing the gun, boots and helmet of a fallen comrade. The embroidery detail lets you feel the emotion. The soldier and equipment is embroidered in shades gray. This emotional scene is surrounded in a somber black. This biker patch features the words, The High Price of Freedom is a Cost Paid by a Brave Few. In Memory of our fallen heroes. 

It measures 4.5 inches wide and 5.0 inches tall. It will fit in many places on a leather jacket, denim vest hat or even a backpack or tote bag. You can iron or sew it into place. 

Bald Eagle with Outstretched Wings Protecting the American Flag

Unique Embroidered Motorcycle Patches Patriotic
Leather Supreme Medium American Flag Eagle Patriotic Embroidered Bi...
Patriotic Gift Giving for Father's Day

This is a gorgeous biker patch that any motorcycle rider would love for a gift. It can be hard to know what to give a father who "has it all." Well, he'll love this biker patch that shows a determined American bald eagle spreading his wings to protect the American flag. It measures 4.5 inches wide by 5.0 inches tall. Just the right size to embellish a motorcycle jacket sleeve or front of a denim vest. He can iron it or sew it on. Of course part of the gift giving could be to do this for him. 

Patriotic American Flag Fighter Pilot Skull with Wings Biker Patch

Distressed Vintage Motorcycle Patch
Leather Supreme Patriotic American Flag Fighter Pilot Skull With Wi...
Motorcycle Patches for Men

A distressed American flag is the backdrop for a fighter pilot skull wearing a vintage helmet and goggles. The skull is transparent, which gives it a very ghostly appearance. The wings on either side are solid. This large patch is perfect for the back of a motorcycle jacket or vest. It measures 12 inches wide and 13.5 inches tall. 

Traditional American Flag Motorcycle Patch

High Quality Embroidery, 4 inches wide and 2.75 inches tall
Leather Supreme Classic American Flag Patriotic Embroidered Biker P...
Perfect Patriotic Salute

Patriotism has never gone out of style in the biker community. Bikers have always worn the American flag proudly. This patch allows you to continue that tradition. It's the perfect size to wear on the top of your sleeve, on the front of your vest or even on your hat. It measures 4 inches wide and 2.75 inches tall. 

Very high quality embroidery shows the Stars and Stripes to perfection. White embroidery provides the perfect edge. It will look neat and crisp on any piece of clothing. Iron or sew it on. 

God Bless America Biker Patch Ribbon

Red White and Blue Design
Leather Supreme God Bless America Ribbon Embroidered Biker Patch-Re...
Let Everyone Know Where You Stand

Bikers are outspoken and proud. So it's no surprise that they aren't shy about wearing a biker patch that proclaims God Bless America. With everything going on in the world today, it's not a bad sentiment to express often. This patriotic biker patch is small enough to fit anywhere on your hat, jacket or vest. It's only 1.25 inches wide and 3 inches tall.

However the bright and inspiring color scheme really makes it stand out. The top part of the ribon is red. God Bless America is written across it in golden yellow. The bottom part of the ribbon has a white stripe on red. The back of the ribbon is blue with white stars. The entire patch is edged in that blue.

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Digby_Adams on 08/13/2015

CruiseReady I agree that some of these biker patches are quite moving.

CruiseReady on 08/13/2015

These are beautiful biker patches. I am a sucker for anything patriotic, but the 'High Price of Freedom' one really tugs at the heart strings.

blackspanielgallery on 07/27/2015

These are works of art.

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