Celebrate Pi Day -- March 14

by tealmermaid

On Pi Day, math nerds everywhere celebrate the beauty of Pi's infinite progression of numbers.

What is Pi? Pi (π) is approximately 3.14159, the mysterious mathematical constant which represents the ratio of any circle's circumference to its diameter. I say "approximately" because Pi itself is what is termed an "irrational number". That means it never repeats or ends. It keeps going and going forever.

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 (3/14) each year in honour of Pi. It was first founded in 1988 at the Exploratorium in San Francisco by physicist Larry Shaw, and in 2009 the US House of Representatives designated March 13 as "National Pi Day". Schools around the nation take the occasion of the holiday to explore the significance of this number. It is currently treated as a day of mathematics, fun, and an excuse to have more pie.

How many digits of Pi do you know?

To 550+ digits:








To one million digits and still going strong  ...

Which is better, Pi or e?

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How to estimate Pi

Pssst! Your math geek is showing.

The numeric HTML reference for Pi is Π (displays as "π").

Celebrate Pi Day
Celebrate Pi Day

Say it in maths

Area of a circle = πr2
Circumference of a circle = 2πr
(where "r" = radius)

Pi crafts

Five foods to eat while celebrating Pi Day

Round foods are of course best for this purpose, taking the time to calculate both the area and circumference of the circular food in question.

  • Pie (any type of pie will do)
  • Pizza pies
  • Cookies and cakes with a "pi" symbol on the top in icing
  • Coffee, pie, and doughnuts (a mnemonic for C = pi*d is Coffee Pie Donuts)
  • Any other round food will work in a pinch. M&Ms, Skittles, round cereals ...

An expression of Pi love

A History of Pi

The true story of Pi's backstory, such as it is.

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Men's Pi Day T Shirt - Everyday should be Pi Day XL Black

Celebrate Pi Day in style with this artsy black T-shirt.

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Pi Pie Pan

What could be a more appropriate food for Pi Day than a pie baked in a Pi shaped pan? The volume is equivalent to that of a standard 9" pie pan. What kind of pie do you like?

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Blue Silicone Ice Cube Tray Pi Symbol for Ice Jello even Chocolate

Keep your drink chilled to Pi conditions by adding these Pi shaped ice cubes.

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NUOP PI Pizza Cutter in Red

It's Pi Day, so use this nifty Pi shaped cutter to have yourself a slice of pizza pie in celebration.

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Pi Day: the official site.

About Pi and Pi Day

  • Teach Pi: a nexus for Pi Day activities.
  • PiQuery search: A linear search engine designed to find the searcher's particular chosen string of digits within Pi. I imagine any given string of numbers would produce some sort of search result.

Do you plan to celebrate Pi Day this year?

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