Pop Up Lovepop Cards for Special Occasions

by dustytoes

When the occasion is super special, give a wonderfully unique card.

Remember how much you loved pop-up books as a child? These special occasion, and any occasion, cards are done in the same idea.

Inside each card is a scene representing the occasion in an extravagant cut figure or images.
Lovepop cards have designs that are crisp, clean and stunning, no matter what the occasion.

Two guys from Boston began their business of make 3D cards, but they got their big break on Shark Tank in 2015.

The image at the top of this page is of a wedding congratulations card purchased by a relative of mine. I couldn't find it at Amazon, so it's not linked on this page.

About the Lovepop Cards and Their Success on Shark Tank

I love watching Shark Tank.  I give the entrepreneurs a lot of credit to go into a room full of Sharks and make that sales pitch.  The Shark's are a tough group of businessmen and women, but if you get a deal, your company will usually take off like a rocket.  And you have a partner with a vast well of knowledge and contacts in the business world.

This is what happened for two Boston based entrepreneurs,  while attending Harvard Business School, came up with the idea to laser-cut 3D images which would pop up inside greeting cards.  Kevin O'Leary, aka "Mr. Wonderful", became their partner and the Lovepop company grew fast.

According to the article at Forbes, the two owners were prepared, before they made their pitch to the Sharks, to handle the website traffic, emails, and orders.  They planned ahead, hoping a deal would be made.  Smart move.

Now their simply stunning greeting cards are everywhere for sale, and can be purchased for almost any occasion.  I thought I'd bring some of their stunning artwork to your attention with this page.

Pop Up Lovepop Birthday Cupcake Card

5x7 inch cupcake card
Lovepop Cupcake Birthday 3D card

Birthdays and Weddings

Two occasions when you may be most inspired to purchase a Lovepop card would be birthdays and weddings.  The card is actually a bit like a little gift, as this type of card costs between $7.00 and $15.00 each.

The card is so unique that the recipient may want to display it like a piece of artwork, which it is!

All the cards have plenty of white space for signing or including a special message.  The cupcake is one way to say "Happy Birthday" and you can get creative and funny with cards meant for an "over the hill" celebration.  Send, or give, a firetruck card or a fire-breathing dragon (Game of Thrones fanatic?). The company has many others on their Lovepop website.

Unique wedding cards will open to show some beautiful scenes.  A couple on a foot bridge near a willow tree; a white church; the wedding car (in my title photo); and LGBT marriages.

Camping Trip, Tent and Chairs Around the Campfire Card

Perfect for dads, father's day, or to say thank you!
Lovepop 3D Camping Trip Card

Lovepop Cards for the Guys

Dads, sons, brothers, and men in general have not been forgotten.

It was two guys who started this business, so of course they have not forgotten the men when it comes to designing their Lovepop cards.

One of my favorites is the camping card.  Three chairs are set around a campfire, with a red tent close by.  Artwork on the background of the card included stones around the fire, and an owl on a tree branch. 

Or choose the beer bottle and mug card for the husband who loves his brew.  And there is a really nice card for the man who plays golf.


Beer Bottle and Mug for Fathers, or any Beer Drinker

Father's Day Beer 3D Pop Up Card
Only $13.00

The Willow Tree 3D Pop-up card

This pretty tree card is useful for so many occasions.

When I saw the beautiful willow tree card, I fell in love.  But I wondered who would buy it, and for what occasion?  The answer, I have discovered, is that it's fine to give or send for any occasion.

The willow card would be an awesome going away, or retirement, card with lots of space for co-workers to sign.  It would also work for congratulating graduates, new home owners, or even newlyweds.  In fact they make a willow tree card with a couple on a bridge for that occasion.

Women or men would appreciate the uniqueness of this design, with little leaves swaying from branches of a bright green tree.

Willow Tree, Intricate 3D Greeting Card

Almost anyone would appreciate getting this card.
Willow Tree 3D pop up greeting card

3D Pop up Cards for Holidays

Although there is a limited selection on Amazon, the Lovepops site has a big selection of Christmas cards and holiday cards.

The manger scene below is one example, and although you may not have the ability to buy enough cards like this to send to everyone, the special people on your card list would appreciate the thought.  Or choose their multi-pack of Christmas card sets, like the one below.


The Competition

The Lovepops are not the only pop-up cards available.  They did not come up with the idea of standing scenes, as most children have had a pop-up book to read.

And as far as cards go, there are many offered at Amazon, which I found as I searched for cards by the Lovepop Company.  I've never purchased any of them, so I can't compare the quality. If you have a Prime account, some cards will ship for free.

More Pop-up Card Companies at Amazon.com:

Paper Spiritz, which has castles, bird cage, and an intricate flower cart.

Charm Cards, has nice cards for kids, like the plane, train or helicopter for boys.

Miniwings, offers birthday card sets at a reasonable price.


Updated: 07/06/2017, dustytoes
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dustytoes on 07/03/2018

@DerdriuMarriner, I love the advent calendars with the windows to open. My kids loved those too. Pop up books are such fun as well. People who make this type of thing are so clever, aren't they?

DerdriuMarriner on 07/03/2018

dustytoes, Pop-up cards are almost as fun as the Advent calendars with their series of "windows" to be opened. A pop-up book is part of the plot to Paddington 2, and it's a book that I'd love to have. Would you prefer to get or to give a traditional Nativity pop-up or the Season's Greetings from Santa on a hammock?

dustytoes on 07/06/2017

Heehee... yes, money first... card design second!

blackspanielgallery on 07/06/2017

It is amazing how many ideas from Shark Tank wind up on Amazon. Great twist on boring flat cards. Of course children look first for any money therein.

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