Perler Bead Spider Web

by Marie

How you can make a spider web design using Perler or Hama fused beads. The finished craft is perfect for Halloween decor and even as unique toppers for spooky cupcakes too!

Have lots of fun with your Halloween crafting this year by creating some fun and fabulous spider webs from fused beads of the Perler and Hama variety. I will demonstrate with step by step images how you can easily create this creepy pattern which is something that both older kids and adults will be able to do.

Once the web is complete and the beads have been ironed and fused together by an adult, you can use them as fun decor for the home since they make ideal ornaments when you add a loop of string or ribbon and you can even hang them in the front window to spook any guests coming to trick or treat!

Step 1: Building the Structure of the Web

Making a spider web cobweb pattern with hama perler beads
Hexagonal, 6 Sided Boards are Best!

Spider webs or cobwebs (which are abandoned webs that spiders no longer use) are best made from hexagonal peg boards because they are easier to make using this shape of board and they look good too.

I use the small hexagon peg boards but you can get large ones and apply the exact same method with those too so you make larger designs.

Whether you use a large or a small hexagonal peg board, you will find it so much easier if you place it in front of you with one of the pointed corners in the middle. This is very important and I suggest you do position the board as it is shown in the image of Step 1.

The webs are best worked in one solid color. I've made lots of these (as you will see further below) and the best ones for a Halloween theme are worked in black, bright orange or a monster green color. You could also try making one from clear beads too for a more realistic effect! Look at the images along with following the text so you can be sure of the instructions.

Start by making a complete straight line of Perler/Hama or your choice of fused beads from the most bottom point in the corner, right the way up to the top. This makes a straight, vertical line right through the middle of the pegboard. Then you want to add in 2 diagonal lines in a cross shape. Start from the top right corner and make a line of beads down to the bottom left corner. Then start from the top left corner and make a straight line down to the bottom right corner. Your pattern should then look like the image shown in step 1.

Suggested Supplies for Your Halloween Crafting

The Monster Mix of Perler Beads is Perfect for Halloween Themed Crafting
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Step 2: Adding the First Circle of Beads

Making a spider web cobweb pattern with hama perler beads
Weave in the 'Threads' with the Beads

Now the structure of the spiderweb pattern is in place, you will see a basic star pattern with 6 long branches. This branch design forms the basic building block upon which you can weave in your web threads with the Perler beads.

I like to make two almost circular patterns over the top to fill in the web design but you could make more of a spiral design or something a bit different. If you're using a large hexagon pegboard then you do have more room to be creative with it all.

Starting from the 4th row up from the bottom of the board, work your chosen color of fused beads all around in a circular design as shown.

Step 3: Adding the Final Piece to the Cobweb

Making a spider web cobweb pattern with hama perler beads
Add a Second 'Circle' of Beads to Complete Your Design

Starting from the 2nd row up on the pegboard, add in the beads all around the design in a circular motion. That means you stick to that row all the way around the pattern. You can see from my image that this completes the spiderweb design.

These webs can be a little tricky to iron since they consist of lots of areas with just 1 bead and you need to be sure that they are properly fused together when an adult irons them. To make this easier, you can fill in all the empty pegs with clear or transparent beads which will not detract from your design (especially with a strong color like black) and will make it easier to iron.

Another Idea for Your Fused Bead Webs

Chocolate spider web cobweb topper for cupcakes
Chocolate spider web cobweb topper for cupcakes
What About Halloween Themed Cupcake Toppers?

The cupcake image here shows one of my chocolate spiderweb toppers that I have used to decorate my cupcakes for the Halloween season. Making these chocolate toppers can be fiddly and time-consuming.

You can use your completed webs made on the small hexagon pegboard to create exactly the same effect. I tested the size against a standard cupcake and it is perfect. Just use the wet frosting or icing on top of a cupcake to keep the Perler pattern in place. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Of course you can easily use them for hanging ornaments too by adding a loop of string or ribbon.

Some Completed Designs in Halloween Colors

Spider webs cobweb hama perler bead designs simple and fun to make for Halloween
Spider webs cobweb hama perler bead designs simple and fun to make for Halloween

Halloween Crafting Kits to Enjoy

Kids will enjoy these themed kits too which contain everything they need
Perler Fused Beads Kit, Pumpkin
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Perler Fused Beads Kit, Skull
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Updated: 10/04/2017, Marie
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Marie on 10/20/2015

Thank you. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed this perler bead project. I think you can also get some glow in the dark beads - I've not tried them but they could be fun for this project.

amanda on 10/20/2015

We loved making this, perfect for Halloween.

Marie on 03/12/2014

Thank you, VioletteRose, this was fun to do :)

VioletteRose on 03/11/2014

They look so colorful and beautiful, thanks for sharing :)

Marie on 08/21/2013

Oh yes, these would be a little hard for a pre-schooler. My daughter is 6 an quite good with perler beads - she can make this with a bit of help. Great idea using them as a prop :)

sheilamarie on 08/19/2013

I can imagine a preschool teacher making these webs and using them for "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" song. Most preschool kids would find making the webs too complicated, but an older brother or sister may be willing to step in and make one for the little one.

Marie on 06/02/2013

Yes my daughter really enjoys them too although she prefers to use the shaped boards like animals and princesses that she just 'colors' in with the beads. It is great fun thank you for the visit.

CherylsArt on 06/02/2013

My daughter would have loved this when she was little. She loved making designs with Perler Beads.

Marie on 05/31/2013

You are right there @Tolovaj. People who love spiders can enjoy this at any time of the year. I think making a web from clear or light color glittery beads would look very nice indeed and it can be hung as a window ornament where any glitter bits would catch the light. Thanks for your visit.

Tolovaj on 05/30/2013

Why waiting for Halloween? I like spiders and these ideas are perfect for rainy days we are experiencing right now. Thanks!

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